Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Okay What just happened

Submitted: February 13, 2013

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Submitted: February 13, 2013



…………. “You can take the shot But…”


“Chelle come on you love these lips” Niall laughed wiggling his eyebrows. And here we go again another night of my friends testing how close they could get to that line without crossing it.


“Come on Chelle” Hadley eased off the bar and took a womans order and worked getting her drinks “Nialls not exactly ugly” she was standing next to me with her back to the bar


“What’s the big deal with me just having friends” I looked at her “and no he’s not ugly and if I was different then hell yes but I just want to have fun and keep the people I love as friends just as that mixing friends and bed buddies doesn’t work for me anyway” I squeezed her hand


“Okay so can we at least find you a random hot snowman and get you unwound shall we say” she scrunched up her face “Because sometimes you look so tense it’s like you need to just break a snowboard or two” I couldn’t be mad at her she was just Hadley. “You know just sit on his nose” I felt my jaw go slack and we both just started to laugh


“Oh that is just…” I shook my head and swatted her before I loaded the glass washer and turned it on


“Chelle” I walked over to Niall wiping my hands “I didn’t mean to…”


“It’s okay you still want that shot?” He smiled and nodded “I got up on the bar Hadley came over returning the favor with the Liquor, lime and salt I rolled the bottom of my top and lay back Nail moved aside the snowflake trail of crystals hanging from my belly button ring. Snowy was giving me a hard time as I tried to keep still while the Salt was put in the same spot as it was on Hadley. She held the lime slice out and I took it between my teeth


“Ready” she grinned at me I nodded “Niall you’re up” I sucked in a breath as Nialls mouth worked across my stomach  before getting to my neck, his tongue licking up the salt, He looked at me right before he snagged the lime dropping just a sweet peck on my lips.


“Oh that was lame” Layton hung his head “Dude you need to do like Snowy does and find the tonsils” I reached out and pinched him “Ow… I mean nice job dude” I moved to get up


“No… Lay your ass down we got someone else to take a shot off you” Hadley pushed me back “And Damn if he’s a snowman I’d like to see his carrot” I looked over as Niall grinned and shook  hands with someone


“Well this is a pleasant surprise” Becketts face came into view


“Damn its cupcake” I smiled, okay why had my heart rate just increased and why did my voice sound a little more high pitched


“So Cupcake is it” Hadley put the lime in my mouth “You want to take a shot off my best friend?” Niall grabbed the Salt and put his hand on my shoulder holding me down a little and put a small pile of salt in between my breasts in the deep V of my shirt I shot him a look


“Chelle Shut up” he chuckled


“I’d love to take a shot” Beckett beamed as Niall moved out of the way I looked at Hadley who was looking at Beckett weighing him up.


“Come on then cupcake show this girl what you’re made of” Hadley held up the bottle and did her favorite little wiggle.


“Damn that’s fine” Dane’s voice was there as well I groaned and closed my eyes. I felt the cold liquid on my stomach and then the heat from Becketts mouth his tongue ran a circle round my belly button and his lips tug on my belly ring, my eyes shot open in time to see Beckett fix his eyes with mine before he moved for the salt My hands started to grip the edges of the bar as I found myself wanting to arch up closer to his mouth. His shadow fell over my his eyes seemed darker  before he bent his head and took the lime from between my lips His hand moved to take the lime from his mouth and he kissed me. And then pulled back


“Damn best body shot I’ve ever taken” he rubbed his hand over his face As Hadley pulled me up I got off the bar and adjusted my shirt


“Had you be okay I need to… I mean…” I was flustered and off kilter “Change, we need” I dropped the keys to the money drawer twice as I went for a fifty to go get change from the office just to get away. I moved from behind the bar without looking toward Beckett or any of the others. I closed the office door behind me and banged my head off of it.


It must be the fact people were bugging the crap out of me to find and guy and meet up and then the Snowman and carrot thought that Hadley had oh so kindly stamped into my frontal lobe, or maybe it was the thought of the letter from earlier and wanting to get as far away from those Memories as possible. I paced the floor before going over to the safe and retrieving the change I’d made the excuse to get, but in the last two years no man had made my heart race and my mind go to utter goo, hell for that matter no one in the last five years had done that other things yes but feelings I thought I’d lost had flooded right back with one damn body shot……….


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