It's in the accent (Chris #1)

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - Do I dare

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Submitted: August 03, 2010



.............. “Okay I have something for you” Dimitri said taking control of the situation. He pulled something from the pocket of his shorts. “I hate that the world’s biggest douche bag can keep calling you” he looked at me “Are you and he done?”
“Done is an understatement” I nodded
“Okay here” he handed me a brand new phone wrapped in a red ribbon. “Transfer all your numbers and everything you need from your other phone and then get rid of it” the tone was short and sharp.
“I can’t accept this”
“It’s your birthday present form me and Niko” he sighed “think of it like that”
“You’re insane”
“No I’m pissed off with you hiding behind the brick wall you’ve put up” I looked at him and raised my eyebrows.
“Do you have some disorder that makes your mood swing like a damn trapeze” I snapped getting to my feet and putting the phone down on the table.
“No I don’t like not getting all the information” he bit back I spun round.
“You don’t get it do you” I pleaded “I’ve had to deal with something on my own when all I wanted to do was turn to my Mom and have her help me… I wanted to curl in the corner and die with what I was dealing with, and the only person that knew absolutely everything betrayed me in the worst way possible ruining my trust in people” I shook my head “You have no right to get pissy just because I won’t roll over and tell you everything like people obviously normally do” I walked out on to the dock and rubbed the back of my neck
“I’m sorry… I have a temper that comes out easily when I see people hurting” he sighed “Chris you don’t have to be alone anymore… If you don’t want to tell me then Tell Xander, Tell Miranda hell tell Niko” he turned me to face him “Let one of us help you” He looked hurt “Please”
“Hey guys the others are here” Niko called from the bushes. Neither of us moved “Okay I sense a moment so I’m backing away” he disappeared.
“You know what I want to do” Dimitri said as f Niko hadn’t been there “You know I want to kiss you so badly… but I can’t while your wrestling your demons in here and here” he pointed to my head and then to my heart “How can I try to make things right for you if I don’t know how to mend the pieces” he stroked his fingers down the side of my face his accent was more prominent the more passionate he became. “You don’t have to be alone” I closed my eyes and a single tear rolled down my cheek he brushed it away with his thumb.
“Arron and I had been dating for two years since half way through freshman year” I pulled away from Dimitri and walked down the dock “You know he was the type of guy every guy wanted to be and every girl wanted to be with” I shook my head “I was the one that didn’t want to know, I wasn’t impressed by the muscles and how he could play every damn sport he tried. I was the challenge try to get the theatre chick to date the all American” I turned to face Dimitri who was a couple of feet away from me watching and listening.
“Yu said he liked a challenge” he sighed
“Yeah he does and I know it sounds really cheesy but he literally swept me off my feet even for a freshman” I smiled “It was the talent show at school and I won by the time I got to school the next day my locker was full of roses and his football helmet and a replica of his jersey”
“Well you do kinda rock the football jersey” Dimitri chuckled
“Well he thought the same and was waiting for me during lunch and I guess that was it.. I fell in love with a sweet guy that treated me like I was the only girl in the world” I wrapped my arms round myself.
“So what did he do that was so wrong?” Dimitri took a step forward……………………..

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