It's in the Accent (Chris's Story 1)

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Chapter 26 (v.1) - Russian Mama

Submitted: August 03, 2010

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Submitted: August 03, 2010



............... We drove down a palm lined street of large houses as Dimitri was talking on his phone in Russian he kept glancing across at me he turned in to a drive that swept up to a yellow colored house with views out across the river that led to the ocean.
“Damn I thought my house was large” I whistled trying to take his mind off the reason we were here.
“Yeah well when your Dad works for NASA” he smiled turning off the engine.
“What your Dad’s rocket scientist” I tried not to laugh.
“Yep… the reason we moved here” he looked to the house as the front door opened
“So why aren’t you living near Kennedy?” I asked getting out of the truck as a woman stood on the step her hands on her hips
“Dad took a trip to Busch Gardens when he was checking out the place and for some reason decided he’d rather commute across Florida twice a week so we could live…” he looked toward the house “Damn it… I’ll fill you in on the rest after… I forgot the ice” he pulled a face as a stream of Russian flew from the woman with him answering her and smiling sweetly as he walked toward her. He turned and looked at me “Come on you” the woman stopped mid sentence as he said something quickly to her she looked me up and down, I felt less nervous and one edge the other night in front of everyone at the football game. “Mama this is Christine… Christine this is my Mom” he kissed his Mom on the cheek her eyes never lifted from me as she started to talk in Russian again. “Mama English” he chastised her.
“Sorry” she smiled a little at me “So you’re the girl my sons are talking about” I looked at Dimitri “So pretty but I need to hear you sing”
“She will later Mama” Dimitri grinned some of the other guys coming are bring their guitars. She nodded
“I’m Elena”
“Nice to meet you” I smiled politely even though this woman was intimidating the life out of me. The door opened again and a shirtless Niko walked out
“Hey Chris” he pulled me into a bear hug.
“Ay boys” Elena sighed turning round and walking backing to the house calling something out to them
“She said we have to take you inside” Niko translated taking my hand and pulling me through the doors it was like stepping into a house far from America  with the rich tapestries hung on the walls and the rugs scattered round
“Niko look after Chris I need to grab a shower and if Nas gets here send her up to me” Niko draped his arm round my shoulder as Dimitri shook his head.
“I’ll take good care of her don’t worry” Niko winked
“Yeah I know you remember” Dimitri smirked back at his brother and turned and ran up the sweeping staircase.
“I know the house is way over the top but that’s a Russian family for you” Nikolai laughed “Come on let’s get a drink” he steered my through the house to the kitchen were people were busy making things with Elena supervising things she smiled at me and watched her son pull me to the fridge and hand me a bottle of water. “You want to go help me outside”
“Sure” I nodded as we stepped to the door his hand in mine. Elena shouted something to him.
“Mama I know” he laughed closing the door “She’s told me to step back from you because of Dimitri” I looked over my shoulder back to the house “ If only she knew” I swatted him “I’m sorry it’s not funny” he nudged me with his arm. We started to help put up tables when a girl walked round the side of the house. He long blond hair pilled in a high ponytail her dress skimming the floor looking so perfect with the slightest sign of a baby bump just showing.
“Hey Nikolai where’s D?”
“In his room and is that all your Favorite brother gets?” she groaned and put down the things she was holding and came over and hugged him. “Where’s Germy?” she swatted him round the head.
“Jeremy is in the house talking to Mama” she corrected him all the time her eyes on me.
“Oh sorry Christine this is my big sister Nas… well Anastasia”
“Nas please” she smiled holding her hand out “You do know you have both of my little brother drooling over you” I turned beet red “All I’ve heard for the past week is Chris this Chris that and Chris has FMB I’ve gone to heaven” she poked her tongue out at Niko.
“Hey I told Chris tart to her face that call was from Dimitri” Niko held up his hands.
“Talking f him I need to talk to him” She walked back up the few steps to the house picking up her things as she went “Hey Chris I’ll catch you in a while”
“Nice to meet you” she walked in the house and closed the door I balled my fist and punched Niko on the arm.
The boots I swear I’m going to burn those damn things”
“No you can’t do that… I’m sure D would” I looked at him “Shutting up” he chuckled hugging me again. The door to the house opened and Dimitri stepped out in clean shorts and a T-shirt.
“Niko Mom wants you”
“Catch you later Chris” Niko took the steps two at a time and said something quietly to Dimitri who just nodded and walked toward me.
“This way” he reached for my hand and pulled me to the left of the steps through a set of bushes that covers a dock where there were 4 jet skis and a boat moored. A small summer house structure was on the land next to the dock he led me over to it and opened the door inside there was a small outdoor couch and a table I sat down.
“nice view” I sighed looking out across the water “I miss the lake house” I murmured.
“Okay truth time” he sat with me and looked at me
“I don’t know…” I looked down “It’s not easy”
“Let me in” he begged that was the 4th time in two days he’d asked. Oh this was too hard right now I was sitting here facing a guy I hardly know wondering if I should tell him anything…………………….

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