It's in the Accent (Chris's Story 1)

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Chapter 52 (v.1) - One dumb Jock is like another

Submitted: August 11, 2010

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Submitted: August 11, 2010



…………. I got home a little before midnight there was a box on the front step with my name on it in Dimitri’s handwriting. I opened the door and went through the darkened house to my room I could hear the muted snore of my Dad sleeping and the taping on keys as mom wrote another chapter of a book. I put my head round Jess’s door she was sound asleep hugging one of my old teddies she’d latched on to from being little. I closed the door and went and sat on my bed and opened the box and took out the phone and a note.
This was a gift from me and Niko, and you need a phone you can’t go back to using the same one as before not with the way Arron was bugging you.
The necklace… okay that was from me and I think now more than ever you’ll need that guardian angel to watch over you while you’re away, please keep it
Love you
“You have to be kidding” I muttered “One breath you love me the next it’s screw you” I looked in the bottom of the box the necklace was in there. I pushed the phone back inside and walked over to my dresser and picked up the pad of paper and a pen
Do you actually have a clue right now?
You bitch at me one minute and then sign the Note love… are you for real… You lied to me to get between my legs… You tell me to my face that you never loved me and still you think I want anything from you… Oh wait a minute what’s that pain in my side… oh they just split from laughing at the sheer dumbassedness and yes it’s a word a WISCONSIN word.
I’ll be out of you way by Friday and back to Wisconsin so have fun with Abby and Reba… see if they’ll both take you to bed and we all thought Niko was the man whore
I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as I pushed the note into an envelope and taped it to t he lid of the box. I looked at the clock it was already 12.45am and I had to be in school by 7.30. I didn’t bother getting ready for bed I just pulled the cover over me as exhaustion pulled me down rather than sleep………………………………
…………………. Miranda and Xander we both waiting by my locker.
“Your phones off” Xander snapped pulling me into a bear hug “We were worried”
“I’m fine and I’ll get my new number to you later today” I pulled open my locker door “Dad’s picking me one up” I dumped my things in it and took my books and the box Dimitri had left.
“I have some things I made for you” Miranda smiled “for you to take with you”
“You rock girl” I hugged her stopping and grabbing Xander’s hand and pushing the scrapes on them
“Jeez Chris” he moaned
‘What did you do?”
“I took a swing at him” he shrugged.
“I saw the state you were in on Saturday night Chris he screwed you over and friend or not blood thicker than water” he gritted his teeth.
“And I leave on Friday you have to stay here you should have let it go” I pleaded
“Friday I thought it was three weeks time” Miranda stuttered
“It was but the least amount of time I have to be here the better” the bell rang “Look I’ll catch you at lunch” I walked away from the two of them I had English with Niko and Dimitri and Abby right now and I wasn’t going to show how much I was hurting.
 I pushed open the classroom door Niko was sitting on the table where I normally sat Dimitri was talking to one of the other guys from the football team. I felt his eyes on me the moment I started across the classroom. And put my books down next to Niko making him Jump.
“I didn’t know if you’d show up” he smiled
“I wasn’t going to at one point but I only have to make it till Thursday we leave on the 8am flight on Friday” I walked away from him to where Dimitri was watching me.
“I think the mail man left this at the wrong house” I put the box down He looked at the box and then back at me there was a cut below his left eye and a split on his lip I wanted to touch it but pushed my hands into my pockets instead..
“But nothing” I turned away and sat down. “Did you do that to him or was it Xander?” I whispered as Niko sat next to me and the teacher walked in
“The lip was me the eye thing was Xander and I swear if Jackson hadn’t held back Miranda she would have made him a soprano” both of us laughed. “You okay?
“I will be come Friday… back where I belong”
“With the rest of the cheese people” he teased
“Yeah they’re not as hot headed and dumb ass Russians”
“Hey I take offence to that” he put his hand on his heart.
“No… you’re right I’m sorry” I sighed picking up Macbeth and opening it “A dumb jock is a dumb jock where ever they’re from” I glanced over at Dimitri who had the note in one hand and his head in his other, I turned back to my book and tried to get my head round it………………….

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