It's in the Accent (Chris's Story 1)

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Chapter 25 (v.1) - Wrestling the demons

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Submitted: August 03, 2010



…………… “I get to see two of my favorite people for my birthday” I threw my phone on top of my towel
“When’s your birthday?”
“Next Saturday”
“You were going to let it go without telling anyone” he said tipping his head to the side.
“Xander knows”
“Ah he’s family that doesn’t count” Dimitri laughed
“Yeah well it’s a bonus when my family remembers”
“Your Mom?” he moved my legs so he was between them his hand on my hips while he still stood in the water
“Last year when I was 17 My Mom and My dad forgot I got cards and gifts from my friends and from Xander’s family but my own Mom and Dad zoned out totally…” I swallowed hard “That’s why I don’t like making an issue of being a year older”
“Yeah well this year we’ll make it the best birthday you’ve ever had” he grinned “You’ve got friends coming down from Wisconsin you’ve got tickets to Nickelback and so do Jackson me and Niko”
“You never said”
“Well I know you like them and I didn’t want you to be jealous” he winked at me “And really we haven’t had the right moment to talk about fun stuff” he hooked his thumbs under the strings of my bikini bottoms. “So I think we all go for dinner and then to the concert and then hang out at the beach and then may be I could…” the door to the house opened and Xander and Miranda walked out.
“How long does it take to get changed” I said getting to my feet Dimitri groaned and pushed back from the pool wall “And do I have to change the sheets again”
“No” Mirnada turned red
“I already put them in the washer for you” Xander laughed cannon balling inches away from Dimitri.
“Ew… I said no” I shook my head as the phone rang again.
Me * Emma I really need help
Arron * so who was the douche calling me out
Me * oh jeez when will you get the hint to stop calling
The sound of someone getting out of the pool made me look round As Dimitri was right there
Arron * who is he Chris?
Me * I don’t have to tell you any thing
Arron * some guy trying to get in to your bed
Me * well if he is he’ll be better than the 20 seconds you used to last
Dimitri looked at Miranda who was trying not to laugh
Arron you never used to complain.
Me * yeah well there was something I wanted to see on TV so the quicker you were done the better
Dimitri held his hand up to me and high fived me.
Arron * got you…
I quickly grabbed the phone and took it off speaker and walked into the house.
Me * don’t… don’t you dare go there you son of a bitch… don’t you ever go there
I felt an arm wrap round my waist.
“Chris please” I handed Dimitri the phone he took it and ended the call before Arron could say anything else. I looked at him and hugged him squeezing my eyes tight to stop the flood of tears that wanted to come out. “What did he do?”
“You don’t want to know” I sighed moving back from him.
“If I didn’t want to know then why would I ask” He caught my hand “Let me in please”
“I don’t know” I trialed off
“Is it okay if Xander stays here if we go somewhere?” Dimitri asked
“Yeah he has a key” I nodded
“Go get ready for the BBQ”
“You can use the shower if you need to” I pointed to the bathroom he’d used to change.
“I’ll be okay till I get home” he smiled “go get ready I’m not letting this go” I walked away and showered and changed into a denim skirt and a blue tank I grabbed my bag and walked out into the living room Dimitri was on hs phone. “get over it and have at it I don’t give a damn Abby you got knocked up by some guy that you don’t even know his last name so you’re not going to bring me into this screwed up equation” he looked round his face dropped a little “I’m done Abby stop bugging me and don’t even think of taking this out on Chris because I’ll come after you” he closed his phone
“You really want me to open up about my life when you say things like that?” I shook my head.
‘Chris I didn’t mean it like it sounded” he stepped over to me “I was warning her and Reba that I my being finished with Abby has nothing to do with wanting you” he ran his hand through his hair “I’d never touch a girl like that… is that what he did?” I picked up my bag from the floor where I’d dropped it.
“So where are we going?” I walked to the front door. he groaned
“You like changing the subject don’t you?” he asked taking my bag from me and opening hre truck door.
“I like to avoid things that hurt to think about”
“So you’re not going to tell me are you?”
“I don’t’ know” I admitted frankly “I don’t know if you can take my skeletons” I swallowed hard and looked at him “I can see you turning away from me”
“You don’t know me well enough to make that assessment” he shrugged walking round to the drivers side and getting in “Whatever you tell me no matter how bad I swear on Niko’s life I’ll never tell anyone not even him” I sighed and looked out the window as he started his truck and pulled out onto the street. Part of me was screaming not to say anything to him not to say anything to anyone about Arron while something else was tugging at me telling me I need to trust someone with my secret…………………

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