It's in the Accent (Chris's Story 1)

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Chapter 46 (v.1) - Yes or No

Submitted: August 09, 2010

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Submitted: August 09, 2010



………………. “Do we need to decide right now?” I asked everyone looked at me a little surprised.
“We need to know by lunchtime today?” William smiled “With there only being three weeks…” I got up and walked out of the room Dad scrabbled to his feet.
“is she okay?” Lukas said getting up with him.
“I thought that she would have jumped at the chance?” Alfie murmured
“Let me talk to her” Dad smiled round the room nervously.
“You mind if I come as well?” Dimitri got up from the couch Dad hesitated before nodding. They both followed me outside to where I was pacing and chewing on my fingers.
“How can I do this?” I shook my head “The biggest chance in the world is staring me right in the face and I can’t do it”
“Whoa, Baby” Dimitri stopped me walking “What do you mean you can’t go?”
“I have to be a paren…” I stopped mid sentence and looked at Dad he looked down, “I have to watch Jess, and get her to school I can’t leave for a month” I ran my hand through my hair.
“Dimitri can I have a few minutes with Christine?’ Dimitri nodded he kissed my head.
“I love you “ he murmured before walking back inside the house. I sat on the wall.
“I’ve really dropped the ball haven’t I?” Dad sighed sitting next to me “I’ve met my little girl become a mom to my baby” I looked at him.
“I haven’t minded”
“No, I know you‘ve never complained and maybe you should have” Dad nudged me “Even when we forgot you’re birthday last year”
“It’s okay you were busy and Mom was away”
“And you only turn 17 once and we dropped the ball…” he put his arm round my shoulders “I called you’re Mom last night and told her things have to change”
“I bet that went down well”
“I sent her video footage of last night and she cried” he smiled “She broke down and she’s taking a flight home today”
“Guilt trip… nice dad”
“Well I think it gave her the wakeup call we needed to… I want you to take this chance… you have to take this chance… Chris this is your time to be you” He held my face in his hands “I promise Jess will have her parents to look after her and not her big sister” I hugged him “this is huge for you… and for your friends” I smiled
“I really is isn’t it” he nodded
“I need to talk to Dimitri” Dad nodded
“I love you Chris and I’m so proud to have you for a daughter” he walked into the house Dimitri came back out and smiled at me.
“So my Girlfriends going to rock Europe” he chuckled
“Will you be mad if I leave?” he put his arms round me and pulled me to him.
“How can I be mad… this is a once in a lifetime chance and if it turns out that you become a huge rock star you’ll need a body guard” he kissed my neck “And I can guard this body” I started to laugh. “I love you and I respect you so much for being able to sing like you do to the point that Nickelback is actually offering you their help to make it big”
“Come with us” He raised his eyebrows “If we can be tutored then why can’t you… your mom’s going to be with us” I put my arms round his neck.
“I’d love to but I really don’t think my MOm would go for it” he shrugged “I can visit you”
“So I should do it?”
“Hell yeah” he took my hand “Come on I think you need to sign whatever they want you to” he pulled me back in the house and into the dinning room as William was talking to the parents while Niko was talking to Alfie and Pete while Kerion was pacing the floor. Everyone looked round.
“Everything okay?” Elena looked concerned.
“Its fine guys can I talk to you” Alfie and the others followed me out into the hallway. “So what do you think?”
“I think it’s one of those days that you dream about” Alfie chuckled pushing his hands in his pockets.
“Yeah its one day playing for people at a football game next day… damn Chris this is insane” Keiron put his arm round my shoulders
“We have to agree to all do it” Pete shrugged
“Well Alfie yes or no?” I asked
“I say yeah” he nodded beaming from ear to ear.
“All in” he smiled
“I’m in… Chris?”
“Looks like we’re going to have a lot of work to do” I grinned the four of us were all screaming and hugging each other.
‘I think you have your answer” Dad smiled looking at William. Niko nudged Dimitri
“You good with this?”
“No not really but there’s no way I’m going to let her see how much this is going to kill me” he shrugged as we walked back in the room “I find a girl I’m in love with and I’m losing her’……………………………

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