Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 56 (v.1) - Anger got the better of me

Submitted: April 03, 2013

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Submitted: April 03, 2013



………… “I think your mom just had a little too much champagne tonight” I shrugged as the car pulled up I walked round to the driver’s door “And you’ve had too much to drive” I got in letting him get into the passenger seat.


“You had a drink as well”


“I had two glasses of Champagne because I knew we were coming home and it was only right you got to celebrate your sister’s wedding properly” I looked over at him


“You rock you know that” he put his hand on my leg as I headed for the house.


“I gave your Mom the ring back by the way”


“You did?”


“Well it had done what was needed and pissed off Brett and it was after all her anniversary ring” I smiled as I turned into the drive of the house and opened the garage door and pulled inside


‘I know it was, but you didn’t have to give it back to her tonight” he pouted a little


“It’s not mine” I got out and closed the door


“I know it’s not… but it looked”


“Beckett, I’m not going to wear a ring on that finger if it means nothing. I made that mistake once and it’s not fun” He caught up to me


“I’m sorry… you forgive me”


“Nothing to forgive” I kissed him “But I do want to get these shoes off” I wanted to get away from the subject of the ring and my previous mistake with Brett, he moved round me and opened the door to the house


“Well if it helps I’ve wanted to get the dress off you since before we left the house” he wiggled his eye brows making me laugh


“Well I think then you should do that” I put my hands on his chest and tugged his tie undone “I can think of a few things to do with this” I walked into the house away from him……



……….. I woke with a start, my eyes squinting at the light streaming through the windows Beckett muttered something and rolled over his arms over his head his snoring light. I eased out of bed and made my way into the bathroom I looked in the mirror and groaned. I reached for the wipes and started to remove the makeup that was still on from the night before. I started the shower and got in letting the water wash over me.


I started to go over the previous day and the meeting especially. The look on the faces of Brett and my Father… I stopped washing my hair. He wasn’t my Father, after twenty five years of thinking this man hated me for not being the son he truly wanted I wasn’t his anyway. It made more sense why he’d used me for setting up companies rather than my so called sisters, if things went bad then it was my head not theirs. I balled my fists and punched the wall the searing pain snapping my thoughts away from the meeting. I winced as I looked at my knuckles not looking like they should and cursed myself for being an ass and letting them get to me. I turned off the water and got out of the shower and struggled to get the towel round me I gave up and reached for Beckett’s robe that was on the hook by the door and put it on. I walked out and went down to the kitchen trying to breathe through the pain in my hand; I put a pot of coffee on and made an ice pack from a Ziploc bag and a kitchen towel I moved round the kitchen trying to focus on other things. I put coffee in a cup and sat at the counter with the ice pack sitting on my hand I scrolled through my phone and worked out that everyone was still going to be sleeping other than Layton who I knew was at the mountain for a lesson as of twenty minutes ago.


“Gotta love the smell of coffee first thing in a morning” Beckett walked down the stairs “and the sight of a beautiful woman in your robe is just hot” he grinned


“Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you” I looked up at him


“You didn’t the smell of coffee is just to alluring” he walked round looking like a Greek god, well if Greek gods had pierced nipples I smiled to myself “Okay so that look is just naughty” he walked over to the coffee pot and poured a cup before coming over to me “What’s this?” he moved the ice pack “Damn what did you do?” he frowned


“It’s an ice pack and I punched the shower wall” I picked up my coffee with my other hand “and I think I busted a knuckle”


“I’ll get dressed and take you to the ER” he got off the stool


“Finish your coffee first” I sighed


“You look in pain” he tipped his head and looked at me


“I am but I’m not looking forward to trying to get dressed” I smiled a little


“I’ll help you get dressed you can put on one of my shirts… Please” he begged


“Fine” I got off the stool and followed him back upstairs to the bedroom Beckett was already in the closet pulling out a white button down shirt


“Why did you punch the wall?” he walked over to me and pulled the tie on the robe open and slipped it off my shoulders he licked his lips a little hungrily 


“I was thinking about the meeting yesterday morning and I got mad” I chewed my lip “I’m hoping it’s not to serious I’m back at work tomorrow behind the bar”


“True but its okay if you can’t work you know remember what your bank account says” He said wearily


“I know but I love working there I might cut back on my hours so it’s easier when I’ve got lessons on the mountain” I shrugged as I struggled to get into my tank top


“Hold on a minute” he walked over and helped pull it down over my head “Well whatever you decide I’m going to have your back” he smiled at me


“Thank you” I knew he wanted to tell me to stop working but after some of the conversations we had He knew better…….

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