It's in the Accent (Chris's Story 1)

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Not one the other

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Submitted: August 02, 2010



……………….. I turned back to the ocean as Dimitri walked away calling something out to Xander as he went.
“You have the sweetest hottest cousin ever” I jumped as Miranda interrupted my thoughts and hugged me from behind.
“So I take it you had a good time” I smiled pushing my worries and confused thoughts to the back of my mind
“We had a blast, we went shopping for your bir…” she stopped herself
“My What?”
Birthday present” she moaned “I shouldn’t have told you” she looked up and swatted me.
“Why didn’t you tell em it was your birthday next weekend”
“I don’t like a fuss being made” I shrugged after my 17th birthday was forgotten by both of my parents as Mom was in Aisa on a book tour and Dad was busy with football. “So what else did you guys get up to?”
“We had lunch and went to the park and walked and talked” she was swaying and grinning fromn ear to ear “and then he kissed me”
‘Kissed you?” I chuckled
“Oh Yeah…” she sighed “nothing like the gum swapping you and Niko did” she teased “He held my face in his hands and moved in and his lips.. oh he has really soft lips” she murmured as her eyes glazed over
“Oh way to much information” I wrinkled m,y nose making her blush.
“Sorry… so what sort of day did you have?”
“Rough as hell” I said running my hand through my hair
“You want to talk about it?”
“No it’s okay” I pated her arm “So what am I getting for my birthday?”
“You’ll have to wait and see” she giggled “So what’s happening with you and the two hot Russians we have in school?” I shot her the don’t go there look. “Sorry… Come on” she linked my arm and we walked over to where Dimitri and Xander we piling the wood into the fire pit for later one.
“You’re phones been ringing” Xander looked up at me
“Did you answer it?”
“No why would I?” he smiled shaking his head as I pulled it from my bag, Dimitri was watching me intently as it started to ring ion my hand.
“From one to the other” I muttered answering it
Me * do you really think we have anything to say to each other?
Brittany * Chris don’t be mad
Me * I trusted you with everything… we’ve been friends since 3rd grade
Brittany * he told me you were over
Me * so you take the chance to jump right into bed with him without even thinking to ask me if it was true
Brittany * Chris
Me * you were the only one that knew what was happening and how scared I was and you still go and screw him
Brittany * he was upset… I was trying to comfort him and it got out of hand
Me * what you happened to comfort him naked and on your damn back… but you know what really hurts is that you knew what I was trying to deal with and what he’d done and you still even gave him the time of day… you have no idea what being loyal is.
Brittany * I know and I’m sorry… Emma and the others aren’t talking to me and Kyle took a punch at Arron.
Me * well I’d better call Kyle and thank him then hadn’t I and as for your sorry you can stick it where the damn sun don’t shine.
Brittany * I miss all of you guys
Me * what do you want me to do call the others and tell them to be nice to you again?
Brittany * would you?
Me * like hell I will and this fall don’t even think of going to the lake house in fact you go give Emma the key you’re not welcome there any more.
Brittany * Chris please
Me * I’m telling you like I told Arron leave me the hell alone.
I ended the call and looked round and instead of there only being Dimitri, Xander and Miranda there was now most of the kids from dinner the night before and they were all looking at me.
“Everything okay?” Alfie asked looking concerned
“I’m fine” I forced a smile
“You’re a lousy liar” Dimitri chuckled sitting down on one of the driftwood logs.
“I just don’t need to...”
“Okay the party can start now we’ve arrived” the voice was like nails on a chalk board we all looked round as Reba and Abby walked through the gap in the dunes.
“Oh jeez who asked them?” Miranda hissed through her teeth Xander put his arm round her waist and pulled her to him
“You don’t have to even acknowledge they’re here” he said kissing her head.
 I looked to Dimitri who had an expression on his face that was impossible to read as Abby walked over to him and sat at his feet on the blanket and started to talk to him he looked down at her. I turned away and walked back to the ocean. Damn Russian another guy that seemed to want the best of both worlds.
“Hey you okay?” Kerion nudged me handing me a bottle of water.
“You guys came” I hugged him.
“You, Jackson actually called me to remind me” he grinned “Never in a million years did I think King Jock would invite any of us here”
“I think after last night they realize they’re not the cool kids in the school” I looked back to where all the others were mixing together and talking. I got a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach when I saw Abby and Dimitri inches from each other her hands resting against his chest.
“Earth to Chris” Kerion waved his hand in front of my face. I looked at the sand before looking back at him
“Sorry a few things on my mind” I linked his arm and walked back to the others. I sat down by Alfie and Heidi and everyone was talking and laughing. Miranda was determined she was going to have me laughing and was telling the corniest jokes she could come up with. I noticed Xander always had to be touching her even when he was talking to someone else, Reba was all over Jackson who looked like he didn’t care that she was there. Abby was sitting between Dimitri’s legs both of them not really saying anything to anyone else.
The sun began to sink lower over the ocean as my phone beeped I stood up and pulled it from my pocket and started to smile at the picture message.
“First time I think you’ve smiled all afternoon” Dimitri called over
“Yeah well some things will always make me smile” I said a little sarcasm edging into my voice.
“It has to be a cute guy” Heidi laughed getting to her feet from Alfies lap and grabbing Miranda to come look at my phone.
“It’s not a guy they’re too confusing” I looked at Dimitri as I said it making him look down.
“Nice house” Miranda whistled “Oooo look at the lake” I handed her the phone and moved away a little
“Scroll through and take a look” I smiled as both Mirnada and Heidi looked through the pictures.
“Tubing with out the ocean waves looks like fun” Heidi said looking at me as a few more people were looking with them “Oooo Damn who is this he’s cute”
“Hot as hell” Abby smiled as if digging at Dimitir who was also looking. “Nice Tattoo”
“let me see” Miranda turned the phone round.
“The blond guy not the beagle”
“That’s Kyle” I laughed “He’s the Quaterback and the boyfriend of one of myt best friends back in Wisconsin… oph and he’s a sweet heart and a romantic”
“Talk about all round” Miranda fanned herself laughing earning herself a slap on the ass from Xander.
“Chris shes not allowed to coe to Wisconsin with us at anypoint” he chuckled.
“Okay this one’s easy on the eyes as well look at the dimples and the six pack” one of the other girls laughed.
“Who’s this one then?” Jackson asked I looked over at the screen.
“Oh that needs deleting” I took the phone and hit delete “He’s a lying cheating spineless did I mention cheating douche bag”
“So you don’t like him them” Jackson laughed.
“So when do you guys light the fire” I asked pushing my phone back into my pocket.
“I think that means she doesn’t want to talk about him” Pete joked. Everyone went quiet as if they didn’t know what to say.
“I made it” Nikolai’s voice called out. The chatter started again. As he walked over, he stopped and looked at Dimitri and Abby and the muscle tightened in his jaw. “D I need to talk to you” Niko walked back to the dunes. Dimitri jogged after him.
“Hey Chris you want Smores?” Xander called over to me
“Sure” I nodded as Niko was shouting at Dimitri in Russian.
“They do that when they don’t want people knowing what it’s all about” Jackson sighed when he saw me watching them
“One way to do it I guess” I turned away as Pete handed me a Smore.
“I’m sorry” I felt hot breath on my neck making me shiver a little…………………….

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