Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 52 (v.1) - Hold it together

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Submitted: March 22, 2013



………….. Well that was the last thing I ever expected to hear, I tried and don’t know if I fully managed it to keep a poker face while my brain ran round scream ‘WTH’. Becketts hand was it my back, I took strength and comfort from it and remembered what he’d said in the car about staying strong in front of them and if I needed to break on him at home.


“Really, well to tell you the truth I would have had a better life if I had been lost in the system and passed from foster home to foster home instead of feeling like I was never good enough” my voice was stronger than I thought possible right now.


“Well with that said” My father pulled a file folder from his briefcase on the table “Sign these and we will never have to see you again” his voice was the one he’d always used when he was irritated.


“No” I shook my head “I made sure I had all the documents you made me sign when I left and I kept them just in case I needed to” I watched the color drain from Brett’s face “I had my Lawyer go over them” I looked at Dane


“Mr. Deering” Dane sat down across from my father “I don’t know who you had draw up the documents but they really didn’t do a good job” he shook his head and took out the sale documents “A first year law student would have seen that in all rights the company’s belonged to Miss Deering, started with money from her own accounts meaning untraceable to you or your other holdings” My father fidgeted with his tie “As of Noon Yesterday Both companies were sold for a lot less then you were trying to sell them for” the red rage rose from under the collar of my father’s shirt “I’ve had my work checked out by one of the leading corporate lawyers in the country and what I have done is solid and airtight there is no come back that you can do” Dane smiled “Now I have taken the liberty of also having these drawn up after seen the distress that my client was in when she received things in the mail and at her work places from both of you” her handed and envelope to my father and to Brett “You are not allowed to have any contact with Miss Deering or be within five hundred feet of her from…” he looked at the Breitling watch on his wrist “Oh look at that ten minutes from now”


“You can’t do this?” My Father spluttered


“Oh we have and we did” Dane got up “Miss Deering has two lawyers at her disposal twenty four hours a day and we will take down anyone legally”


“Chelle Lets go sweetheart” Beckett put his arm round my waist I nodded “Oh and I think this is yours” he dug into the pocket of his jeans and dropped my wedding band on the table in front of him “That is pitiful This is a diamond” He took my left hand where his Mom’s huge ring was still sitting comfortably and showed them “Some men know what they have when they find the right girl” he put his arm back round my waist and we walked to the doorway of the hotel bar where Dane was standing waiting. He looked at me


“Keep going it’s almost over” Dane rubbed my arm as we carried on past him before he turned and followed us out Beckett handed the Valet the tag


“I need a drink” I murmured


“Is Hadley working?”


“No not till tonight” I shook my head numbly


“Okay” the familiar rumble of Becketts car split the cold crisp air as it pulled up


“I’m going to go file some papers at the office” Dane was right next to us “I’ll see the two of you at the wedding”


“Dane” I turned from Beckett and looked at his brother “Thank you”


“You’re more than welcome and Tate and I are holding you to dinner one night” he smiled warmly and kissed my cheek “You are an amazing person no matter who your parents were” the valet got out of the car and came round and opened the passenger door for me to get in. I fastened my seat belt as Beckett got in and closed the door pulling away from the hotel without a second thought. He headed into town to one of the small cozy bars nothing was said between us. He got out and came round pulling me close to him as we went inside


“You go sit down I’ll get you a drink” Beckett kissed my temple; all I could do was nod and walk over to a table in the corner. I put my head in my hands everything I’d known as a child had just been thrown out of the window. “Drink this” Beckett put a glass of Whiskey on the table in front of me.


“My life is…” I didn’t even have words for it


“I take it that you had no idea” I shook my head and cradled the glass in my hands “Not looking so good now am I?” the tears filled my eyes “My Mother was a junkie and my father was god knows who… I was never wanted Beckett” tears splashed onto my jeans and the glass shook in my fingers He moved his seat next to mine and pulled me to him taking the glass from my fingers so I could wrap my arms round him as I broke my entire body shaking as he stroked my hair…….

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