It passes you by

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Charlie and Lina have been friends since starting high school, During the summer A short lived romance with Lina's older brother leaves Charlie a little down on guys for a while till a new guy inschool throws life up in the air and pushes her into something she didn't expect

Chapter 1 (v.1) - It passes you by

Submitted: February 15, 2010

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Submitted: February 15, 2010



………………….. Sometimes life seems to pass you by. One minute you’re standing in the kindergarten class looking round at all the kids and wondering how the hell you’re going to remember all of their names and then the next time you blink you’re in senior year, or at least that’s how my life feels.
“Hey Charlie” Lina called out as she wound her way through the locker room to where I was sitting flicking through what should have been my homework for math. “Come on you have to come see this” she grabbed my hand.
“See what” I laughed as she pulled me out of the doors into the warm late summer sun, “I was almost done with my homework”
“Oh this is way better than homework” She grinned her long brown hair streaming out behind her as she pulled my over the parking lot to the bleachers at the side of the football field.
“If you’re bringing me here to point out that you think Ty is hot then I’m heading back to finish my home work” I moaned.
“Well that was one part of it” she laughed “But you have to see him” I looked to where she was pointing to a guy that was stood with his hands in pockets. His dark hair cut short Ty was leaning on his shoulder laughing.
“Cute” I admitted “who is he”
“Who cares, imagine that in a football uniform” she sighed I shook my head and turned away.
“I swear you’ll skid in the pool of drool at your feet” I started to walk back toward school.
“Charlie” Lina ran to catch up with me. “You’re still waiting for him to get in touch aren’t you”?
“I don’t know who you mean” I pulled open the door and grabbed my things.
“Yes you do” she narrowed her eyes at me “What did my big brother do to get you hooked”
“I’m not waiting for him” I groaned “I’m not interested in anyone right now” I looked at her “How is Josh by the way” she shook her head as we headed for class.
“He’s fine” she shrugged “He’s leaving for a tour on the 15th
“Well that’s what being in the Army means I guess” I smiled at her.
“Charlie he’s a jerk where women are concerned” she pushed open the classroom door ‘I love him he’s my brother but I love you as a friend and I don’t want him hurting you”.
“I’m fine I was only asking how he was” I chuckled trying to sound convincing “So we had a fun few dates but that was it” I sat down and pulled out my book “can we just stop talking about guys” Lina sighed and studied my expression for a while before she sat down the row in front of me.
“You’re a lousy liar” she muttered as the teacher walked in I smirked and picked up my pen.
 Fun few dates was an understatement, Linas’ older brother Josh had joined the Army right out of leaving school 3 years ago and this past summer he’d come home for a couple of weeks to see friends and he’d brought Lina over to mine one day so she could help my little sister with her dance costume, leaving me and josh to talk, the only thing was talking turned into kissing which turned into a date and then we became inseparable for the next 3 weeks. But he’d had to go back to base I knew he wasn’t the boyfriend girlfriend type but for a while I had hoped.
‘Charlotte” I jumped as the teacher slammed her book on the desk “Daydreaming again won’t get you to graduation” she shouted, It didn’t matter I was a straight A student this teacher had it in for my since freshman year. She walked by me and began droning on again about Romeo and Juliet. Lina looked at me and grinned as the door knocked. “Come in” the door opened and Ty walked in with the guy we’d been looking at before on the football field.
“Miss Watson sorry we’re late” Ty said smoothly I smiled as Miss Watson turned red and flustered when he spoke.
 Ty Jackson was the type of guy that made women fall at his feet and do whatever he wanted them to. I’d known him since starting middle school and Lina had drooled over him for as long, his messy chestnut hair falling above his almost copper colored eyes
“Yes Ty” Miss Watson stuttered.
“This is Caleb, he’s transferred in this week” Ty smiled flashing her a perfect view of his teeth; I swear Lina almost slid off her seat.
‘Okay boys take a seat” Miss Watson said pointing to the two empty seats behind me. ‘Caleb have you worked on Romeo and Juliet in your old school”
“We did it in sophomore year” he nodded walking past me and smiling his baby blue eyes twinkling.
“Yeah so did we” I muttered under my breath.
“Charlotte I won’t tell you again today” Miss Watson stormed her eyes trying to burn a hole right through me. Ty kicked the leg of my chair.
“Annoying the teacher Charlotte as per usual” he chuckled under his breath I glanced round at him.
“When don’t I” he laughed out a long loud laugh and whispered something to Caleb how looked at me and shook his head I turned back round and picked up the book. Finally the end of class bell rang I grabbed my things and stopped by Lina’s desk. “I’m going to go running can you ask one of the others to give you a ride home.
“I’ll wait My mom is out for a business thing tonight so I’d be home alone” she shrugged as she pushed her things into her school bag “I’ll try and get my head round this damn story” she pulled her face at the book.
‘Charlotte you know Miss Watson doesn’t like you interrupting” Ty laughed as he and Caleb walked over.
“Oh stop with the Charlotte” I groaned. “It’s because of that old witch I’m in need of a run”
“You should try out for the soccer team” Caleb said sting on the edge of Lina’s desk her eyes were almost on stalks.
“I’ll leave the soccer to her” I kicked Lina’s chair I dumped my bag on top of hers “Take that for me so I can go get changed”
“Fine” she grumbled as I headed for the door I looked round.
“I’m sure there’s a couple of jocks that wouldn’t mind helping you” I giggled pulling the door closed leaving the three of them in the classroom.
 I rubbed my neck as I ran down the stairs to the hallway where the locker rooms were. Romeo and Juliet I scoffed in my own head. Miss Watson was obsessed with it I knew what would be coming, she’d pair all the guys up with a girl and get us to act out her favorite parts like always for some reason I always ended up with the worst actor in the whole class to make me look bad mind you it could be fun if I did it in the blonde bimbo voice like sophomore year, it was worth the month of Saturday detentions to see everyone laughing and Miss Watson about to burst like an over inflated balloon. I got changed and made my way out to the track running the only way to clear my head……………………….

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