It's in the accent (Chris #1)

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - I don't want to open up

Submitted: July 30, 2010

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Submitted: July 30, 2010



.................. Dad was up making breakfast as I walked into the kitchen.
“Please tell me you didn’t just get in” he moaned looking me up and down “And where did you get those?” he pointed the butter knife to the boots
“No I got in a little after 11” I sighed sitting down “and it’s what I wore last night onstage and I can’t get them off on my own” I smiled as he handed me a coffee.
“So you slept in them?”
“So I saw you on the news last night” he said turning back to the pancakes on the griddle. “who were the boys”
“Er… Alfie was the one not in football gear and the other two were Jackson and Dimitri” I looked round as my phone vibrated on the counter dad threw it to me.
***New Message***I’m sorry and I miss you, come back North Baby***Arron***8.10am
I groaned and put the phone down
“Trouble?” Dad eyed me
“Nothing I can’t handle” I shrugged.
“If he’s bothering you again” Dad banged his hands on the counter top.
“Dad it’s okay” I tried to smile with confidence but could see the worry and pain in Dad’s eyes. “So what time do you think you’ll be home tonight?” I wanted to change the subject.
“It’s going to be tomorrow the games against LSU” he put a plate down in front of me “I’m sorry you get stuck with Jess again”
“Hey it’s okay” picked up my fork “I’m sure we can find something fun to do”
“Hey it’s me” Dad and I looked to the door as Xander walked in.
“Xander nice to see you son” Dad hugged him he hadn’t seen his nephew since we’d gotten here. ‘You looking after Chris for me”
“I think Chris is good” he chuckled “Why are you still wearing the stuff from last night?” he wrinkled his nose.
“I can’t get the FMB’s off” I laughed watching Dad’s face drop in shock
“Do you even know what FMB means?”
“Yes Dad” I winked at him “It’s just what the guys were calling them last night”
“Not what I want to hear from my 17 year old daughter” he sighed kissing me on the head “I’m going to leave this conversation and go say bye to Jess” he walked away.
“You want me to help you get the boots off?” Xander offered.
“Sure and then you can tell me what you’re doing here at 8.30 in the morning when you have date?”
“Well I wanted to come and make sure you were okay after last night” he sighed as I lay on the floor and put a foot in his hand and he began pulling at the boot. “And to tell you Mom will take Jess tonight and take her to the movies with Dad and then head to Orlando and take her to Sea World tomorrow” he got the first boot off and dropped it on the floor and held his hands out for my other foot.
“She doesn’t have to” I leant up on my elbows.
“She knows that, but she also knows you need a life other than babysitting your little sister” he hissed at me so Dad wouldn’t hear him.
“Yeah but what’s the point when I’m going to be here without my car” I held out my hands as he dropped the second boot on the floor and pulled me to my feet “damn I feel short now” I smiled
“We’re all heading to the beach tonight we’ve found a cove that’s really cool and we hang out there most weekends someone will come pick you up” He picked up my coffee and took a drink as Dad walked back in with Jess.
“Okay I have to go you girls have fun and Xander keep her out of trouble” he winked hugging me again
“Good luck with the game”
‘Thank you” Dad walked out as Jess sat on one of the stools
“So squirt you want pancakes and a day playing in the pool” I pointed out the back door.
“Xander staying as well” she looked at Xander as he piled her plate with pancakes and syrup.
“I can’t I have a date”
“Oooo you going to kiss her?” Jess waved her fork at him making me laugh.
‘I’m not telling” Xander shook his head
“Oh come on throw me a bone I’m 7 I know what happens on a date” she rolled her eyes and took a fork full of pancake in her mouth “I’ve seen Chris putting her tongue in to…” I put my hand over her mouth.
“Okay Squirt if you want to have a huge treat we need to knock off spying on people” I snapped she pushed my hand away and took another mouthful of pancake.
“It’s gross and when his hand was in your…” Xander started to laugh
“Okay I think I’ll call Aunt Marie and tell her you don’t want to go to the movies or to Sea World” I leant on the counter in front of her she swallowed the pancake and was wide eyed.
“I’m sorry” she whispered.
“Look Jess go take your breakfast in the living room and watch T.V. for a while okay” I sighed
“Okay” she nodded and jumped off the stool taking the remains of her breakfast with her.
“So who’s mouth has your tongue been in other than Niko’s” he chuckled as we both walked out on to the patio “and I don’t think I want to know where someone’s hand has been” I swatted him.
“I wasn’t a hermit in Wisconsin you know we do date up there and we have to find things to do in the winter” I took a drink of my coffee “And I didn’t have my tongue in Niko’s…” he looked at me “Okay maybe I did” I put my head down. “Oh why does life have to be this rough”
“Look I know Niko’s a player but…” I looked at Xander
“It’s not just him” I sighed “But don’t worry about it” I took a deep breath you need to go pick up Miranda” I sank the last of my coffee “And don’t screw up she’s a sweet heart”
“Chris talk to me”
“I just have been Xand… thanks for helping me with the boots… now don’t trash my car” I walked back into the house to spend the day with my big mouthed sister right now i wasn't ready to open up not even to Xander …………………

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