Looks can be deceptive

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You know you'd look at Megan Smith and thing damn shes got it all but all doesn't mean youre happy
Megan Smith is 17 and has had to step up her game along with her older brother Shawn to keep the happy all Amreican image of a perfect family up so their parents can climb the social ladder but that front is just waiting to crumble and when the guy from the "wrong side of the tracks" comes to school he might be the one to tear it down........

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Looks can be deceptive

Submitted: April 29, 2010

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Submitted: April 29, 2010



.............. You know looking from the outside in you’d think my life was heaven… Looks can be very deceptive.
I walked down the stairs pulling my hair back through the hole in my ball cap.
“Hey Megs” the sound of my brother running down the hall from his room made me stop and wait for him ‘Where you heading”
“I’m picking up Bree and then we’re heading for the lake” I carried on down the stairs.
“You know you’re not allowed out today” he hissed grabbing my arm “Megs it’s not worth it Mom and Dad have that reception here and we’re expected to be here”
“I’ll be back by then and you have baseball practice so I’ll say I was with you” I smiled “It’ll be okay” Shawn shook his head.
“Okay I’ll tell you what” He said picking up his bat and bag from the floor by the door “take my car drop me at practice and come back and pick me up at 4”
“Don’t you trust me?” I smirked
“You know I do and I saw what Dad did last week when you were late for dinner” he picked up the keys for the shiny new Charger he’d gotten for making Varsity  Captain for Base ball, Football and Basketball as well as making National honor roll and getting accepted into Harvard medical school. “Please humor me” he threw me the keys.
“Fine” I picked up my bag and walked out to his car I opened the trunk and threw my things in followed by Shawn putting in his Baseball gear he got in the passenger side as I turned the key in the ignition.
“Did Mom get you that dress she wanted to?” he asked
“Oh yeah all $700 worth” I moaned “Total waste all it is, is a little black strapless dress that I have like 10 of already”
“Wish you could be in jeans and a t-shirt?” he chuckled.
“Hell yeah” I rubbed my hand over my face “she chewed me out this morning because I’d broken a nail and she took me for an emergency repair at 8 am”
“Got to have the whole package sis” he sighed I held out my perfectly manicured hand. “Keep up the image”
“You wait I heard her calling Her Tennis buddy this morning you have a date for tonight” I teased. Shawn’s face dropped
“Don’t tell me she’s hooked me up with the girl that looks like a stick insect” he whined “she tried to get me naked in the pool house”
“Robin did Wow no wonder she looks at you with goo-goo eyes at school” Shawn glared at me “What?”
“Don’t forget she’ll be bringing Anton” he smirked poking out his tongue “you know how much Dad likes to think of you with a future Lawyer”
I groaned I’d forgotten that Mom and Dad’s closest friends as well as having a daughter the same age as Shawn had an older son that Mom kept trying to fix me up with because he’d just made partner in his Dad’s corporate law firm but the guy was a known player never staying faithful to a girl for more than a week and his sister had the body that was as flat on the front as it was on the back and tried to use way to much make up even when she was at the beach most guys used her to get to some of her friends but she had this thing for Shawn and Mom had picked up on it and boy was Shawn suffering now for it.
I pulled into the drive of my best friends’ house I turned off the engine and looked at Shawn who was still looking green at the thought of Robin trailing him round tonight.
“Be a good boy and Stay” I laughed getting out before he could swipe me as I ran up the porch steps of the house I loved more than any where a cozy house with everything inside I could ever dream of.
“Hi you… bye you” Bree’s brother ran past me “I’m late for practice”
“Alec grab a ride if you want” I called after him “I’m taking Shawn” I pointed to where Shawn was leaning against the side of his car.
“Awesome… Shelby’s picking me up so you won’t have to worry about later” he shouted back before he turned and said something about practice to Shawn. I walked into the house.
‘Hi Honey” Bree’s Mom walked down the stairs her arms full of laundry “Bree’s coming” she beamed.
“You want some help with that” I asked as she dropped a load of towels.
“You are such an angle Megan…” She sighed “I wish my kids would take note” she laughed loud enough for Bree to hear as she came down the stairs.
“Ha ha Mom… that’s why I did all my chores and made dinner so you and dad can have a night to your selves” she smiled kissing her Mom on the cheek.
 I looked at the ease of the relationship my friend and her Mom had… a normal life of chores and hard work making it a happy house not the picture book life I have covering the false lies that lie behind the pretty cover… Yes my parents gave me and my brother everything we could ever want, and friends of mine were jealous of relationship that it seemed like we had and the possessions that we owned… but after years of practice I knew how to make it look good… no one was there at night when the tears stained my pillow… no one was there when I had to cover up bruises with makeup. The only thing people saw was the perfect all American family, The Smith’s Joan and Stuart and there wonderful children Shawn and Megan…. oh if people could see inside

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