Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Friends

Submitted: February 07, 2013

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Submitted: February 07, 2013



………….. I couldn’t settle so I grabbed the keys to my Jeep and headed in to town to the post office and dropped it in to one of the mail boxes before I headed for home Niall’s truck was parked outside and he was leaning against it. I got out and shut the jeep door.


“Okay and you’re here why?” I walked up to the mud room door and unlocked it


“Well Tore came back from dropping you off in one hell of a foul mood and you forgot your Board” he reached into the back of his truck and pulled out my snowboard “How you feeling?” He walked in the mud room behind me and put my board in the rack with the other three I had.


“I had to go to the post office and now I’m going to try to get a few hours sleep before work tonight… You want a coffee?” I started up the stairs shrugging out of my jacket as I went.


“Sure” I heard him unzip his jacket “So what did you do to piss off the boss?”


‘Rejected his ass when he kissed me” I leant on the counter top in the kitchen and looked at Niall who was standing with his mouth hanging open


“Kissed as in…”


“Tongue and everything” I poured coffee into two cups and handed one to Niall




“I know, hell he knows I’m not interested I told him so many times last season and every time I’ve seen him this year” I rubbed my hand over my face and sat on the couch Niall walked over to the fire and set about making it


“You want me to say something to him?” I smiled and shook my head


“No, I want the job, hell I love that job you know I do and I can handle Tore” I pulled the blanket over me as Niall got the fire leaping in the fireplace and he sat on the hearth




“Hmmmm” I watched the dancing flames




“Why what?”


“Don’t you give someone a shot?” Niall tipped his head and looked at me “You came here almost two years ago and I’m sorry I’ve seen Men and women hit on you and nothing” he put his cup down and braced his elbows on his knees “Hey I mean I’d kill just to…”


“Oh God” I hung my head “Niall I love you and the others because you let me be me… you don’t or didn’t seem to judge me”


“I’m sorry… I guess sometimes we’ve all seen you look kinda lonely” He got up and walked over to the couch and sat down


“I have a past like most people and sometimes some little thing triggers a memory and it slams me like a ton of bricks” I reached for his hand and squeezed it “Niall I have never been so happy as I am when I’m on the mountain with you guys or in the bar working with Hadley, you guys are all I need” I smiled at him


“But… don’t you want to just get down and…” he started to turn red and I heard the door knock and open downstairs


“Hey we brought PIZZA” Layton’s’ voice called up the stairs


“WE?” I laughed


“Yup” snowy took the stairs two at a time “We got off early so we decided we’d come here till you have to go to work and then we’ll come there and bug the hell out of you” He dumped down on the couch in between Niall and I “Unless you two were about to” he ducked as I gabs slapped him with a pillow


“We were just talking that was all” Niall groaned Layton put the pizza boxes on the table


“So much for getting a nap in” I picked up a piece of pizza and took a bite. The rest of the afternoon was spent just laughing and relaxing I suddenly realized they were here because of my reaction to the letter but none of them were going bring it up. I looked at the watch on Snowy’s wrist “Okay you guys are any of you getting changed before you go out tonight”


“Yup we have things in Layton’s car” Snow didn’t move his eyes from the TV where they were watching some movie


“Good” I got off the couch “I’m going to shower and get ready for work and I take by the fact you’re all here I’m driving all of you?”


“Well since you offered” Niall laughed


“You need your back scrubbed?” Snowy grinned


“No the last time we all got in a shower there was Hadley as well and  we ran out of hot water” I walked toward the bathroom “and this time I’m wanting a proper shower not one where I was still dressed”


“It was fun though you have to admit” Niall looked at me


“It was, and see what I mean about not needing more in my life” I blew them all a kiss and went into the bathroom and closed the door. There was no denying I’d love to let loose and get banged off every surface  by one if not all of the men I was friends with, but friends going that step further was a recipe for misery” I braced my hands on the sink and looked at my reflection as the steam from the shower fogged up the glass like my past had become a fog I’d had to leave and get out of.  Time to keep my friends close and let my new life take over……………



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