It's in the accent (Chris #1)

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - The Boy's are back in town so burn it to the ground

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Submitted: July 28, 2010



……………… “You look cute” Miranda smiled as I pulled my hair back into a ponytail. My make up was the bare minimum
“I look like preppy Barbie” I groaned looking at the pink polo shirt and jean skirt I was wearing. “I can safely say I’ve never worn this shade of pink in my life I feel like I’ve been dowsed in Pepto”
“Oh stop bitching” Alfie called out from the other side of the curtain where the band were getting ready.
“Dude Look” I stepped out
“Ew…” he pulled a face
“See” I hung my head “I’m supposed to sing the anthem looking like something from candy land”
“Oh My Goodness who put you in that?” Mr. Sorenson walked over.
“Er… You did” I held out my arms
“Oh honey I must have been sick that day”
“Boss it was 20 minutes ago” one of the band kids shouted across the room.
“I have an idea” Miranda raced from the room coming back 10 minutes later.
“What have you down? Is Xander wandering half naked somewhere?” Mr. Sorenson giggled Miranda turned beet red.
“No I asked coach for a spare jersey that’s all” she looked down “It’s supposed to be a high school thing the first game so what better than a football jersey” Mr. Sorenson pulled her in to him and waltzed her round the room.
“Child you are a genius” he cooed at her I pulled off the polo and threw it over a chair my black tank still on under it I slipped on the jersey.
“Okay I need perfume it smells all like jock” I wrinkled my nose I heard a whistle and one of the girls threw some body spray across the room I smiled at her in the past week we’d all got really close I sprayed myself as the rest of the band left to play before the game leaving me and the guys and Miranda.
‘Nervous” Kerion asked.
“I want to throw up” I nodded but I’m not sure if it because of the shirt I almost had to wear or because of the singing” I smiled
“You’ll be awesome” Miranda squeezed my hand
“Yeah and then you get to come back here and get ready to blow away all the jocks and bitches” Alfie grinned we could hear the band playing on the field.
“Christine… Are you ready?” the Principal put his head round the door I nodded the guys got up and hugged me and Miranda walked out with me. I stood next to the principal as he spoke about how good it was to be playing the first home game of the new season I looked at the bleachers that easily held 1000 people way different from the usual couple of hundred I was used to oh and the odd cow… well it was Wisconsin. The football teams were lined up on each side of the podium I was stood on. “I’d like everyone to rise of the National Anthem” he said in his crisp tone before handing me the micro phone all I could think was don’t screw it up. Everyone on the bleachers got to their feet I saw Miranda standing off to the side with the Alfie, Kerion and Pete I looked down the line of players Xander gave me a quick wink calming me before I started to sing.
As ever I cried as I sang it, Opening my eyes when I got to the end to see Coach Jones wiping away a tear as Jackson stepped forward and offered me his hand to help me down from the podium.
“You gave me chills” he chuckled letting go of my hand. “Nico was right about you”
“Told you dude” Nico punched Jackson in the shoulder.
“Hey you think I could get my jersey back before the game starts” I looked round at Dimitri.
“It’s yours” I choked on the words. “Miranda said she asked coach for a spare”
“He gave her mine without looking at the number” he smiled.
“I’m so sorry I didn’t know” I pulled the shirt off as he pulled off the one he had one I almost choked when I saw his arms they were bigger than his brothers and so very sun kissed I shook my head as Alfies’ words pushed in to my brain ‘he’s got a temper and his girlfriend makes Reba seem like a puppy’ I ran my fingers through my hair and held out the jersey.
“Here you go” he laughed handing me the one he had “it looks cute on you” he turned and walked away with Jackson.
“Nice job Chris” Xander whispered as he walked by me. I walked off the field and over to the waiting guys and Miranda.
“I think you made grown men cry” Pete laughed putting his arm round my shoulder as we walked back to the school and there were a lot of pissed looking girls when they seemed to surround you when you got down”
