It's in the accent (Chris #1)

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - People are going to strat to think twice

Submitted: July 28, 2010

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Submitted: July 28, 2010



the beginning of this is from the view the guys on the bench as they watched the uncool kids kick ass


……………….. “Oh come on Miranda what’s happening?” Jackson moaned turning from the bench to where his sister was standing with Mr. Sorenson and Coach Jones. Miranda shrugged and flashed a grin at her brother happy for once she’d got the upper hand over him. “God you suck sometimes” he sighed turning back around as the principal began to talk on the stage.
“Well someone’s obviously going to be singing” Niko looked at Xander.
“I hope to god it’s not that band that won the talent show last year because the dude couldn’t sing for anything” Jackson chuckled.
“Hey Mir” Dimitri beckoned she left the side of Mr. Sorenson and walked over to him, blushing a little as he was sat next to Xander. “Okay so you can’t tell him what’s happening but come on” her winked at her.
“Dimitri Alexi Carpov” she sighed dramatically “I can’t you’re all just going to have to watch…” she looked to the stage and leant on both Dimitri’s shoulder and Xanders “Them” she chuckled nodding forward before patting their pads and stepping back as the guys started to play ‘The Boy’s Are Back In Town’ I stepped out from behind Kerion as he played the drums and walked to the front of the stage. Xander had his Gaqtorade half way to his mouth and stopped his mouth hanging open as I bounced in the boots sing.
“Isn’t that…?” Jackson stuttered
“She didn’t look like that singing the anthem” Dimitri scratched his head. “Damn”
“Oh you have to love F.M.B.’s” Nico whistled
“Dude really” Xander looked at him “She’s my…” he caught himself all the guys looked at him “She’s new” he closed his eyes and shook his head.
“Fair game then” Nico rubbed his hand over his chin “about time I found someone new to play with”
“So help me I’ll…” Xander spat at him
“Nico quit” Dimitri interrupted.
“Fairs fair bro you have a girl” Nico laughed. The music becoming heavier made all of them look back at the stage all of them falling silent and watching.
“Okay so I think we can safely say that girl has walked into this school and Kicked ass” Dimitri shook his head tilting it a little as I turned round with my back to everyone and walked to the back of the stage as the guys played “and with an ass that good” he groaned. Xander got up and walked behind the bench and caught hold of Miranda pulling her aside.
“Okay you’re her friend right?” he swallowed hard
“Yeah” Miranda looked at him “You want me to ask her out for you?” she looked down
“What… Ew… Hell no… not my type” he added quickly “Did she really have to wear what she’s wearing?”
“Er… it’s a show” Miranda pulled a face “and she looks amazing” Xander hung his head and sighed. He turned and walked back to his place on the bench as the song ended.
“So what did you think?” Reba ran over to Jackson as he was about to put on his helmet.
‘Oh they rocked” he smiled nodding his head
“Wisconsin is hot as hell” Nico laughed running past both of them “I hope to god she owns those boots”
“Dude” Dimitri and Xander yelled at him at the same time.
“Hey I was talking about our dancing not her” Reba stomped her foot like a two year old.
“What dance… Oh right yeah” Jackson caught himself “you were really good baby” he smiled at her
“What the dance team performed” Dimitri chuckled Reba glared at him.
“I’ll let Abby know you didn’t even look at her” She put her hands on her hips
“Whatever” Dimitri shrugged…………………..
………………….The Bleachers and the rest of the team erupted as Alfie took my one hand and Pete took my other with Kerion on the end as we all took a bow.  I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face as we stepped down and the stage crew took over dismantling the stage so the second half of the game could start. Some of the dance team ran over and hugged us.
“Oh that was the best ever” a girl with a black bob beamed at me “You… you’re amazing” she hugged me
“Thanks I’m sorry I don’t know your name and from where we were we couldn’t really see you guys dancing” I apologized.
“I’m Abby and I think it was videoed” She walked backwards as Reba ran over to her and whispered something to her glaring at me the entire time. “so screw him” Abby shook her head she looked back at me “thanks again”
“Hey Chris” Pete yelled from the door to the band room I hurried as fast as the heels and the grass would allow pulling the door closed behind me.
“Oh YOU BLEW THEM ALL AWAY” Mr. Sorenson cheered his eyes wet with tears Miranda hugged me as the guys were all high fiving each other “I think people will think twice before knocking the band and theatre kids again” the door opened and the principal walked in Alfie draped his arm round me.
“Well that was some show…” he smiled “I’ve had the local new station asking if they could interview you guys”
‘All we did was what was asked” I shrugged.
“Christine I know what this school is like for clicks and I’m trying to do something about it and thanks to the staff I have for coming up with ideas like this to help break down the barriers” he held out his hands. “I’ve lined up for them to talk to you guys right after the game is done along with some of the players in the team”
“No problem Larry” Mr. Sorenson buzzed “they’ll be there smiling for everyone”
“Good now I’d better get out to watch the rest of the game” he smiled and looked round the room at all of the band kids “You all take crap and still try your best and your best is beginning to show up some of the others in this school” he walked out as the room erupted into cheering and shouting again. I looked at Miranda.
‘You want to come out and watch the end of the game”
“Hell yeah” she nodded “Guys you coming because I think your hotness stakes just went through the roof from some of the comments I over heard from the cheer leaders and the dance team”
“Finally” Pete laughed holding open the door for us “Ladies” we stepped out into the sticky night air and walked to the field as Jackson scored a touchdown……………………

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