It's in the accent (Chris #1)

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - The things you do when pushed to the limit

Submitted: July 30, 2010

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Submitted: July 30, 2010



...................... I cleaned the house quickly putting the boots in my closet and changed into my bikini.
“Yeah she’s here… school awesome” Jess pushed open my bedroom door my cell phone to her ear I held my hand out to her. “Here’s Chris” she handed me the phone.
“You know you’re not supposed to answer my phone” I chastised her
“I know but its Arron… I’ll go get ready to swim” she skipped across the hall to her room and closed the door normally it took a while for Jess to irritate me but today she was hitting the nerve every time.
Me * what?
Arron * we missed you at the lake last night
Me * I live 1500 miles away get used to it
Arron * you could have stayed here with Brit
Me * yeah then you’d have been having your cake and eating it
Arron * I was mad with you
Me * really so you screw my best friend
Arron * it wasn’t like that
Me * I don’t want to hear it… it wasn’t just my problem was it.
Arron * Chris… I love you
Me * don’t make me laugh Arron you love your truck and drinking with the guys oh and football… mind you so do the guys here
Arron * you’ve met someone
Me * is it any of your business
Arron * hell yeah we dated for 2 years
Me * screw you
Arron * who’s Niko?
Me * what?
Arron * Jess was telling me about you talking about a guy kissing you called Niko
Me * bite me
Arron * you used to like that
Me * I’m hanging up Arron don’t call me again
I hit end call and sat on my bed with my head in my hands as Jess walked in.
“Okay I’m ready to swim”
“Get out Jess and go in your Damn room” I yelled
“You heard me… what did I say about stopping spying on people and within minutes you were listening in to what I was talking to Xander about” I got up and crossed the room to her he bottom lip was quivering “Get out of my sight Jessica” she ran across the room to hers and slammed the door I put my hand over my mouth and wrapped my other arm round me and broke down crying. How could I have been on such a high yesterday and now every demon in my life was coming back to haunt me…………. I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing I looked at the clock it was 10.30am. I sat up and picked up the phone
Me * I told you not to call me
Dimitri * Er… you might have told Nikolai but not me
Me * oh… oh I’m sorry I thought… how did you get my number
Dimitri * Miranda called me to see if I could pick you up to go to the beach later
Me * I’m good I’m not good company right now
Dimitri * dude you screwed up bad… sorry I was just giving Niko crap for last night.
Me * it wasn’t him… look have fun tonight okay and I’ll see you round.
I hung up the phone and crossed the hall and knocked on Jess’s door
“What?” I pushed it open she was sitting on the bed here eyes ringed red from crying. I sighed and crossed the room and sat next to her and put my arm round her shoulders.
“I’m sorry for yelling… but you know you don’t listen in to peoples conversations especially adult ones” I sighed
“I know but you were crying in bed last night and I thought when I saw Arron was calling you he could make you happy again” I smiled at her and kissed her head.
“Honey… Arron is the reason I was crying he’s not a nice person” I stroked her hair.
“But you used to like him?”
“I know but things happen that make people change and Arron changed” I sat up “Look come on lets go swimming and then I’ll order pizza for lunch”
“Hawaiian?” her eyes lit up.
“Fine anything you want” I nodded as she scooted off the bed “Go get your life jacket on and I’ll grab some towels” Jess raced out of the door and down the hall. The rest of the afternoon I spent in the water with Jess making up for yelling at her for something that she really had no idea about. I got her out of the pool and showered and dressed and her hair done and her bag packed all by 4 o’clock I walked intot he living room with her back pack as Uncle Tom walked in.
“Hi honey Jess already to go?” he asked kissing my cheek
“She’s just getting her bear” I nodded.
“You were awesome last night honey we bragged about you to so many parents on the bleachers” he leant on the couch.
“You were there?”
“We’re at all of Xanders games” he shrugged “and we’ll be at all of your shows and what have yous” he chuckled waving his hand. “We know it’s hard for your parents”
“I’m used to it it’s no big deal” I messed with the zipper on Jessica’s bag.
“Hmmm sure Chris” he got up as Jess walked in to the room. “Jess we’re not going to the movies” she stopped in her tracks “How does a late afternoon in Magic Kingdom sound instead? and staying in Orlando overnight”
“Awesome” she jumped into his arms and hugged him tight “Can Chris come?”
“I think Chris has plans with Xander and their friends honey” Uncle Tom smiled looking at me. as I fidgeted
“You be good Squirt okay” I kissed her cheek “Call me later” she nodded I handed her the bag of her things “have fun”
“We will” Uncle Tom walked out with Jess I closed the door and want to put the wet towels in the laundry my phone rang again.
Me * hello
Arron * I’ve tried calling four times since you hung up
Me * why? I hung up because I didn’t want to talk to you
Arron * you didn’t answer me who’s the dude?
Me * it’s none of your damn business
Arron * I want you back where you belong with me no guy can do the things I used to
Me * really… you think a lot of yourself don’t you?
Arron * you didn’t complain
Me * yeah well that was before I had something to compare you to and boy you don’t come close.
Arron * you’re a bitch
Me * and you’re a loser that runs at the first sign of trouble
Arron * he can never match up to me
Me * go to hell
I ended the call and turned the phone off I was literally shaking I was so angry right now. I need to go cool off. I pulled off the t-shirt I had on over the top of my bikini and through it on to the couch and headed for the door to the pool I put my hand on the handle as the front door knocked
“God damn it” I slapped my hand on the wall I wrenched open the front door “What?”
“Well Miranda told us we needed to come get you regardless of what you said… and damn those Wisconsin boys have lost out” Niko whistled making my mind flick back to the fight I’d just had with Arron “Dimi really lucked out having to run Mom to the store” he bit down on his bottom lip and looked me over as I stood there in my Bikini. I don’t know what happened but something triggered in me and all I could think was I’ll show Arron.
I pushed Nikolai against the front door and kissed him with more urgency then I think I’ve ever kissed anyone taking him by surprise. It wasn’t long before he caught on the two of us made it as far as the couch before the last of our clothes was on the floor……………….

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