It's in the accent (Chris #1)

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Chapter 62 (v.1) - There's a huge difference

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Submitted: August 13, 2010



…………… “Where did the romantic Dimitri come from?” I murmured not taking my hands from his face “And where did that poem…” he put his finger on my lips.
“It’s a poem my Grandpa used to recite to my Grandma when we were all little and I’ve always loved it” he shrugged “I’ll do anything to get you back, to earn back your trust” He kissed me again “I love you”
“We need to take it one step at a time” I laid my head against his chest as he wrapped his arms round me “I have…”
“Hey guys we’re heading back to the hotel to swim” Niko butted in and put his arms round the two of us “You guys coming”
“We’ll come back with you but I’m not swimming” I nodded
“I can’t swim with this” Dimitri lifted his cast.
“Jeez you two suck” he laughed we all walked out of the Arena and went back to the hotel the guys got changed and disappeared. Dimitri was lay on my bed watching me as I walked round the room picking up my stuff.
“Why don’t you take a break and take rest like you’re supposed to?” he sighed. He moved over on the bed I say down on my side and looked at him.
“So are you really okay with me being on stage?”
“Hell yeah” he smiled “That wasn’t the problem it was the whole you leaving me thing”
“I’m still going to be doing that… even if we do get or are back together I’m not giving up this chance”
“I’d never ask you too” he pulled my arm from under me so I fell flat before he pulled me to lie across his chest “I was dumb for thinking you’d leave and forget me… I guess I’m still smarting from what Abby did across me” I sat back up and looked at him.
‘You mean having sex with another guy?” I bit my lip as he nodded. “What do you think rape is?” he sat up and pulled me on to his lap taking my face on his hands.
“There’s a huge difference… you didn’t want to have sex with Arron last night she wanted to screw this guy” he had tears in his own eyes “Was the sex you had with him anything like the times we were together” I shook my head “did he kiss you the way I kiss you… did he make you moan the same way I did”
“No” I whispered as he kissed me so lightly it felt like he just breathed on me
“Does he tell you he loves you?” I shook my head as he kissed me again “Do you know I’d never do any of those things to you that he did?” I nodded in response “then don’t ever compare cheating to rape. He lay back down and pulled me with him my legs still over his.
“I feel like I shouldn’t feel… I shouldn’t be getting turned on”
“With him or me?” Dimitri looked down at me.
“You… being turned on was not anywhere close when he was near me” I rubbed my hand over Dimitri’s chest through his t-shirt.
“I’m not expecting like I said to get right back into bed with you” he kissed the top of my head. “I need to earn that” I snuggled into him, I groaned as my phone started to ring. Dimitri got off the bed and picked it up. I took it from him and answered it.
Me * hello
Arron * you bitch… you god damn bitch
The color blanched from my face
Arron * I’m on a $20,000 dollar bond because of your lies
Me * what lies? I told them the truth and they have the evidence you raped me
Dimitri got off the bed
Me * where the hell did you get this number from
Arron * I saw the report on the cops desk.
Dimitri took the phone and held me against him
Dimitri * I think you just violated your bond dude… and you ever call this number again and I will find you and I will take you down.
The growl and the strong Russian accent in his voice scared me a little as he hung up the softness returning to his face as he put my phone down.
“Come on” he pulled me back onto the bed “See if you can get some sleep and I’ll call the cops and let them know who just called you” he kissed me gently and began reciting the poem to me softly as he held me close to him my eyes becoming heavier as his voice became more distant…………

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