It's in the accent (Chris #1)

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Chapter 36 (v.1) - A few words I don't understand

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Submitted: August 05, 2010



.................... The next couple of days were insane My Mom wasn’t coming home for another 3 weeks which was no huge surprise. Dad had managed to get dispensation to be late to work on Saturday because he was determined he was going to be there for me on Friday night. I’m sure my Aunt had something to do about it. The talk round school flitted between the upcoming game and the fact four band and theatre kids were playing at one of the biggest places in the city and none of us still knew why.
“Hey you?” I jumped and looked up from my book as Dimitri walked toward me.
“Hi” I kissed him
“Okay you look stressed” he pulled me against the lockers.
“I just had to deal with Abby and Reba in class” I sighed. “Reba won’t let it drop that I stole you away from her sister”
“Has Abby said anything?”
“No but she left the class crying” I put my head against the cold metal. “I got a letter this morning from Arron and then to top it off I got ticketed for speeding because I was late for school”
“He sent you a letter how the hell did he get your address?” Dimitri put his hands on each side of my head.
“I have no idea but a lot of people had it back home… don’t worry I didn’t even open it I sent it back” I rubbed my neck “I’m stressing out about Friday night” Dimitri wrapped his arms round me and hugged me tight.
“Okay what time are you done with practice” he said stroking the back of my neck.
“Around five Pete has to work and I have to sort Jess out”
“Okay I don’t have practice just a meeting. So how about if I go pick up Jess from Xanders and we go to the movies”
“We have to be at the airport for nine Kyle and Emma are coming in”
“Alright… how about I pick Jess up and we got swimming at your house and then we can leave for the airport from there” his hands slid to my butt and held me against him.
“Deal” he kissed the tip of my nose.
“I have a couple of gifts for you”
“Why? You got me my new phone for my birthday” I protested as he put his arm round my shoulder and we headed for the band room
“That was a gift from me and Niko when we were just friends now you’re my girlfriend I get to spoil you a little more” he chuckled “and anyway  they aren’t gifts for your birthday they’re good luck gifts for Friday, considering our game finishes at 8 and we somehow have to shower change and haul ass across town to get to see you and the guys”
“You don’t have to” I sighed.
“Well think again because all of the football team are going to be there and I think from the census Jackson and Xander were taking so is ninety percent of the school” He moved my hair and kissed my neck “you doing our song?”
“Our song?”
“Yeah the one by Pink” he nuzzled my ear making my knees wobble “It’s okay I call it our song right… I mean after” I kissed him to shut him up.
“I’ll check with the guys but yes I think we are”
“Good… I’ll see you at your house” he kissed me again and ran down the hall I think I was finally happy with him knowing everything I could relax when I was round him………………………
…………….. I came from my bedroom showered and ready to go to the airport Dad was talking to Dimitri as he was eating his Dinner I’d kept warm as he’d only just got home Jess was tucked up in her bed sound asleep as Dimitri had worn her pout swimming and playing with her.
“Okay I’m ready” I was wearing my Wausau East t-shirt and a demin skirt.
“Oh really Dimitri pulled a face.
“Dude you haven’t even been there and it was my haven for 3 years” I swatted him.
“I’ll let it slide as long as you don’t wear it to school” he smiled
“I won’t… Dad I made up the bed in the guest room”
“I’m still not oto sure about this…?”
“Dad really they got to the cabin every weekend you really think they sleep in separate rooms?” I pulled a face. Dad groaned and shook his head
“I’m not sure your Mom” I looked at him again. “Okay fine” he held up his hands just don’t you think you get the same privilege” he shot a look at Dimitri.
“I don’t” I kissed his cheek “Go to bed you look exhausted” I grabbed my phone and my purse as Dimitri opened the front door. we walked over to his truck. “So I think we just got told no sharing a bed” I teased.
“Yeah not the type of thing I wanted to think of with your dad in the room” he laughed “oh here” he handed me a gift bag I pulled out a tank top and held it up and started to laugh.
“Russian boys Rock” I looked at him
“Yeah well we do” he cranked up his accent and winked at me “there’s another one” I pulled out another.
“It’s in the accent… and Russian is hot” I started to laugh.
“Oh gee thanks such a confidence boost” he nudged my leg.
“I’m sorry but who have you been talking to?” I turned in the seat and looked at him
“Er… Well… Miranda did mention something about a conversation you guys had yesterday at lunch” he fidgeted in his seat. “I didn’t realize I still had that much of an accent”
“You don’t… till you get really annoyed or excited” I smiled “and it it really really hot” I leant across to him and caught the bottom of his ear in my teeth and tugged making him swerve a little on the street.
“You can’t do that” he choked “not when I’m driving”
“I’m sorry” I sat back smiling to myself as we pulled into the multi level parking lot at the airport. He turned off the engine and looked at me as I pulled off my red East t-shirt.
“Damn…” he whistled “page ten” I pulled on the tank that said about accents and looked at him
“Page ten of what”
“The Victoria’s secret catalogue” he smiled.
“Only place to shop” I laughed “my Mom actually gave me a store card for there for my 15th birthday”
“I love you Mom” he moaned
“Yeah well you haven’t met her yet” I sighed getting out of the truck he walked round to me.
“I know” he rubbed his nose against mine. “How does this sound” he moved his mouth till it brushed my ear “? ???? ?????”  his warm breath made me shudder combined with whatever the hell he just said in Russian I held on to the belt loops on his jeans as he repeated himself.
“What… what does it mean?” I managed to form the words quietly
“I’ll tell you later” he kissed me and took my hand locking his truck and pulling me toward the entrance for the domestic flight arrivals…………

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