Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 54 (v.1) - Gold Digger ME!

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Submitted: March 26, 2013



………. We got to the Resort and a valet opened the door for me to get out Dane was standing at the top of the stairs by the door he smiled as Beckett took the tag from the valet and offered me his arm I gathered up the skirt and we climbed the stairs.


“Well you look good” Dane lent in and kissed my cheek


“Thank you” I nodded “And I have to say thank you again for what you did”


“Don’t mention it, it was fun to say the least” He grinned “And well you’re as good as my sister-in-law” he poked his tongue in his cheek


“Dude” Beckett groaned


“What well after the…”


“And my brother and I were just going to go this way for a minute” Beckett grabbed Dane’s arm and pulled him back down the stairs.


“Boys will be boys” Marty walked out of the lobby “I’ll escort you in if that’s alright because it’s freezing out here” he offered me his arm “And may I say you look beautiful Chelle”


“Thank you” I took his arm and we walked into the warmth of the Resort lobby


“So is Kit nervous?” I asked as I handed over my wrap to the Coat room attendant


“If she is she’s hiding it very much like her brothers do” He smiled “I think Dina is more nervous right now” he chuckled “Come on I’d like to introduce you to My Mom” Oh here we go meeting the family. He  led me through a throng of people saying hello to people as he went by them “Mom” a woman turned around from the people she was talking to.


“I wondered where you went” She smiled at him


“I saw Beckett pull up outside… I’d like you to meet someone” he looked at me and smiled “Yvonne Mackay this is Michelle Deering”


“Ah the girl that has tamed our wild one” she tipped her head and looked at me “Well I must say he’s always had an eye for the pretty ladies” I fought to stop my eyebrow from popping


“Mom” there was a warning in the use of the word from Marty


“Marty I think you should go check on Katherine”


“She’s fine”


“Really then why is Dina on the staircase over there seeming to be looking for you?” she turned her son around and pointed to the stairs Marty frowned and turned back to me “Chelle I’m going to…”


“Go it’s alright” I nodded and watched as he Walked away


“So you’ve sort of fallen quickly into the family. You’re a ski girl aren’t you?”


“I’m a snow board instructor which is where I met your Grandson” I looked at her


“He’s a catch”


“I agree” just what the hell was this woman getting at “But then according to him so am I”  she suppressed a smirk “Yes I fell in love with beckett when I wasn’t looking to find a man. Believe me withmy past it was the last thing I wanted but he is different. He’s driven, determined, good looking and he’s got a heart and gives a damn about people”


“And he’s got a very considerable bank account that a lot of people know about hence the reason he was one of the states most desirable men” she narrowed her eyes at me “There has been gold diggers before”


“Well didn’t get them to far did it, I’m the one moving in with him and why would I want his bank account, I’m not that shallow. I work for the things I want and I work two jobs to make rent and pay my bills, I’ve never asked anyone for anything” after the morning I’d had this wasn’t the best thing to be coming at me with.


“There you are Baby” I felt a hand in the small of my Back “Grandma, you’d better be being nice to Chelle”


“Sweetie” Beckett leant in and kissed her cheek “You know me I need to vet those you and your brother and sister deem to want to be with” she looked at him with utter pride in her face which made me soften a little toward her as she obviously adored her grandchildren


“Oh Jeez you didn’t scare her away did you G’ma” Dane came over grinning from ear to ear “It’s the first girl he’s seen that we all like and she’s a keeper”


“Well she’s not scared to stand up for you and for being with you” She looked at Beckett “Reminds me a little of myself when your Great Grandmother didn’t want me marrying your Grandpa”


“Well, Chelle is here to stay” Beckett looked at me as he slipped his arm round my waist “So expect her at thanksgiving dinner”


“Oh I will” His grandma looked at me “Keep up with that kick ass spirit my dear, my grandson sometimes needs a hard hand to rein him in” I heard Beckett groan


“Yes Ma’am” I smiled wrapping my arm round Beckett and hugging him


“Dane, will you escort your Grandmother to her seat” she beamed at him and he held his arm out to her and they walked away from us


‘Oh Chelle I’m so sorry you got stuck with her… she’s vicious with new people sometimes” he seemed to look me over as if she’s bitten me or something equally as strange


“It’s okay I think she’s just trying to protect you from gold diggers” Beckett’s eyes got wide


“She called you that?”


“In a round about way sort of” I nodded “But I can see where she’s coming from. she’s got to know I don’t make a ton of money with my jobs and you” I walked my fingers up his chest making him smile “Well brought me diamonds” I fingered my necklace


“And I’d buy them for you every week” he kissed me “I love you”


“I love you too”…………

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