It's in the accent (Chris #1)

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Chapter 45 (v.1) - It has to be a dream

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Submitted: August 09, 2010



................... “Happy birthday by the way” Dimitri murmured as he handed me my boots
“Thank you” he kissed me
“I have a little something for you” I looked at him as we walked up to the house.
“Now I talk from firsthand experience it’s not a little something” I paused for a moment and then groaned as I started to laugh.
“One hot night and you’re…”
“In love with a hot Russian” I put my hand on the door handle
“Love you too” he chuckled as we walked into the kitchen
“Happy Birthday” was yelled at me
“Thank you” I smiled as Elena handed me a coffee
“How come you guys are all here?” I sat down as Dimitri rubbed my shoulders
“Business meeting” Elena smiled putting plates of eggs and waffles down in front of all the guys. “eat you need the strength” she nudged Dimitri, he looked at here “???? ?????????? ??????? ???????”
“Mama really” He turned beet red as Niko snorted Orange juice down his nose.
“Mama Leave the guy alone” Niko laughed wiping his face
“I was just saying” I looked at Alfie who just shrugged as the door bell rang Elena walked out of the kitchen coming back in with Dad in tow.
“Happy birthday honey” he kissed my cheek
“Dad” I pulled a face
“Don’t worry all of our parents are coming” Pete nudged me his mouth full of waffle. Within 30 minutes all of our parents were there apart from my Mother. Lukas and Simon walked in with a guy I’d seen walking round the arena yesterday.
“Okay let’s take this into the dining room” Elena said her demeanor becoming totally business. We followed her she directed the four of us. Alfie, Me, Pete and Kerion to the one end of the table out parents sat on one side with Lukas and the others next to Elena.
“So you were all there last night to see this kids do something that not many people do” Lukas started looking round “and to impress one of the biggest bands in the world to the level that these guys did it means they are something very special”
“We’re all very proud of them” Alfie’s Mom smiled looking at all of us “Christine coming to the school 3 weeks ago has certainly made a huge inpact”
“3 weeks you guys have only been playing together for three weeks” the new guy shook his head
“Yes Sir” I nodded I moved from Wisconsin 3 weeks ago he pulled out a phone and left the room coming back a couple of minuites later.
“Chad is even more impressed now” he sat down “By the way I’m William Jones I’m the tour manager for Nickelback” We all smiled at him nervously “We have a proposition for all of you”
“Well we have songs written by the band that they haven’t used he pulled out a stack of papers and put them down for a price they are yours” William looked at all of us
“We’d love to but we can’t afford something like that” I sighed
“Let me finish” he leant on the table and handed some more papers to Elena “The band are willing to give them to you ofr 10% royalties form sales and you have 3 weeks to get them down and up to the standard that you have on the songs you already know”
“So what does that mean” Pete’s Dad said shaking his head
“These guys have three weeks to pull the songs together we have them on a C.D. he scooted it across the table Alfie stopped it “Then they will all be flown out to Europe to support Nickelback for a month” It felt like all the oxygen had been sucked out of the room “We know they are all seniors in high school so they will have 4 hours of tutoring per day while they are gone and as they are all now 18 they don’t need a chaperone apart from Elena” he smiled “they will be signed to the record label and given every opportunity to make it in this business talent like theirs doesn’t come along too often… we want to be the ones to make it happen. Nickelback have already said they’re going to be big brothers for these guys”. I don’t think I took in anything of what he was saying I still swear I was going to be woken up from this crazy dream at any minute…………….

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