Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 51 (v.1) - That revalation was a kicker

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Submitted: March 22, 2013



………….. The three of us walked out to the garage Beckett opened the door to his Mustang for me as Dane opened the door of his car and got in.


“I’ll meet you both there” Dane said before closing the door and pulling out. Beckett came round and got in the drivers side and started the engine.


“You’re chewing your lip” he glanced over at me as he reversed out and pulled down the driveway


“I’m sorry… I don’t know if I can do this” I swallowed hard


“Hold your head up baby and if you want to break then you do it on me after you’ve seen them you can scream and cry and throw things but you have to show them the girl you’ve become the strong beautiful woman I’m in love with, you don’t let Snowy and the others give you crap, and I’ve seen you handle drunks in the bar this are assholes that made you a pawn in their game, didn’t give a damn about you as a person…” he trailed off as I smiled at him “What”


“Yes coach” I laughed “You sound like my old Volleyball coach in high school giving the pep talk before a game” he reached for my hand and squeezed it, with a smile


We got to the hotel where we were supposed to meet my Father. The nerves ramped up as the valet opened the door Dane was waiting for us on the curbside.


“Damn Girl you look white as the snow” Dane’s brow furrowed


“Slap me” I looked at him


“Hell no, he’ll beat my ass” he chuckled pointing at his brother Beckett came over and put the valet tag in his pocket and reached for my hand


“What are you two talking about?”


“Slapping me”


“I’m not going to ask, and can we get this done…”


“Amen to that” I nodded “Let’s go before I run for the hills” the three of us walked into the lobby. Dane looked round I nodded in the direction of the hotel bar and gripped Becketts hand tighter. My father was sitting with Brett both of them dressed in business suits, my father reading the Wall street Journal while Brett was on his laptop.


“Damn he looks more weasley in person” Dane muttered


“You can say that again” Beckett was literally grinding his teeth


“Doing that is only making me want to turn around and bolt for the door” I said tugging on his hand


“I’m sorry Baby” he faced me and kissed my forehead


“Let’s get this over with” Dane put his hand in the small of my back I nodded. We walked into the bar. My father looked up and did a double take not recognizing me at first without the short cut blond hair.


“Well I would have walked right by you in the street” He meticulously folded the newspaper as Brett looked round his Jaw dropping open “I didn’t expect you to turn up Michelle”


“I almost didn’t but I wanted to tell you to get out of my town and leave me alone” Beckett was just off set behind me with Dane “I have a life that I love”


“You’re playing Michelle” Brett jumped in “You need to grow the hell up and be the respectable wife of an executive”


“I divorced you because I didn’t love you I never loved you and you just wanted to get in his back pocket” I pointed to my Father “and you used me and my need for your acknowledgement to get me to sign things for you” My Father remained calm


“Your Mother and Sisters were beside themselves when you walked away” he narrowed his eyes “Do you know the humiliation that the family went through when you left… the looks I got in the country club because My Daughter had left not only the man she married but her entire family…”


“We had to tell people you had a mental breakdown and had been sent to a facility in California” Brett scowled at me “How do you think it looked for a man in my position to have a wife with mental problems… but it was easier than to tell people you ran away” I saw his eyes stray to Beckett and Dane “especially when you obviously left me because you were cheating on me”


“I never cheated on you and believe me no one would have blamed me if I had because you sure weren’t paying attention to me in the bedroom” I folded my arms over my chest “I left you because I realized I was nothing and would never be anything other than a pawn in whatever business deal you wanted to do and a trophy on your arm at the club”


“You’re far from a trophy” My father snapped a little “Michelle you’ve always been the black sheep in the family I told your Mother it was a bad idea to raise you after her Drug addict piece of crap sister had you on the floor in that trailer she lived in… we should have given you over to the state”……………..


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