It's in the accent (Chris #1)

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Chapter 55 (v.1) - I'll be fine... I have to be

Submitted: August 12, 2010

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Submitted: August 12, 2010



…………… The feeling of his lips on my neck sent me ridged, my heart was in my mouth. I was turned round and pressed against the wall Arron’s mouth consuming mine. I put my hands flat on his chest and tried to push him away from me he caught my neck with his free hand stopping me.
“Now that’s not nice” he chuckled his eyes burning into me “I think we need to talk a walk” he held my arm to the point tears sprang to my eyes as he dragged me away from the safety of the others who were sitting hooting with laughter. The cool Fall air hit me I was used to it being eighty degrees not fifty I shivered a little he pulled me to the back of the lot where his beat up old pick up was and pulled down the tail gate and histed me in to the bed of it.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I snapped trying to control how much fear was in my voice.
“Getting re acquainted with my soon to be famous girlfriend” He hoped in to the back and caught me round the waist as I tried to get out over the side “I missed you”
“You mean you missed your punch bag” I snapped punching him as hard as I could and hurting my hand more than him making him laugh.
“I worked damn hard on the farm this summer” he flexed his arm round me the muscle in him now was huge. “Now Kyle has QB competition with the distance I can throw. He teeth grazed my neck I balled my fist and punched his jaw, his hand moved fast and slapped my face so hard I’m sure my brain rattled, he held my throat again making me choke “No what was it that you said about me not being good in bed” His hand was under my skirt as I kicked at him he moved and pinned it under his leg. “You always did like it a little rough didn’t you?” he smiled still holding my throat The sound of his zipper on his jeans made me struggle harder. “Oh come on baby I want to be able to tell everyone I screwed a rock star”
Everything I did was useless against the sheer size and weight of Arron, I gave up fighting against him I was damned if I’d stayed in Florida and damned for coming here. How could half of my life be so good when the other half was so, so bad. The grip on my throat was lessend as Arron grunted and rolled off of me.
“Damn I’ve dreamt of having you again” he murmured.
“You’re a sick son of a bitch” I coughed as the air raced back into my lungs “You’re a rapist and a murderer” I looked at the torn underwear that lay to the side.
“Oh whatever you wanted me as much as I wanted you I could tell” he laughed “and as for that kid I did both of us a huge favor” he lit a cigarette and blew smoke rings at me.
“I hate you” my hand closed on the handle of the baseball bat in the bed of the truck I swung it in the limited space and connected with his head his eyes rolled back into his head for a split second giving e enough time to scrabble out of his truck and get across the parking lot skidding to a halt at Mom’s truck I got in and locked the doors and hid behind the seats peering over the bottom of the somkey window to see Arron staggering around in a daze. I pulled my phone from my pocket.
Alfie * Chris please tell me you’re not locked in the bathroom
I could hear laughing and jeering
Me * No I’m not feeling so good right now I think the trip and the excitement has upset my stomach
Alfie * you okay?
Me * I’m in the truck can you make excuses for me and tell Emma I’ll call her and then let’s go to Green bay and meet the others
Alfie * okay… Chris you sound scared.
Me * I’m sick that’s all
Alfie * 2 minutes then
I hung up and hid as Arron swayed past the car shouting my name a trickled of blood running down his forehead. Alfie came over to the car and opened the door. I slid into the passenger seat making him jump and squeal like a girl.
“Jeez Chris you scared the crap out of me”
“Lets go… out of here turn right till you get to the junction and first ramp on the right will take us to Green bay” I said quickly my eyes not leaving Arron’s retreating back as he wandered. Alfie started the engine calling attention to us I slid down in the seat.
“Right I think you need to tell me what the hells going on?” Alfie snapped “Who was the monster sized dude shouting Chris in the parking lot?
“My ex”
‘The one that caused all the problems” I nodded.
Alfie eyed me as we passed under a street light. I turned away as the familiar countryside slipped by the window as we hauled ass the 75 miles to Green Bay. I fell into a pained sleep as my neck hurt my legs hurt and my face throbbed. I didn’t wake until the humming from the engine stopped I looked out of the window as Alfie got out and opened the truck of the car and Kerrion and Pete ran through the doors with a cart for the bags. I took a deep breath and got out of the car.
“You guys made it” Kerion laughed hugging me you “should have been with us we had dinner with Nickelback” I pulled away from him and smiled weakly.
“I wish we had of now tonight was a bust”
“Rough time” Pete looked at me as Alfie closed the trunk and parked the truck.
“Like you wouldn’t believe” I groaned walking was now hurting like a bitch the four of us walked into the bright light of the reception of the Radissson Green Bay.
“We have connecting rooms. The whole top floor has been taken over for Nickelback and all of the people working for them” Kerion explained as we got into the elevatot. “holy Crap Chris what happened to your face” he put hs finger under my chin and lifted it to the light Pete and Alfie pulled a face.
“Like I said rough night”
“Was this that dude” Alfie asked quietly
“Yeah, I used to be his punch bag and he picked up where he left off” I fought back the tears. ‘Look don’t worry about it I just want a hot bath and sleep”
“But Chris”
“Please… I’m going to be fine” I stepped off the elevator. I had to be fine… I had people relying on my right now and that was what mattered…………………

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