It's in the Accent (Chris's Story 1)

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Chapter 37 (v.1) - Wisconsin's invading

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Submitted: August 05, 2010



…………………. We walked over to the bank of screens with the flight information on.
“They’ve landed just” I pointed to the screen
“Come on then” he pulled me down the hallway to the gate as the planed was pulling up to the jet way he stood behind me his arms wrapped round my neck “? ???? ?????”
“Hey no fair… now you know it does things to me” I groaned “and what does it mean”
“Ahhh… you’ll just have to wait won’t you” he chuckled as the door opened and people started to walk off of the plane. I spotted Kyle before I spotted Emma as he was wearing a cheese head. “Oh I take it that’s Kyle” Dimitri laughed
“Hmmm… dork” I laughed
“Oh by the way… ? ????, ????? ??” I turned and looked at him
“What?” he winked
“You have to tell me what they mean” I begged
“And I will… just not now” I kissed my neck
“So unfair” I pouted
“Heads up cheese head” Kyle called across making people look round. Dimitri let go of me as Kyle came over and picked me up hugging me like he was crushing the life from me. “Two weeks and look at the tan” he kissed my head. He put me down and looked at my shirt. “Russian has the sun got too much for you” I swatted him as Emma came over.
“Move out of the way jack ass” she giggled slapping his butt and wrapping me in a hug “I missed you”
“I missed you too” I grinned. “Love the dark hair”
“Yeah well I’m in mourning for you leaving” she giggled, “Oh heeeellllloooo” she caught sight of Dimitri standing with his hands in his pockets watching us with a smile on his face. I looked round and laughed
“Emma Kyle this is Dimitri, Dimitri this is cheese head and cheese poof”
“Oh kindergarten names” Emma pulled a face “you’re the dude in the pool”
“That would be me” Dimitri nodded reaching for my hand.
“Finally it’s bugged the crap out of me since we spoke” she beamed. “Okay on the phone he sounded cute in the flesh damn girl he’s hot” she whispered. I groaned and shook my head
“So you must be the Russian?” Kyle held his hand out to Dimitri
“What gives it away?” Dimitri Chuckled
“Well the name I think” Kyle laughed.
“Come on let’s get going rather than stand in the arrival hall all night” I linked Emma’s arm.
“Okay you moved up guy wise” Emma murmured to me “he makes Arron look like a farm boy”
“He is a farm boy” I looked at her “and we don’t go there remember”
“He and Brittany broke up she’s dating a new guy that started school”
“So he’s all alone?” I smiled
“He right now can’t get a date for homecoming” she shrugged “People don’t like what he did across you and his I’m better than you attitude is getting worse”
“Dimitri is ready to kick his ass” I sighed “that’s why I have a new phone… It was a gift from Niko and Dimitri”
“Whoa, Niko?”
“Nikolai… Dimitri’s brother” I laughed
“Is he as hot as him?”
“No I’m the hotter twin” Dimitri put his head in between me and Emma. “Kyle just said you guys haven’t eaten dinner so you want to call Xander and some of the others while I call the guys and we can meet up”
“Sure… you up for meeting a few crazy people?” I nudged Emma.
“I already know Xander and he’s not that bad” she laughed
“Yeah well you’re on his ground now” I opened the door to the truck………………
……………… We pulled up at the pizza place the parking lot full of cars I recognized now as the guys from school. Dimitri took my hand.
“Oh it smells good already” Kyle sighed sniffing the air.
“Best pizza in town” Dimitri nodded opening the door and getting shouted at from inside. “Behave we have guests” he yelled back.
“Hey Wisconsin… where’s the boots?” Jackson yelled.
“I left them at home” Kyle shouted back making everyone laugh.
“Damn we’re being invaded” Niko smiled. Xander got up and hugged Emma and shook Kyle’s hand.
“Its okay he had to leave his hunting stuff at home” Emma said looking round at the number of guys and that fact there was only Heidi and Miranda.
“Okay… Emma, Kyle this is the madness I’ve moved into” Xander took Kyle and started to introduce him to the guys.
“Hey Niko” Dimitri waved Niko over. He pulled him to the side and the Russian started to flow but this time I picked up on some of the words he’d said to me...
“Beats the Wisconsin accent any day and is that his brother?” Emma giggled in my ear “Damn if I hadn’t got that hot piece of ass… I’d be going for that one”
“Oh Jeez Em” I groaned. Dimitri ad Niko walked over to us.
“So you’re a Cheese head like her are you” Niko put his arm round my shoulder “are they all as cute as you” h turned on his accent like Dimitri did making Emma giggle.
“Nikolai knock it off” I swatted him “Kyle will pummel you in to the ground if you hit on Emma”
‘I was being friendly” Niko shrugged. “I’m Niko by the way” he held out his hand to Emma.
“Emma” she smiled as Kyle walked over.
“Okay so why didn’t you tell us?” he tapped my shoulder
“Tell you what?”
“The gig you’ve got”
“You’ve what?” Emma tipped her head and looked at me
“When I got here I was introduced to some people that rock… and well to cut a long story short, this amazing Russian woman I know got us a chance to peform at the same place where we’re going to the Nickelback gig” Emma’s eyes got wide.
“See how long have we been telling you you need to get in touch with someone that could help you” Kyle high fived me “do we get to come see you”
“We’re all going” Dimitri nodded “as in most of the school”
“Christine Sommers takes Tampa by storm” Emma laughed “Don’t forget your friends when you become famous”………………….

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