It's in the Accent (Chris's Story 1)

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - You have to be kidding

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Submitted: July 28, 2010



............... The next few days were crazy insane with classes and meeting more people that Miranda kept introducing me to. It amazed me that when Jackson and Miranda walked down the halls they both acted like the other wasn’t there if I had a brother I’d at least acknowledge he was there. Reba had tried and failed a few times to make a snide comment to me but I always had a comeback that left her fuming.
It was Friday morning before the big game that night Sorenson insisted in some form of costume for his grand half time extravaganza. I walked into my Health class for the first time and glanced round Alfie and Pete were in there and so was Reba sitting with the guy Niko had been talking to earlier in the week, I’d seen hm around but he was always either talking to the guys or he had a girl called Abby following him. Reba whispered something to him but he looked boared with what every she had to say. Jackson walked in and poked me in the side.
Hey Wisconsin” he beamed “how’s the pet cow doing?”
“I don’t know you’re dating her” I fired back sweetly before going to sit with Alfie who high fived me on the way past.
‘Sweet Chris” Pete chuckled “I’m waiting to see the look on her face when she realizes she’s not dancing to a backing track tonight and your singing.
We’d done everything we could to keep it all a secret from everyone and it had the whole school buzzing for not only the game but also halftime. The dance team thought they were being touted as the best around making them want to put on a real show while the football team were ready to have the school behind them leaving the four of us to drive it. Miranda knew about it and it was driving Jackson mad because Xander bitched to me about him whining his sister was hiding something from him. Jackson went and sat with Reba after pounding his fist with the other guy.
“You’re late Nicolai” the teacher looked over her glasses at him as he skidded in the door making the jock row laugh.
“Sorry Ma’am I had swim practice” she said turning his eyes on her and batting his eyelashes.
‘Dumb Jock” Alfie muttered.
“You’re just jealous Emo boy” Nico hissed walking past him
“Of what! The fact you’re brain’s in your ass along with having to have a real insecurity about your manhood or why else would you flex before coming into the class room” I spat out before I’d thought twice.
“Oooo Wisconsin hits it out the park for a home run and the crowd goes wild” the other guys laughed as Jackson tried to keep a staright face and Reba looked fit to slap me talking about her jocks like that. Nico looked at me and shook his head
“Nice come back” he smiled “Sorry Dude” he looked at Alfie. He walked away and sat down punching the other guy on the arm
“I think I love you” Alfie teased
“Yeah I’ll let your girlfriend know” I smiled as the teacher started to talk. I looked round and Reba was giving me stink eye Nico and Jackson were chatting quietly and the other guy was watching me. I looked away from him and nudged Pete.
“Okay I know queen bitch and Jackson and Nico but who’s the other guy”
“That’s Nico’s twin” I raised my eye brows “Yes we have 4 sets of twins in our grade” he rolled his eyes.
“They don’t look the same”
“Fraternal not identical” Alfie said leaning back in his seat. “His names Dimitri… he’s not as mellow as Nico he has a temper so I’ve heard” he glanced back and then looked back at me “and his ‘girlfriend’ makes Reba seem like a puppy” I turned round and looked at him again he was listening to something his brother was saying to him not in English. I turned back round. One thing about moving to a new school it gave me entertainment learning about people. The door swung open and Miranda burst in.
“Excuse me Miss Hardacre… I need two minutes with Christine” The teacher sighed
“Miss Sommers” she pointed to the door “since I’m not going to get 5 minutes to teach you all today because you’re so preoccupied with the football tonight just talk amongst yourselves… I’m going for a coffee” she breezed out of the room as Miranda pulled me into the hallway.
“Ta Da” she handed me a huge box “The boss got me out of my last three classes to go pick these up for you for tonight” she was bouncing. I pulled off the lid.
“Hell no” I gasped “You have to be kidding me” I pulled out a Black thigh high boot with a 4 inch spiked heel “I’m not doing the rocky horror picture show”
“I know but Sorenson wants you to…” the door opened and Dimitri walked out
“Hey Mir” he smiled at her as I pushed the boot back into the box quickly
‘Hey Dimi… Have you met Chris?”
“No but my brother has raved about you singing the anthem” he stopped and put his arm on the wall over Miranda’s head and leant into it “And I have to say the come back you hit him with was classic” he moved away “You guys going to the game tonight?” he looked at Miranda
“Yeah we have to help out with the half time thing” Miranda shrugged casually
“Awesome oh and tell your Mom that my parents will be there Saturday for dinner” he walked away
“You’re so going to rock those boots” she smiled
“So you know him well?’
“Yeah his Mom used to watch me after school” she nodded i basically grew up with him and Nico and Jackson” she pulled her face “Looks well when I get on better with them than my own brother” this was the first time I’d seen emotion in her when she talked about Jackson. I hugged her. “I’m fine… now the boots?”…………………

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