Nightmares and Dreams

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The second story following If you wore more than jeans and a hoodie. It's summer and schools getting out

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Nightmares and Dreams

Submitted: February 01, 2010

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Submitted: February 01, 2010



........................ I sat on the rocks looking out at the stream flowing past me, the smell of the wild flowers on the warm summer breeze filling the air along with the sound of ATV’s roaring round on one of the trails in the surrounding woods.
“Here you are” Rachel said walking over her hand resting on the round bump under the tight tank “Your Dad called he wants to know what time you guys are going to be done”
“I have no idea they took off about 50 minutes go and I haven’t seen them since” I laughed pulling my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms round them. “And shouldn’t you be putting your feet up” I teased.
“Oh don’t you start Jordan things I’m going to break every time I move” she said sitting on the log by the fire put “I think I might have to kill him if he doesn’t knock it off”
“He’s so nervous about becoming a Dad” I said shaking head.
“I know and you and Wes aren’t helping by reminding him that he dropped you when you were little” she said poking me. “Mind you it does explain a lot” she giggled.
“Hey and here was me thinking I was your favorite sister-in-law” I groaned “okay free babysitting has just been revoked” I said above the roar of the 4 ATV’s that rode through the stream spraying both of us with water. Libby almost fell off the back of Wes’s ATV.
“OMG Really” she moaned swiping my big brother he started to laugh she was soaked from head to toe and the back of her shirt and head were covered in mud.
“Oh you have to admit it was funny” Eli said getting off of his ATV and walking over to me.
“Funny Look at me and I have to go to work in less than an hour” she said poking Eli in the chest now “Damn it Mallory how the hell do you do it” Libby whined turning to look at me.
“I don’t mind getting dirty” I said as Eli pulled me up and kissed me.
“Talking of that” he kissed my neck.
“But I draw the line at getting that dirty out here” I laughed. Eli pouted “and you guys have practice don’t you”
“Oh damn it I forgot about that” Eli groaned. “Wes we need to hurry up or coach will have a fit”
“Take the ATV’s to Jordan’s and I’ll load them and take them home” I said.
“Libby you’d better go with them and you can take a shower in the house” Rachel smiled I’ll grab you some of my things that I used to be about to fit in”
“Thanks” Libby smiled “Brandon I’m riding with you… for some reason I don’t trust my boyfriend right now” she walked over to one of the others and climbed on behind him. Eli took my hand.
‘You riding with me”
“No I’ll walk back with the family Weeble” I said moving before Rachel could hit me.
“Okay I’ll be gone by the time you get up there” he said kissing me “See you later” I nodded “Love you”
“Love you too” I grinned as he jumped back on his ATV and sped after the others. Rachel linked my arm.
“It’s good to see you guys still so happy”
“It feels good” I nodded “Mind you I did want to throw him overboard on your wedding cruise” I laughed as we walked back to the house.
“Hey I wanted to do that with my parents as well” she giggled.
It had been months since all the trouble. My brothers and friends still stuck to me like glue even thought Sam was locked away. I woke up with nightmares almost every night seeing Sams face as he tried to kill me, Eli held me so many times when I woke up unable to catch my breath with tears streaming down my face. I could still see in his eyes the horror of the night he saw me naked lying unconscious on that bed, the girl he loved he’d driven in to the arms of a total monster. But he’d been the one to make people listen and come find me before it was too late, I loved him before it happened and I love him now.
I had to deal with the fact some people thought it was all my fault what happened including my own Mom who’d left all of us 4 years before any of this happened and only came back to lecture me about getting a reputation.
We had two weeks left in school before we had the summer to kick back and have fun…………………………

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