Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 53 (v.1) - Push thoughts to the back of my mind

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Submitted: March 25, 2013



……… Beckett moved away and held my face in his hands wiping the tears with his thumbs


“Baby you are wanted. Your wanted by your friends because they love you and you’re wanted by me more than all of them put together, I love you and you are my world and I can’t wait for you to wake up with me everyday” he smiled his best Beckett sexy smile “I’m the one here for you and I want to be there for you no matter what” he tipped his head


“I know and thank you” I touched his hand on my face “I’m going to be okay… right?” he nodded


“Take the drink and let’s go home we have four hours until the wedding” I picked up the drink and knocked it back


“I promise I’m not going to be sad at the wedding” I took a deep breath “I just want to go have fun and be with you, all the other stuff…”


“We can work on later” Beckett moved back “Let’s go” he got up and offered me his hand


“I was surprised with the whole restraining order” I said as I looked at the mountain as we headed to Becketts house


“I’m not that’s my brother for you he’s normally three steps ahead of most people” he laughed “and he really likes you”


“I love your family, I guess it sort of has shown me in a short space of time what a family is supposed to be like” I looked over at him and felt a rush of butterflies just at the content look on his face.


“Well don’t get them wrong” he sighed “we’ve had some huge fights over the years but I love my brother and sister” he glanced over at me as he pulled into the garage


“You can see that” I nodded getting out Beckett got out and rested his arms on the roof of the car


“You have a family you know”


“I know… Your friends are the family you choose for yourself” I nodded walking round to him I rested my head between his shoulders as he stayed leaning on the roof of the car “I love you”


“Are you still going to move in here with me Miss Deering?”


“As long as you still want me I will” I let him turn round and face me


“I want you and I need you” he touched my face “Never truly believed in things like love at first sight until you” he chuckled as my cheeks flushed “Come on lets go get ready I have something for you”


“I’ve heard that before and we haven’t gotten out of bed for a few hours” I smiled glad that he was still treating me like me and not some orphan leper


“Don’t tempt me otherwise I’ll have a really crabby sister after me” he winked at me the two of us started to get read Beckett disappearing for a while to answer a work call. My phone started to ring. I walked out of the bathroom and grabbed it smiling at Hadley’s picture that came up as ID


Me * hey girl

Hadley * how did it go? We’re all sitting here eating lunch waiting to hear from you

Me * sorry, I’m here getting ready for the wedding… It sucked ass seeing them this morning

Snowy * are you okay? Beckett looking after you?

Me * yes he is and I’m going to be okay. I heard something that it going to take a while to sink in and for me to process, but I can’t go into it and don’t want to today because it’s not good but how about tomorrow you help me move into Becketts place and I’ll make dinner and explain a few things

Niall * when have you ever known us to refuse food and as long as you’re okay we can wait another day

Layton * Call us when you guys want us and we’ll help out

Me * thank you guys and I love you

Hadley * we love you too


I hung up the phone and re checked my hair and makeup in the bathroom mirror. I went back out into the bedroom and unzipped the dress bag pulling out the red strapless gown that was inside making me smile, it was stunning even my prom dress had been a rental where as my sisters dresses had been brought from a store in New York. I frowned small things like that hadn’t made sense was the time but after what had been said that morning it was clearer. I pulled off the towel I’d been wearing while I got ready and gently pulled on the soft material tugging up the side zipper and smoothing my hand over the small ruches in the bodice.


“Sorry about that it was… Damn” Beckett stopped in the doorway of the room his eyes wide as he looked me up and down. I turned round and looked at him


“Well you think I look okay to meet the family?”


“I think… I know you look incredible and they will think the same” he smiled walking over to me “Damn you’re hot”


“Well you have to thank your sister for having such an amazing closet for me to go shop in” I picked up the purse and slipped my cell phone inside.


“There is something missing” he tipped his head “Give me five minutes to get dressed and like I said before I have something for you” I sat on the couch in the corner of the room and slipped my feet into the expensive shoes I’d almost choked on buying when I was with Hadley. “Okay How do I look?” I looked up as Beckett walked out in a perfectly fitting suit, I swallowed hard


“Oh talk about hot” I got up “Wow now that is impressive” I laughed


“Why thank you Ma’am” he drawled “Now” He opened the drawer on the nightstand on his side of the bed and pulled out a watch and quickly put it on and then he pulled out a flat box and came over to me “I had a meeting in the city the other day and Met my Dad for lunch” I nodded “Well he had to go and get my sisters gift from him and Mom for her wedding, and I went with him and saw these and all I could think of was you and the tattoo on your foot and how I met you in the snow” he opened the box, inside was a necklace with five snowflakes on it and a pair of snowflake earrings. I felt my eyes get wide “All pure white Diamonds so they catch the light” he murmured


“It’s beautiful” I touched them


‘Can I put the necklace on you” I nodded he set the box on the bed and lifted the necklace coming behind me and putting it on me letting it hang perfect above the dress I took the earrings and put them on Beckett came back around and smiled “I told my dad they would look perfect on you” I moved back into the bathroom and looked in the mirror he was right they did look amazing


“Thank you” He looked up as I came out of the bathroom “I love them”


“Good” he picked up the black wrap that went with the dress and held it out to me “Let’s go I’m looking forward to seeing peoples reaction when I walk in with you on my arm”……….

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