It's in the Accent (Chris's Story 1)

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Chapter 31 (v.1) - EACH

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Submitted: August 04, 2010



.................. See what I mean about it being hard to get them on” I said trying to break the silence that seemed to drag on. Dimitri shifted his weight so he was supporting himself over me
“Yeah… but we did it” he sighed ‘Chris can…”
“Anyone here?”
“God damn it” he groaned as the sound of my Aunts voice carried through the room front he front door Dimitri got up and offered me a hand and pulled me up “Oh there you are” she walked in the room with Jess in tow “Oh hey Dimitri”
“Mrs. Sommers” he nodded
“Christine what are you wearing?”
“The bands playing for Dimitri’s family and this is for the stage” I shrugged Dimitri was standing close enough for me to feel his body heat.
‘Oh that’s right it’s the BBQ” she groaned io zoned and forgot about it”
“It’s okay” Dimitri shrugged looking at Jess who was taking him in with her head tipped to the side.
“Look I need to do a few things for work Chris I have to leave Jess with you” she sighed “But we’ll be at the BBQ later so hey Jess you want to spend the night at my house again?”
“Aunt Marie I can watch her” I said not wanting to put another night on my Aunt.
“Live a little honey” she patted my cheek “one day you’ll let me know what happened with Arron” she whispered glancing at Dimitri.
“Nothing happened” I lied
“Okay… well I’ll see you later” she walked out of the house I looked at Jess.
“So did you have fun?”
“It was awesome” she grinned “Whose that?” she pointed at Dimitri “and how many cows dies to make those boots” Dimitri burst out laughing “You look like a hooker”
“And meet my 7 year old sister” I groaned “Jess this is Dimitri… Dimitri this is Jess”
“Nice to meet you” Dimitri nodded at her
“You kissed Chris?”
“Okay pack a bag of stuff fast” I pushed her toward her room.
“She’s as feisty as you” Dimitri winked.
“Yep” I nodded smiling after her “I’m sorry but I can’t leave her here”
“It’s okay… I’m sure there’s enough of us to keep her occupied” he reached for my hand “You want to grab some things to change into after”
“Sure” I walked away from him and grabbed a few things as I heard Jess talking to Dimitri.
“Will you make Chris happy?”
“I’m her friend and isn’t that what friends do?” He smiled
“She had friends in Wisconsin but some of them weren’t very nice to her”
“Like who?”
“Arron he used to be nice but then he wasn’t so nice anymore and Chris used to cry a lot”
“Well how about I try to do everything I can to make your big sister smile”
“You can do that by not talking about me when I’m not around” I laughed making the two of them jump.
“Eaves dropping is rude” he pointed out taking my bag and Jess’s
“Yeah so’s talking in Russian when other can’t understand it” I giggled taking Jesses hand.
Dimitri drove us back to his house Mirnada was waiting out the front for us
“Oh god you didn’t have another shirt to wear” she rolled her eyes.
“What this is how I was the other night” I said shaking my head.
“She can use my jersey” Dimitri made the offer again.
“D I love you but where stage wardrobe is concerned… shush” Dimitri started to laugh
“Come with me” she grabbed my hand.
“Er… Can you…?”I started Dimitri picked up Jess and put her on his shoulders
“I got Jess” he winkled “I’m not getting in the way of Miranda and clothes” he walked round the side of the house as Miranda took me inside and up the stairs to the room opposite Dimitri’s this one was deep blood red with black accents.
“Okay get the jersey off”
“Trust me” I groaned and pulled the jersey off she handed me some pins “Okay” she grabbed something from the side “Oh crap which way up does it go” she unfolded it
“A flag” I pulled a face
“No the Russian flag” she corrected “I had a brain wave while you were gone… just wait” she ran to the bedroom door and opened it. “Okay just the person which way up does the flag go is the white at the top or is the red” Niko put his head round the door ‘Dude she’s half naked”
“Sorry…” he laughed “and the white is on the top and Chris the black bra really won’t go”
“Okay out” Miranda pushed him out.
“Hey it’s my room”
“Hey Niko” he looked back in the room at me. “It looks like a French prostitute lives here” he gave me the finger as Miranda doubled up laughing.
“Keep it up Wisconsin” he shook his head and smiled. I handed Miranda the flag and she turned it round while I took off my bra so she could wrap the flag round me
“Okay I need to breath to sing” I gasped
“Oh sorry” she pinned it so it was fitted to my but so I could still sing.
“You’re a genius” I smiled looking back at her through the mirror
“Yeah well remember that when you’re a huge rock star and need a stylist” she laughed “Okay I think you’re ready”
“This is insane it’s a backyard BBQ and they arte paying us to perform” I looked at her.
“Yeah well they left Russia with nothing only what Alexi could do with rockets or space” she shrugged he’s way up in NASA so he get’s big money and Elena used to watch kids in the neighborhood until she started to work for an event company… now she owns the company” I raised my eye brows. “Yup so they go big when they party” She took my hand “Come on I’ve missed lap time with your hot cousin so I could get you ready” she giggled the two of us walked down the stairs. Pete, Alfie and Kerion were talking to Dimitri’s parents in the kitchen
“Wow… one way to wear the flag” Elena clapped her hand “that has to be your doing?” she held Mirandas face in her hands Mirnada laughed and nodded “Ahhh your good” she kissed both of Miranda’s cheeks
“I’m going out to my boyfriend” She smiled “Blow us away Chris”
“Oh she will” Alfie called back to her handing me a list of songs.
“I feel short” Alexi sighed standing next to me he was the same height as me now.
“Alexi go tell everyone to get ready” Elena pushed him out of the doors. “Thank you for doing this” she smiled at the four of us and wlaked out to join everyone else. Pete handed me $500
“What’s that for?”
“We thought they said they were paying us” Alfie poijted at the four of us ‘$500”
“Well it was $500 each” Kerion smiled
“That’s mad they haven’t heard us” I choked
“Well we’d better be worth it then hadn’t we”…………………………

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