It's in the Accent (Chris's Story 1)

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Chapter 35 (v.1) - A chance in a lifetime

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Submitted: August 05, 2010



………….. I linked Alfies arm as we hurried up to the front door of Dimitri’s house the usual Florida afternoon storm ht as we arrived Dimitri was at football practice like Kerion and Pete were at band Alfie and I had made out excuses to get out of the commitments we had. I rang the bell as Alfiwe fidgeted.
“Will you stop it looks like you need to pee” I muttered elbowing him in the side
“I’m sorry I’m nervous I watched a movie last night about the Russian mafia and the woman in it was like Elena” he maoned as we heard footsteps coming toward the door
“You have to be kidding me” I Gibbs slapped him
“What she was scary in a I’ll cut off each finger and make you eat them sort of way”
“Really” I pulled a face as Elena opened the door
“Come in, come in out of the storm” I grabbed Alfies jacket and pulled him inside we both took off our shoes and followed Elena to the kitchen where two guys were sitting with coffees in front of them. “Would you both like a drink?” Elena smiled warmly
“No we’re fine” I nodded
“Where are the other two boys”
“They had to go to band” Alfie sighed “we should be there as well but…”
“Cutting school” one of the guys laughed.
“Not really” I looked at him “the Boss will be pissy we weren’t there because of the play but I told him we had an appointment”
“Simon, Lukas this is Alfie and Christine” Elena beamed as she introduced us “Two of the band I was telling you about”
“So we’ve heard nothing but your names since last night and believe me when this woman gets something in her head we all take note” Lukas laughed.
“I know what makes sense and what makes business sense” Elena pointed out “or I wouldn’t do what I do and get the accounts I have” she smirked with pride.
“Okay lets get down to it” Simon leant forward on the counter and looked at em and Alfie “do you have a guitar with you?”
“No” Alfie shrugged “We came in Chris’s car” Simon got up and walked out of the kitchen
“If you don’t mind me asking what are we here for”.
“We want to see if you are as good as Elena reckons you are” Lukas leant back in the seat “and then if we think it’s worth it we can push to get you gigs round the city and maybe the state. I heard Alfie gasp
“Wow… that was unexpected” I chuckled nervously. Simon walked back in with a guitar and handed it to Alfie.
“Be careful with her it’s a collectors piece” he smiled “Okay do what you do” he sat back down Elena standing behind them. I looked at Alfie.
“We tend to do a lot of Nickelback because she loves them” he laughed
“I’ll tell you what” Lukas looked at both of us “do one rock it out sing and one more mellow”
“Fine by me” I nodded
“Just to get high” Alfie suggested.
“Sure” he started to play and I started to sing I felt more self conscious singing for three people than I’d ever felt before I didn’t hear the door open or that Dimitri and Niko were stood listening. The song ended and Simon looked at Lukas who was staring intently at us.
“I think you should do the one you sang the other night” Elena pushed “the one about the glitter” Alfie started to play glitter in the air for me as I sang it better than I think I’d ever done. “So didn’t I tell you they were amazing”
“Yes you did” Lukas took a deep breath “Can you guys give us a few minutes”
“Sure. Sweet guitar by the way” Alfie handed it back to Simon
“for $10,000 it should be” I laughed as the color drained from his face I turned round and was greeted by a smiling Dimitri we all went int ot he den.
“Do you guys know who they are?” Niko asked. Alfie and I shook our heads As Dimitri pulled me to sit on his Lap.
“Two of the biggest promoters in Florida” Niko paced in front of the fireplace. “If Mom called them in then she thinks you guys are beyond good”
“This is ridiculous” I shook my head “we’re high school kids”
“With talent and I’m not just saying it because I’m kind hooked on you” Dimitri laughed.
“Why would she…” Alfie spluttered
“She never takes of the business head she’s one tough lady and when she finds something she likes she goes after it” Dimitri wrapped his arms round my waist. Elena and Simon walked into the den.
“How you guys doing?”
“Were good” I said nudging Alfie that looked like he wanted to throw up.
“Right Friday night what are you doing?”
“Just going to the football game” I shrugged.
“We want you and all of the band to be at this address by 9pm ready to on stage” he handed me a piece of paper I looked at the address and it meant nothing to me I handed it to Alfie who almost hyperventilated on the spot.
“We’ll be there” I nodded getting up from Dimitri’s lap and shaking his hand “thank you”
“This could be huge for you or you could bomb” Simon said bluntly “but enjoy yourselves and we’ll see you on Friday… oh and the high school look doesn’t really go with your sound”
“Don’t worry she looks nothing like this when she’s on stage” Niko laughed.
“I’ll se you out Simon” Elena walked away with him
“OMG, OMG, OMG” Alfie got up and swung me round “it’s only one of the biggest venues in town look at the address again” I looked at it and shrugged. “Jeez girl you’re going there on Saturday to a gig”
“You’re kidding” Dimitri took the paper from me and smiled.
“He’s not kidding… but I don’t understand because there’s nothing there Friday night we checked to see if Nickelback were going to be there for more than Saturday and Sunday and there wasn’t anything”
“This is wow” I sat on the couch “if nothing happens then I don’t care we’ll have been on a huge stage even if it’s only in front of 3 people” I laughed. “Oh I’m going to have to wear the boots aren’t I”
“Hell yeah” Dimitri, Niko and Alfie laughed together……………………………….

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