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Chapter 63 (v.1) - Thinking alone

Submitted: May 10, 2011

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Submitted: May 10, 2011



................. I woke with a start with the feeling of being trapped I struggled with the covers.
“Hey Whoa” I heard Dallas voice I blinked the sleepiness from my eyes Dallas was next to me on the bed “You have to stop making me sleep with you because you’re seriously getting in the way of me getting some” He nudged me
“Shut up” I groaned sitting up River was sound asleep on the other side of me I could hear laughing and talking coming from the kitchen “Who the hells singing?”
“That would be my baby” He beamed at me

“Okay can I go put his head in the oven and who the hell decided to let me drink so much” I reached over River for the bottle of water on the nightstand “and how the hell am I sleeping in a bed with m y gay best friend and my bed hog brother” I elbowed River and groaned at the shock waves it sent through my head.
“Serves you right and we’re the only ones that were safe with you” River grumbled “you wanted to and if we’d let you you’d have made three Marines and a gay cowboy dry as dust” Dallas snorted and high fived River in front of me
“Oh god” I groaned “I didn’t do…” I looked at both of them
‘Oh hell no” River stretched “You’re not getting your hands on any of my Platoon I couldn’t cope with that”
“Oh I need coffee” I threw off the covers “Okay who got me undressed and into this” I tugged on the USMC t-shirt I had on
“Hey don’t look at me River got off the bed… we leave stuff like that to Dallas” I ran my hand through my hair “T-shirt is Cody’s though” I walked to my bedroom door and walked out to Kent singing Burn it to the ground into a wooden spoon as Dean, Cody and Grant looked on in shock.
“Hey Chad Kroeger you’re not” I Gibbs slapped him as I reached for the coffee “Believe me that Chris Sommers is one lucky cow to get into bed with him every night”
“Okay so are you just a nymphomaniac?” Cody laughed at me
“Dude” River shouted from the bedroom
“No” I shot him a look
 “Two and a half people does not a Nympho make” Dallas laughed walking out of the bedroom and kissing Kent
“DUDE” River yelled again
“Tow and a half” Grant laughed
“Yep” Dallas nodded, I hung my head as I poured the coffee
“There was the absolute waste of sperm she dated all through high school and beyond” Dallas rolled his eyes
“Amen to that” River walked into the kitchen “You guys are going to love this jackass”
“I was talking” Dallas waved his hand at River
“No you were running your mouth like normal” I gritted my teeth and walked intot he living room and dug in my purse for pain killers.
“Okay we have the Jack ass and we have Orlando and you did say many times last night he was good and he had and exceptional”
‘Whao eating here” Dean spat out
“Okay are you sure you’re a Marien because doesn’t the converstions revolve around weaponary” Dallas pushed his tongue in his cheek
“Be nice” I groaned from the living room
“So what about the half”
“Well that was Cade… I have to say one fine man a chiseled body and he was hung like…
“Dude” there was a chorus of complaing from the guys
“He left her on that table half done” Kent laughed pointing at the kitchen table
“Oh you know too much about me” I grumbled walking back in the kitchen and pouring another coffee.
“And I know way too much about you” River had his head in his hands
“Okay not like I caught you with your ex sitting on your face while her sister was giving you a blow job in the barn” I poked him in the shoulder “That was a visually I could have done without”
“Nice one Sgt” Dean high fived him.
“I’m going to get dressed and try to get some fresh air” I walked into my room and changed into a short light dress I’d had for years and my flip flops. I walked out Dallas handed me my coffee in a travel cup “Thanks”
‘hey you want some company?” River leaned back on his chair and looked at me
“No I think I need to not cry and think things through in my own head” I dropped a kiss on the top of his head and picked up my phone and my keys and dropped them into my purse and walked out of the door.
 The heat of the city was doing nothing to help the throbbing in my head, I needed the lake to jump into wake me up and drive some of the hangover away. I’d be glad to be back in the country. I sat on the bench that over looked the water front and tried not to cry because all I could think of was Orlando and how things had been in Japan. How could it go from so damn good to a total mess. Had I been asleep and had Japan been a sweet dream? I put my head down and rubbed the back of my neck.

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