It's in the accent (Chris #1)

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Chapter 39 (v.1) - Lies

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Submitted: August 06, 2010



……………… I spent the day with Emma and Kyle showing them around while the others were all in school, but I was taking them in with me after lunch as Mr. Sorenson was helping us practice for the show later. Emma and I were in the bathroom while Kyle was waiting in the hallway.
“Chris stop chewing your lip” Emma said nudging me “Are you really that nervous”
“Nervous I wanted to throw up as soon as I got up this morning” I groaned
“You’re not pregnant are you?”
“Okay to be pregnant you need to have sex” I swatted her
“You and Dimitri, come on he looks at you like you’re dessert” I blushed if he could have ripped off your clothes and threw you on the table at dinner last night he would have”
“Will you stop” I hung my head.
“Can I ask you something?” Emma’s face became serious.
“Sure” I nodded
“Did you really have an abortion?” it felt like all the air had been sucked out of the room “Arron’s been telling everyone the reason he cheated on you was because you got rid of his baby… I didn’t want to say anything in front of Dimitri” she fidgeted “I mean Chris we love you no matter what” I looked down and shook my head.
“He’s a son of a bitch” I walked out of the bathroom as Abby and Reba had cornered Kyle. “Move now” I snarled din Reba’s ear.
“Screw you” she looked down her nose at me
“Kyle can I use your phone” I ignored Reba and pushed her out of the way.
“Sure” he handed it to me “Chris what’s going on?” he looked worried as Emma came up behind me.
“Some piece of crap is going to be yelled at” I snapped I turned round and bumped into Reba “Get out of my damn way before you go through the wall face first” all I could see was red right now and no one had better get in my way. Reba hesitated for a minute before thinking better of it and backing away. I hurried down the hall to the nearest exit running by Miranda and Alfie going to the band room
“Hey, where you going?” Alfie shouted after me
“5 minutes” I yelled back as I disappeared outside I scrolled through the numbers till I found Arron and hit dial.
Arron * what Kyle?
Me * you god damn son of a bitch… how dare you blame me
Arron * Chris… what the hell are you screaming about?
Me * telling everyone I had an abortion… are you fricking kidding me.
Arron * what the hell do you expect
Me * you to keep you damn mouth closed you idiot.
Arron * I’m getting shit because people were on your side you’re not here now so I can say what I want.
Me * you’re a lying piece of crap… why don’t you man up and tell them the truth if you want to tell them anything at all… tell them you beat me, raped me and punched me hard enough in the stomach that I miscarried.
Arron * you dare breath a word to anyone and I’ll kick the crap out of you
Me * you don’t scare me anymore and people know what you did to me… you’d better stop talking to people or I’ll be filing charges against you
Arron * too late to do that
Me * really with the medical evidence they have its won’t be that hard… be warned
I hung up and dropped to my knees sobbing holding myself tight.
“You know I’m no good with emotion” I heard Niko’s voice and froze as I was pulled to my feet wrapped in his arms I didn’t open my eyes. I heard him press buttons on his phone
“Yeah D you need to get round to the far side of school I think Chris needs you” he hung up and hugged me tighter “I got most of the conversation if you’re wondering Alfie said you looked pissed so I came to find you” he stroked my hair “Did he really…?”
“Niko I don’t lie” I sniffed
“No wonder D was beyond angry when he’d spoken to him” I heard the sound so running nore than one set of feet.
“What’s going one” Xander’s voice was the first I heard.
“Chris just got into it with her ex” Niko sighed
“He called you?” Dimitri snapped pulling me away from Nikolai
“I called him” I buried my head against his chest.
“Guys can you give us a 5 minutes”
“But…”Xander started
“Please” Dimitri begged I looked up as they walked away. Dimitri looked at me and held my face in his hands. “Why did you call him?” he looked hurt.
“I just got asked by Emma if it was true and I’d had an abortion” I sobbed “He’s telling everyone that’s what happened”
“Oh Baby” he pulled me back into him and held me tight
“I didn’t I swear I didn’t” I cried.
“I know I believe you” he kissed my hair “Chris it’s okay” he rocked me in his arms. I don’t know how long we were there but the sound of a cough made us look round.
“Guys The boss is looking for Chris” It was Kerion looking at us.
‘I’m coming” I sniffed pulling away from Dimitri” Kerion walked backi inside.
“Chris… forget that jerk okay you have the chance of a lifetime tonight don’t let him screw it for you” his kissed me deeply “?? ??? ???? ???” I smiled at him
One day you’ll tell me what you’re saying and I hope it’s not a grocery list”
“It’s not baby believe me… I’ll walk you to the band room”…………………………

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