It's in the Accent (Chris's Story 1)

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - rollercoaster of fun and emotion

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Submitted: July 30, 2010



……………….. Dimitri and Niko came and sat back down Dimitri sat next to Miranda sandwiching her between him and Xander Niko  took a breath and checked his brother who was looking pissed as Miranda spoke quietly to him.
“So how come you can sing like you do and he sounds like a cat being tortured?” Niko asked.
“Well he’s the all American sports dude” I smiled picking up my soda “Whereas me not so much, we kinda balance out the family”
“Yeah thanksgiving’s a riot” Xander winked at me.
“So did it bother you when Reba said the packers suck?” Jackson chuckled.
“No… I mean I’m born and raised 75 miles from Green Bay so I knew moving to Florida I was going to get crap” I shrugged “Because he gives it me every time I talk to him” I pointed at Xander.
“Okay I’ve been wanting to ask but we’ve not had the time with what you were doing” Miranda leant on the table and looked at me she was trying not to look at Xander because every time she did she turned beet red and stumbled over her words “But how come you had to move here I mean it’s senior year”
“I had the choice to stay there” I nodded “But My Dad got the best job offer and my Mom travels away a lot” I looked down I felt Xander kick me under the table gently I looked at him and smiled “And I miss him” I giggled Xander knew I’d never complain about my life but he also knew how hard I had it sometimes being a second Mother to Jess.
‘So only child?” Dimitri looked at me and smiled his face calmer now no signs of the anger he had written on it before.
“No I have a little sister that just started first grade” Xander pulled out his wallet and opened it.
“Here” he handed Miranda a picture that was taken last winter at my parents’ cabin in the Northwoods of Wisconsin of Xander and Jess sitting on a snow mobile.
“She’s cute?” Miranda smiled as Dimitri put his head on her shoulder to look.
“She has your eyes” he looked at me his eyes doing all the smiling for him I shuddered a little inside as I could feel the sensation of his thumb on the back of my neck from earlier when we were being interviewed. Miranda handed the picture over to Jackson who held his hand out for it.
“She’s going to need a big brother to fight off the guys that are going to date her” Jackson laughed.
“Oh believe me Jess won’t need it she can take down a deer in one shot” Xander groaned “she’ll do the same with any one that pisses her off” I high fived him over the table. Niko’s arm was over the back of my seat he nudged my shoulder.
“She protective of her big sister”
“Yes” I smiled as he took the picture from Jackson.
We all finally ordered food and sat laughing and talking. Xander leaned in to Miranda and whispered something to her making her giggle. She shot a look across the table at me and looked down.
‘Okay excuse us” I stood up “I want a few words with Miranda”
“You do?” Xander and Miranda both looked at me.
“Yes I do… I need help getting the boots off”
“Don’t” half the guys round the table called out
“You guys are obsessed” Xander groaned “and you all know I’m related to her”
“Dude she’s in FMB’s what the hell do you expect” Dimitri laughed
“Okay Russian start running” Dimitri got up and took off running laughing as Xander chased him I shook my head and looked at Miranda and nodded to the corner of the Patio that wasn’t taken over by all of us she followed me over
“You want help to get the boots off”
“No I wanted to wind up Xander and I knew what the reaction would be” I smirked “So what did he say to you?”
“Bull you got giggly” I poked her in the ribs ‘I can ask him myself?” Xander and Dimitri ran passed laughing.
“He asked me if he could pick me up tomorrow and take me to the beach”
“Really… Oh that’s awesome” I hugged her “You do know I want details right” she pulled a face. “Ew not those sort of details” I swatted her “I mean if he’s a gentleman and he’s good”
“Screw being a gentleman… Damn he could throw me on the table and kiss me right now and I’d be happy” she fanned herself with her hand “You’re cousin has rocked my world since 6th grade”
“You didn’t tell me that” I smiled looking back to the table where Xander had sat down and was talking to Kerion Dimitri had taken my seat in between Niko and Jackson and was talking and shaking his head at his brother. The both shook hands and smiled as Jackson put his head on the table.
“So it looks like you have Niko hanging off everything you say” Miranda sighed leaning on the wall
“What… Oh he’s just messing” I shrugged
“Niko doesn’t mess where women are concerned” she smiled.
“I think it’s the boots not me” I laughed “and anyway stop getting off the subject of Xander”
“Well apparently he’s picking my up in this really sweet mustang as his cars in the shop”
“Where’s he getting that from?” I pulled a face
“His cousin’s letting him borrow it”
“I’m the only cousin with a… Damn it” I walked over to the table “okay a little heads up might be nice if you want to borrow my car” I put my hands on my hips.
“Oh yeah” Xander grinned “Hey Chris I’m borrowing the mustang tomorrow”
“And what am I supposed to do?”
“Your Dad’s car”
“He has a game tomorrow” I pointed out
“Your Mom’s car’s in the garage”
“Yeah like I’m allowed to use that” I groaned
“You’re Mom’s in Australia your Dad’s going to be at least in Gainesville” he shrugged “Have a day at home with Jess and I think you owe me after I kept quiet” he winked.
“Fine” I pulled the keys from my purse ‘here you can drive me home when we’re done and take it”
“You want your seat back?” Dimitri asked getting up
“No I just lost my appetite” I picked up my purse “I’ll be out front” Xander got up and caught me arm.
“I didn’t think you’d mind”
“I don’t” I ran my fingers through my hair “but it’s the weekend story of my life and I love Jess but…”
“I didn’t think and it’s your first weekend here isn’t it” he groaned “How about you and Jess come to the beach with us?”
“I don’t think so” I patted his arm “I’ll be okay I’m being a bit selfish” I kissed his cheek “I’m going to call some of the guys from up north”
“Okay” he nodded and watched as I walked through the doors and out to the parking lot of the restaurant……………..

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