It's in the accent (Chris #1)

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Chapter 51 (v.1) - Facing Mama

Submitted: August 11, 2010

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Submitted: August 11, 2010



.................... I walked out of the house into the early morning heat haze The two shirts Dimitri had brought for me folded and inmy hand I slide into the drivers seat and started the engine I groaned as the music was turned low I turned it up and headed first to Dimitri’s and then to the address William had given us the day before. I was hoping it was way to early for anyone to be awake as I pulled intot he drive way Alexi was watering the flowers.
“Christine… early for you isn’t it?”
“Yes sir. I smiled getting out of the car and walking over to him
“Dimi’s in the pool if you want to go round to see him”
“No…” damn that came out a little too quickly and sharply “I have to be somewhere in 20 minutes… can you just give him these for me” I handed him the shirts.
“Sure but you can spare two minutes for a coffee”
“I’m sorry I can’t and your son is the last person I want to see right now” I turned and walked back to my car, hearing the front door open.
“Chris” I froze with the door open at the sound of Dimitri’s voice. “Wait” there was a stream of Russian between him and his Dad I turned round as he came over the water beading in his chest from the pool as it dripped off his hair.
“What?” I was impressed with myself for being able to sound so damn pissed while I couldn’t help feel a little weak at the sight of him “You want to rub some more salt in the wound” okay the anger was now beginning to overtake the desire. He looked down it looked like he hadn’t slept all night “Or do you just want to tell me how much better Reba is than me” I folded my arms across my chest.
“I wanted to make sure you were okay”
“Are you kidding me I’m on top of the damn world” I hissed “The guy I was head over heels in love with tore out my heart and threw it on the ground but I’ll get over it so all in all I’m doing good”
“Okay quit with the sarcasm” he snapped.
“Give me one damn good reason and I don’t answer to you” I got in the car and slammed the door closed he reached in the window and put his hands over mine to stop me turning the key “Get your damn hands off of me” I growled
“I swear I didn’t tell her anything Chris… I might be the biggest piece of crap on the planet right now but I swear to god on Niko’s life I didn’t tell her anything”
“Move your hand off me and get the hell away from my car” I glared at him “And crap doesn’t beginning to cover what I think of you right now” he stepped back and hung his head as I left black tracks on the driveway……………..
…………… I knocked on the door of the address I’d been given it was almost 8.30 now I was late not the best first impression to make. The door opened and Alfie grinned back at me.
“Did you get lost?”
“Something like that” I sighed hugging him “where is everyone?”
“this way” he lead me down a hall the sounds of music filtered down and then laughter. As he pushed open a door.
‘You made it” William looked up from where he was sitting on a huge black couch.
“Long story but I just gfot my second speeding ticket in as many weeks” I put my purse down.
“Did you get any sleep?” Kerion asked looking at me
“Nope not really?”
“Tiredness will show in your voice” Lukas maoned
“Yeah well I think I’ll sleep a whole lot better after a day of singing” I ran my hand through my hair.
‘Okay so we really need to start on the songs oyu guys will be doing?’ William started to go through the songs getting the guysto play parts and letting me go with it. By the time it was lunch we’d got one of the songs done and ready to go. William went out and picked us all up some Mexican food from a place down the street.
“I tried to call you this morning” Pete said nudging me
“I don’t have a phone anymore” I sighed tipping back my head and letting the sun warm my face
“I thought Niko and Dimitri got you a new one?” Alfie asked
“They did but I gave it back” I brought my head back down “I’m not with him anymore”
“You’re kidding?” Pete choked on hs soda
“Nope, I asked if we could leave sooner”
“I know and Green Bay isn’t that where you’re from?” Alfie grinned.
“Close” I nodded “I’m 75 west of there”
‘So you’re going to show us the cheese State” William chuckled.
“It’s the Dairy state” I corrected “And I think after living here these guys would think it was a little dull” I pointed Kerrion and the other.
“What’s dull?” Elena’s voice made me feel sick, I was dreading having to face her.
“Wisconsin” I said weakly.
“Nonsense it gave you to us” she smiled “I’m sorry I’m later a few troubles at home… you know how boys fight”
“Well you’re boys have Tempers” Lukas said finishing off his food.
“True” she never took her eyes off me. “So how are things going?” She walked inside with William and Lukas.
“Okay you need to spill” Alfie hissed “If you’ve split with Dimitri how come he and Niko are fighting” I got up with my rubbish.
“If you want to know call them” I shrugged………………….

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