It's in the Accent (Chris's Story 1)

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Just have my back quietly

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Submitted: July 27, 2010



................... The door to the music room opened and Miranda walked back in with a guy around the same age as my Dad dressed in shorts and a Polo shirt.
“Angus… Miranda here said you’ve finally found someone to sing at the first home game”
“Jules” Mr. Sorenson beamed “I’d like you to meet Miss Christine Sommers new from the dairy state fresh from the cattle truck and the cheese wagon” I closed my eyes and groaned as it sounded like I was bring introduced into a circus or at least the freak show. “Christine this is our Athletic director and our football coach Jules Jones”
“Nice to meet you” I smiled nervously
“Okay then honey belt out the anthem for me” he sat in a chair and crossed his legs and folded his arms. I looked at Miranda who was stood by the open door and giving me the thumbs up. I took a breath and started to sing again singing the national anthem always makes me cry for some reason I felt the tears slip down my cheeks as I came to the end and opened my eyes again to see everyone on their feet with hands over hearts. “Damn Girl you’ve got some pipes on you” Coach Jones said shaking his head. “Come see me after school I might have something for you to do for half time as well as those fru fru dancers” he rolled his eyes “Angus thank you”
“You’re welcome oh might football coach” Mr. Sorenson bowed deeply making the Coach laugh I looked to the door Miranda was talking to a guy that was easily 6ft 1 wearing a tight shirt that showed ever muscle in his upper body his dark hair curling on the back of his neck. He looked my way and nodded at something Miranda said to him. Before stepping back as the coach walked out and they both disappeared down the hall. The bell rang again. “Well Miss Sommers I can’t hold you any longer you have to go to class” Mr. Sorenson lifted my hand and kissed it “I’ll get you a practice schedule for our times and we’ll be seeing you so very soon”
“Yeah thanks a lot for this” I looked round for my bag.
“I have it” Miranda called over to me as the room was slowly emptying. I hurried over to her “You okay you look in shock”
“Mr. Sorenson is so…”
“He’s awesome when you get used to his diva ways and we all call him the boss” she smiled handing me my bag. “And you’re amazing”
“Don’t” I felt my cheeks turn red. “So how was the guy by the door with you?”
“One of the few Jocks that talks to everyone” she smirked “Super hot and you should see him swim damn those trunks and my imagination” she started to giggle infectiously making me smile.
“You have a crush on him”
“Not really I’ve known him since 5th grade when he moved her” she shrugged “he’s just fit and has a rocking body”
“So what’s his name?” I pushed her
“Nikolai or Niko as everyone calls him” she pushed open as classroom door “He’s a sweetheart that doesn’t take crap Oh and he has a brother as well”
“You keep doing that” I laughed as we sat down at a table.
“Doing what?”
“Giving me half the story and then the rest in a separate sentence”
“I space out sometime” she winked “Oh Talk of hotties” she nodded to the door. I smiled as a 6ft blond guy walked over to the teacher and handed him a note.
“Christine you have a call in the office” he said kindly “Miranda will catch you up when you get back” I got up and looked at Miranda.
“Hands off he’s mine” she joked nodding in the direction of the guy waiting by the door for me.
“Not really into blonds” I whispered back to her. Before turned and walked out into the hall the guy closed the door and broke out into a huge grin.
“So managing to keep your mouth shut” he nudged me
“No… Thanks Xander you could have warned me how whacky this damn school is” I put my arm round his waist as we walked down the hall
“Hey you were the one living in butt-fuck-now-where” he laughed “I can’t help that”
“I’ll remember that when you want to go to the cabin and snowmobile” I dug my fingers into his ribs.
“I can make it easier for you if you let me introduce you to people” he sighed stopping and looking at me.
“No… we’ve been through this I want to make it here without the help of my cousin”
“I know people though Chris”
“And I’m meting people as well” I kissed his cheek ‘I love you Xander just have my back quietly”
“Okay” he groaned “Oh and Mom said you and Jess are staying for dinner tonight”………………………

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