My Shiny Knight

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Bailey is on the Soccer team and thought everything was fantastic until Homecoming...............

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Shiny Knight

Submitted: March 24, 2009

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Submitted: March 24, 2009



……………….The music was thumping people were dancing the whole dance floor was a mass of bodies moving in time to the beat, I was standing by the door to the hall watching everyone laughing and having a good time well they were supposed to it was our homecoming dance, I was looking for my boyfriend he had been voted Homecoming king and my best friend had been crowned queen which we had thought was really funny.

I had been dating Sawyer since the middle of summer he was the biggest joker in school the kid that everyone knew and liked he was cute with black hair that sat just on his collar and had bright blue eyes, and Tammy and I had been inseparable since 6th grade she was tall thin with dark brown hair that reached her waist considering she was such a bookworm (her aim was to go to Yale after we graduate next year) she was one of the most popular girls in our year.
I scanned the crowd and realized I couldn’t find either of them, I turned away from the hall wand walked out in to the warm October night air in the distance there was a flash of lightening and a low rumble of thunder there were a few people milling around I couple of them said hi or raised their hand in a hi gesture as I walked by them, I looked around the parking lot Sawyers car was still there , I turned back to the school and saw another of my friends sitting on the bench with her boyfriend she waved I walked over to them.

“Hey you look like you’ve lost something” Kaitlyn said smiling at me.
“I have I can’t find Sawyer, have you seen him” I asked. She shook her head Alex was looking at the floor and messing with his fingers he sighed and looked up at me.
“I saw him going up to the baseball field” both Kaitlyn and I looked at him “With Tammy”.
“Thanks” I said pulling off my heels and walking toward the field I started to walk faster ignoring the shouts from Kaitlyn, I knew what I was going to find I think I knew the moment Alex told me he had seen them, I walked out on to the field feeling the cool grass beneath my bare feet I could make out two people on the bleachers I walked closer a wave of sickness washed over me as I saw Tammy with her skirt hitched up straddling Sawyers lap.

“WTF” I yelled Tammy looked around as they Jumped apart.
“Oh shit” Sawyer groaned he tried to get up but fell over his pants that were round his ankles, I turned and ran tears streaming down my face.
“HARLEY WAIT STOP” Sawyer was now running after me “HARLEY, HARLEY FOR GOD SAKE STOP” I looked over my shoulder I ran into something hard.
“Ow” I hit the ground with a bump.
“Hey, look where you’re going” I looked at what I had hit they was a guy sat on the ground in front of me but I couldn’t see who it was cause he was in the shadow of the school.
“Sorry” I sniffed hauling myself too my feet, Sawyer skidded to a halt.
“Harley we need to talk” he grabbed at my arm; I turned my attention from the guy on the floor to Sawyer and slapped away his hand.
“Maybe you should of thought about talking before you screwed Tammy” I screamed people were now coming out of school and stopping to see what was going.
“SHHHH” he tried to pull me away.
“Don’t SHHH me, I just caught you with your pants round your ankles” I heard a few gasps and giggles from the people around us “with my best friend straddling you, did you think you could get away with it” I pushed him backwards away from me, I looked up as Tammy appeared around the corner and looked horrified to see the crowd of people “And you I thought you were my friend, so why don’t you just take Sawyer and go fuck each other’s brains out because I am done with both of you”,

I pushed my way through the crowd thank god tomorrow was Saturday and I didn’t have to face too many people, I walked back into the hall and grabbed my purse and opened the rear door and walked out away from the crowds and the parking lot and started to walk home.
“Oh nice perfect end to the evening” I said out loud as there was a huge clap of thunder overhead and large spots of rain fell I just kept walking the rain became torrential a truck pulled up alongside of me.
“Hey you need a ride” a voice called above the rain and thunder I just kept walking the truck drove ahead and pulled across the front of me……..

“Harley right” the voice said I pushed my sopping wet hair out of my face and looked in the open window to see a guy getting out of the driver’s seat and coming round to me he wrapped a blanket round me “Come on I’ll give you a ride you can’t walk all the way home in this storm”. I realized it was Jesse he’s the JV QB and was in a few of my classes he opened the door and I climbed in, he ran round and jumped back in the driver’s seat and pulled away.
“I’m sorry for knocking you over by the way” he smiled stopping at a red light and looking at me “are you Okay you hit the ground pretty hard” my mouth fell open.
“That was you” he nodded “I wasn’t looking where I was going I should really be the one apologizing” he smiled I could see his profile in the street lights, I had always thought Jesse was cute but then again so had most of the girls in school. He was 5’11 with blonde buzzed hair and grey blue eyes, I had spoken to him a few times in passing in the weight room at school (he had really good definition on his arms and legs) Tammy used to joke about wanting him to train without his shirt there I went thinking about Her which made me think of Sawyer.
“You had a bit of a rough night from what I could gather” he said I closed my eyes and sighed.
“You could say that” I shrugged “Oh what the hell am I saying it sucks” he started to laugh I looked at him and raised my eyebrows.
“Sorry but did you really catch them” he looked at me I was biting my lower lip trying not to cry “Shit I’m sorry tact isn’t one of my strong points” I shook my head as we pulled into my driveway.
I took a deep breath “Thank you for giving me a ride home I’ll take the blanket and dry it for you” I said trying to muster up a smile.
“You don’t have to” he said tipping his head to one side, I opened the door and got out.
“I know but I want to I’ll get it back to you Monday” I closed the door and walked up to the house Jesse waited until I had gotten inside before he drove away I want right into the laundry and put the blanket in the washer and switched it on.

“Harley is that you honey” My Mom called out I went into the kitchen where she was making something that smelt wonderful she turned to look at me “What happened to you” she asked.
“Long story Mom and I really don’t want to go over it again tonight” I said kissing her “I’m going to have a hot shower and go to bed”. I walked up to my room and stripped off my wet dress and underwear and got in a steaming hot shower I got out and dried off putting on my Hello Kitty tank and shorts I wrapped my hair up in a towel and sat on my bed rubbing lotion on my legs when my bedroom door flew open.
“OUT I’m not in the mood for dealing with you now” I hissed at my brother he pulled me off the bed into a bear hug.
“You brother scored 20 points in tonight’s annihilation of Taylor High so hug me” I pushed him away.
“Just get out” I said glaring at him then I just burst in to tears.
“Hey what’s wrong” he said his face becoming serious and hugging me as I sobbed in to his shirt, Jordan is exactly 12 months older than me we share the same birthday he was a senior at school and captain of the basket ball team with the chance of a college scholarship through it and they had had a game tonight so he hadn’t been at the dance, his phone buzzed with a message he pulled it out of his pocket with one hand and hugged me with the other.
“Sawyer was screwing Tammy on the baseball field” I punched him in the stomach “OW that’s what Marcs text says” I sat back down on my bed and drew up my knees.
“I found them together on the bleachers” I sniffed wiping my eyes “Sawyer with his pants round his ankles” I looked up at Jordan and saw his jaw was clamped together the thing he always did when he was mad.
“You want me to go talk to him” I shook my head.
“There not worth it they can have each other” I sighed “can you take me to practice tomorrow I know you have the freshman game to go see”.
“Sure sis I’ll let you go to sleep” he walked out closing the door behind him...

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