“Hey they were just saying well done it’s their fault if they’re insecure about it” I pulled open the door to the band room and pulled the band from my hair.
I sat down while Miranda and one of the other girls went to down with my hair making it fall in huge curls my eyes were made up all smoke and my lips a deep red Miranda pulled the curtain as I took off the skirt and pulled on black leggings she handed me the top that she’d picked out all slivery and shiny.
I have a better idea” I walked out into the room and picked up the football jersey Dimitri had given my in return for his.
“Chris you’re half naked and we’re teen guys here” Kerion shouted as they piled the drums by the door ready to take outside.
“Okay I have pants on and I have a bra on” I pulled a face “Go take a shower if you need to” I walked back behind the curtain.
“You can’t wear that it was large on Dimi” Miranda groaned.
‘Exactly it’ll make me feel better about wearing the boots” I smiled putting on the jersey I picked up the band I’d pulled from my hair and secured the shirt so it sat across my hips at an angle the one side of the neck fell off my shoulder I looked in the mirror and nodded “Okay give me hooker Barbie’s boots” I teased sitting down in the chair. It took Chris and the other girl and me tugging and fighting to get them on the three of us laughing hysterically as we were doing it finally they were on and I had to admit they felt comfortable and gave me a feeling of being able to take on the world. The door to the band room opened
“Okay stage crew go set up quickly” Mr. Sorenson was clapping his hands “Boys are you ready… guitars are tuned”
“Yes Boss” I recognized Pete and Alfies voices
“Christine where are you?”
“She’s here” Miranda pulled back the curtain and I walked out
“Hot damn” Kerion dropped his drumsticks.
“Oh I sense horny Jocks” Alfie groaned
“Oh I need to think of my grandma right now” Pete shook his head. I blushed at the comments of my friends/
“Hmm you toned down the shirt”
“Yeah well I think a red corset and these boots great for a strip joint not so much a high school football game” I laughed
‘Ahhh you are my voice of reason” Mr. Sorenson chuckled
“Aungus we’re read… Sweet mother of god Christine?” Coach Jones had walked in
“Isn’t she wonderful”
“I think we’re going to have to worry about the guys concentrating after seeing her” Coach groaned. I walked past him
“this is toned down” I sighed.
“I walked out of the doors that Miranda held open with Alfie and Pete following me I linked Keirons arm
“You okay?” he smirked as we walked round the dark side of the bleachers the dance team already warming up.
‘No I’m going to fall on my ass on the grass these heels are like ice picks”
“Hey use them to shut Reba up for once and all” he pretended to twist a sinister mustache.
“Okay you need counseling… that’s disturbing” I swatted him
“Made you forget about falling though didn’t I” he poked his tongue out at me as the principal walked on to the slightly larger stage than before where the guys instruments were set up and as the Dance team positioned themselves in front of it
“Okay as a huge treat this year our wonderful Theatre and band department have worked hard to produce a half time show for you all enjoy” he smiled “and our dance time have a routine ready for when they take state again this year” the bleachers erupted in cheering and whistling as both teams came from the locker room and sat on the benches Miranda ran over and double checked my shirt and then yanked the boots up I swatted her laughing.
“I’m helping” she grinned before disappearing to stand next to Coach Jones and Mr. Sorenson. Jackson looked at her and asked her something she just shrugged and grinned at him he pulled a face and turned away
 The guys got on to the stage one of the stage crew handed me a micro phone and offered me his hand to get on to the stage behind Kerion on the drums as they started to p[lay the opening bars to ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ I stepped out and started singing dancing around on the stage as the dance team did the routine they’d worked on to go along with the song I walked across the stage totally lost in the music and the arrangement we’d done half way through the music changed getting heavier as the bass intro started to burn it to the ground I saw people on their feet on the bleachers rocking out This had to be the best feeling in the world right now………………..

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