Keep it in the office

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Blue Stevens is fresh from the back end of beyond, the first one in her family to graduate from college (albeit online school), hell she's the first one in her family to graduate from high school. Moving to the big city is her way of escaping the small town small mindedness or ending up like half of her friends knocked up after some drunken night of cow tipping (pregnant by a guy not a cow that is) What will big city life do to her, bring her and deal out to her????

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Keep it in the office

Submitted: April 14, 2011

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Submitted: April 14, 2011



.................. First day as an intern at the office of Grisky, Anderson, and Wallace the top Architectural company in the entire mid west in the heart of the city. My heart was in my throat as. People hurried round me heads down either talking on cell phones or just trying to get out of the biting north wind that was blowing in off the lake. I looked up at the towering glass structure in front of me, Damn the biggest thing I’d been round was the grain Silo at my Parents farm and this was way bigger than that.
“Hey get out of the damn way… watch it” I turned round as a guy in a bike hit me knocking me on my ass “Hell girl I told you to get out of the way” He snapped picking himself up off the ground
“Well give more warning next time jack ass” I Got up thanking god that it wasn’t wet
“Well people don’t normally stand gawking like an idiot at a damn building” He picked up his bike and shouldered it He took the steps two at a time
“Great first day’s going so well” I muttered taking a deep breath trying to pluck up the courage to walk in there.
“Are you okay?” I felt a hand in the small of my back
“I’m fine just some jack ass…”I turned to see the owner of the hand and had to swallow hard to stop from saying damn your hot to his face, his grey eyes were so take me to the haystack and help me find the needle.
“You have to watch for the bike couriers round here they’re cut throat” He smiled a broad smile at me “You going in” He pointed to the building
“I’m trying” I nodded suddenly getting nervous again looking back at the building “First day nerves” I swallowed the urge to throw up the Frosties I was forced to eat for breakfast.
“Walk in like you own the place” He chuckled as his phone rang “Good luck…” he waited for my name
“Oh sorry it’s Blue… Blue Stevens” I felt like dork now
“Well good luck today Blue” he nodded as he answered the phone and walked away. I found myself watching his ass as he went. My phone started to ring
Me * What?
Dallas * Get off the sidewalk and get in the office before you get fired before you start
Me * where are you?
Dalas * Coffee shop across the street now get your ass in there girl I’ll pick you up at 5 and take you for a drink
The phone clicked I pushed it back into my bag ‘My Gay’ was telling me what to do. Yes I know it sounds awful saying that about him, But Dallas had been my friend since middle school when he moved from the city to butt fuck now where as he called it. I was the only one to stand up to the people that called him all sorts of shit for being the out and proud gay guy he is. People did warm to him after a while and one of his best friends was actually the Quarter back and half the football team after he dropped the one of the line backers in a pile of cow shit for calling him a Faggot once too often. He’d moved back to the city as soon as he graduated but he came back most weekends to see everyone and had told me as soon as I’d gotten my degree I was moving in with him and taking the city by storm. I took a deep breath again and walked up the steps and into the Building there was the sound of ringing phones and the clicking of the heels of the women in their designer suits and expensive shoes, I fidget my whole outfit including underwear cost less than $70.
“Can I help you” a bored looking blond said briskly as I walked over to the reception desk, I saw her run her eyes over my clothes and sneer a little.
“Yes I’m Blue Stevens I have an appointment with Mr. Loughin” She smiled a little naughty smile as she picked up a phone and pressed a button.
“Mr. Loughlin there’s a…” she looked me up and down again “Miss. Stevens here to see you” she paused “I’ll send her up” she hung up the phone “Go to the elevator and take it to the 28th floor and tell then your name at the desk” She said without looking at me.
“Thanks” I said with a bite hell, why was everyone so crabby in this town? I walked down the hall and waited with a crowd of people for the elevator managing to squeeze in thankfully someone else had pressed for the 28th floor.
“So did you see him last night in the bar?” a Middle aged woman said in a kinda hushed voice
‘Oh I saw him with the girl from the front desk all over him”
‘Another notch on the bed post for him” The first one chuckled
“Hell I wouldn’t say no to a fumble in the alley with him” they both started laughing like idiots now
“I saw him in the gym this morning that man has a body on him” Another woman chimed in
“Yeah and I bet he knows how to use it” the first woman smiled as the doors opened at the 28th floor I stepped out with two of the women whose conversation had changed to the sale at one of the department stores in town. I walked over to the desk where a plump woman in her late fifties was sitting
“Can I help you?” She smiled a warm friendly smile.
“I’m Blue Stevens… I’m here to see…”
“I’ll take her Mady” I looked round to the voice. “So you finally made it into the building?’ He chuckled
“Yes” I nodded totally flummoxed as Mr Haystack was in front of me
“Okay right this way then” He gestured down the hall I started walking with him
“Oh Mr. Loughlin” Mady called after us. The courier dropped off those blue prints you wanted” she came out from behind the desk with a tube and handed it to him
“Oh awesome” he smiled dropping a kiss on her cheek “You’re an angel for chasing them down for me” He pushed open a door and waited for me to walk in. everything was elegant to the point of wired the only thing that looked out of place was the modern leather couch pushed against one wall, “take a seat and let’s get started” he smiled at me as he walked behind the desk…………………

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