Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Return to sender

Submitted: February 06, 2013

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Submitted: February 06, 2013



………………. I opened the paper and sat with my eyes closed trying to ease the feeling of nausea that was washing over me. I slowly opened  my eyes and took in the handwritten words on the page



One of these letters is going to find you, one of these letters has to get through to you. You run for the snow you always have done trial and error will let me find you.


Do you not understand it doesn’t matter how far you go you will be found and you will come home and do what is asked of you. We will comb through every ski resort if we have too Michelle you have responsibilities




 I read and re read the letter over and over. I got out of bed and walked out into the living room and balled it up and tossed it in the fireplace. I looked at my reflection in the window I put my hand to my face before pushing my hand through my hair. He last time I was home my hair was cropped and a sun kissed blond the same color it had been all my life, right now the girl that stared back at me had a rich deep red brown hair to the middle of her shoulders and the tattoos on my shoulder and ribs weren’t there before either. I sat on the couch and pulled the blanket off the back and wrapped it over me.


That letter was obviously one of many that had been sent out and addressed to me. I got up and went and grabbed the envelope from where I’d left it on the bed. Damn I was stupid they were going to be waiting for the letters to come back, returned to sender and now this one had been opened. I chewed my lip, think girl think. I ran down the stairs and slipped my feet into my boots and opened the door, I dropped the envelope into the snow and stood on it and smushed it under foot tearing it up a little more and smudging some of the writing. I ran back upstairs and grabbed the letter from the fireplace smoothing it as I went back down stairs. I dropped it into the snow next to the envelope and smushed it under my boot before I bent to pick it up shaking off the excess snow the ink had smudged in places I nodded and took it back inside


I reached under the sink and pulled out rubber gloves and put them on. I knew how these people worked and would think nothing of running finger prints from the envelope. I started to re fold and put it back in the tattered envelope.  I pulled a Ziploc bag from the kitchen draw and slipped the envelope inside it and sealed it before I wrote the words return to sender on the bag. This was all I could do I just hoped it was going to be enough…..


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