Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Are you sure this is working?

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Submitted: February 12, 2013



……….. I got ready for work as the guys all started early by raiding the fridge for beer I double checked myself in the mirror before I walked out of the bedroom.


“Hey… you said it was hot night and you’re in pants and a top?” Niall frowned “Well I had to say something this morning to shut you up” I grabbed my jacket and tossed my bag at Layton “You can throw that in the back of my Jeep it’s my stuff for hot tubing tonight” Layton grinned and opened the back


“Oh and Score we have the orange Bikini” he called out waving it over his head and high fiving Snowy


“You’re and Idiot” I groaned picking up my keys from the hook at the top of the stairs “You guys want a ride” I started down the stairs I had to smile at the scrabbling of feet over head and then the thundering as the three of them charged down the stairs. I pulled on my winter boots taking my heels in my hand and went out to my Jeep the guys piling in with me. Snowy took control of my Phone flicking through the music until they came to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen and they all proceeded to ‘Wayne’s World’ like there was no tomorrow. I pulled up at the bar and got out leaving the three of them inside to finish the song.


I smiled as I walked into the bar and Hadley was already slammed with customers her smile flashing had I’m sure earned her a ton of tips already. She spotted me and waved with a free hand as she handed over a beer with the other. I walked into the back room and kicked off my winter boots and sat down before putting on my heels.


“Hey” I jumped as the door from the cellar opened and Randy walked in “Bar’s busy already tonight”


“Well you do decide on extending happy hour from five till eight” I stood up and put my jacket on the hook “so when everyone comes off the mountain to get food they end up staying here and getting drunk” He grinned at me and opened the safe and pulled out a money pouch and handed it to me.


“Well that’s true… I had to go change the kegs so I had to leave Hadley for a while”


“She looked like she was doing good” I nodded “But they well start a riot if they have to keep waiting and she can only do so much with her smile and her ass shake” I laughed “You want us to close tonight… the guys will help put up the chairs”


“That would be awesome I have to go check on the restaurant there were some problems earlier with and over that won’t work” he rubbed the back of his neck and then the café at the top of the…” I put my hand over his mouth


“Okay I get it Hadley and I will close… I have my keys for the safe so I’ll make sure it’s all locked up for you in the morning” he sat down behind the desk. I went out and eased through the crowd getting behind the bar and putting the change into the two registers


“So you feeling better?” Hadley Hips checked me as she rang in the order she’d just taken and dropped a twenty into her tip jar.


“Well I didn’t get to have a nap because the house got crashed by the three musketeers” I smiled at the guy waiting at the bar and took his order “But we had a laugh and hung out”


“They do have a good habit of cheering us up don’t they” she agreed “Where are they?”


“They were in my jeep singing when I got here so I have no idea” I shrugged “but they do have my phone so god help us”


Hadley and I worked so well together we seemed to be able to manage the bar without getting in each other’s way. Hadley picked up the bottle of Tequila and used the steps to stand on the bar deftly dancing over the bottles and glasses on it, this girl had presence and loved being the girl at the center of attention when she was working the bar, I whistle cut across the sound of the music as Snowy and the other walked in. her face broke out into a huge grin as she bent down taking the money from a guy who offered it and poured a shot into his mouth from the bottle.


“Looking hot Hads” I groaned at the goofy grin on Snowy’s face


“Thank you” the blush rose in her cheeks and his at the same time


“Oh my god it’s like a damn Disney scene in here” Layton Gibbs slapped Snowy “Will the two of you just get hot and heavy and let’s move on” he lent on the bar as Niall was talking to someone still in the middle of the bar. “Chelle can we get three of the usually please?”


“Sure and they already did?” Layton stopped with his hand half way to his pocket for his money “They broke one of my boards with how hot and heavy they got” I  opened the cooler and pulled out three beers and popped the top on all of them taking the money from Layton


“Dude you sly dog” he playfully punched Snowy in the shoulder


“What…?” Snowy frowned


“You and Hads”


“Yeah well I’m just a Love machine”


“Oh god he’s off” I shook my head “Hadley Give Snow a shot will you he’s thinking that sliced bread has nothing on him”


“Body shot” she al but purred in his direction


“Hell yeah” she handed me the bottle and I put it down and I moved the  glasses out of the way as she lay down and lifted her shirt. Snowy licked his lips and braced his hands on the bar


“Okay here we go” I handed her the line and she put it between her teeth I tipped salt in the hollow at the base of her throat she looked at me I knew that spot was one of the spots that had her in a messy heap, and you can blame that knowledge on drunken truth or dare one night and Niall making her scream like a banshee without getting naked or using his hands. “Snow get ready” I opened the tequila and he bent his head as I tipped the shot on to her stomach laughing at the hollering and whooping that was going on as he licked up the last of the liquor I put the bottle back on the back of the bar in time to see her back arch off the bar as he went at her throat before taking the lime and making a damn good hunt for her tonsils.


“Wow so can we try that?” I looked over my shoulder in the direction of the question………….


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