It's in the Accent (Chris's Story 1)

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Chapter 54 (v.1) - Alfie's a star

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Submitted: August 12, 2010



……………….. Saying goodbye to Jess was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, I’d been and brought her a cell phone so that she could call me whenever she needed to, and a bracelet to match the slightly bigger one I had with our initials.


I pulled up at home and stepped out of the car And walked inside holding Jess’s hand Mom and Dad we’re in the living room talking with Alfie’s parents and Alfie.
“We’re home” I called out
“How was dinner?” Dad smiled picking Jess up and hugging her
“I cried a lot and made Chris cry” she sniffed “But look what I got from her” she held out her arm showing her bracelet and then waved the cell phone at him. “I can call here every day”
“See so it won’t be so bad will it” he laughed I looked at Alfie.
“You’re a star you know this?”
“Yep… and just so you know I have this fear of flying” he chuckled “Oh and Heidi said when we play in Belgium you have to send her a huge selection of chocolate you owe her”
“Deal” I smiled,
“You can use my car and leave it at Grandma’s” Mom butted in
“What?” I almost choked “You’re actually letting someone touch your escalade?”
“It doesn’t get enough use and I can use your car and maybe trade it in for something better for you to try to make up some of the…” she trailed off realizing she was airing our dirty laundry in front of total strangers to her.
“Nice… thanks” I grinned at Dad who was trying not to laugh.
“We’ll go load it up for you” he put Jess down he and Alfie’s dad walked to muy room to collect the bags as Alfie’s Mom hugged me to her.
“You have the time of your life and take in every minute of it” she grinned
“We will” I nodded hugging her back as Mom stood awkwardly watching my nitration with my friends Mom. I turned to Jess and p[icked her up.
“Call me as soon as you get up in the morning okay” she nodded her bottom lip trembling. “Don’t cry okay think of all the times we can talk when I’m in different countries and you get to tell your friends you talked to your sister in England or Spain or France”
“It will be cool” she sniffed “I love you Chris” she wrapped her arms round me in a huge hug.
“I love you too Jess” We all walked out to the car Mom handed me the keys.
“Call us” she sighed.
“I will” I opened the door and climbed in Alfie getting in the passenger side. I pulled out of the driveway and headed north.
“So you want to tell me why we’re road tripping it to Wisconsin?”
“You don’t like flying”
“Okay you just found that out” he laughed. “have you told anyone we’re doing this?”
“No… I left a message for Xander and Jackson and I think Mirnad will probably realize after the conversation I had with her” I settled back in the seat as we pulled on to the interstate.
“So it has to do with Dimitri then”
“Am I that easy to read?”
“When it’s top do with him hell yeah” he nodded
“He’s busted his hand”
“I don’t know but it had something to do with me not talking to him or listening to him”
“So come on why did you guys break up?”
“He told me he didn’t love me and that he didn’t like feeling taking second place to me with everything that’s happened”
“Wow shallow” Alfie sighed.
“The worst thing is I told him things that no one else knows my family friends back home no one” I ran my hand through my hair “And then some of the things I told him came out of Reba’s mouth” Alfie got wide eyed “I trusted him because I fell for him like some stupid love sick kid and I got burnt”
“SO seeing him today in school was the trigger for us leaving tonight?” I nodded
“Partly… in fact yes” I groaned. “I needed to get away”
“Does Elena know?”
“I asked her to call me as soon as she got the message but I did call William and we have to be in Green Bay first thing Saturday Morning”
“So where are we spending Friday?”
“My home town” I smiled.
“Oh I’m being taken to dairyland” he teased.
“Okay you’re in trouble now” I laughed………………….
……………… We pulled off the interstate late afternoon on the Friday as my phone rang.
Me * hello
Elena * I just got your message… is everything okay.
Me * I was just checking in we’re in Wausau
Elena * Dimitri wants to talk to you
Me * Elena I’m sorry right now I can’t I’m hurt by what he did.
Elena * I know he was wrong
Me * look I have to go we’ve just got to the restaurant. When is it you join us?
Elena * not till you get to Manchester
Me * okay have a safe flight
Elena * any message for Dimitri
Me * no
I hung up and looked at Alfie
“Come on lets go see these hick friends of yours’” he chuckled.
“Okay keep it up and we’ll need a new bass player because you’ll be in the middle of a corn field” I laughed as we walked into the restaurant and got mobbed by friends.
We all sat talking and catching up. They took to Alfie like they’d known him for all his life. Emma was sitting next to me laughing about when they were in Florida, I got up and walked to the bathroom.
“I knew you couldn’t stay away from me” hands slid round me waist slamming me hard against a solid body………………………………………………..

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