Office Games

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Blue and Orlando have got the company off the ground and both of them are working hard and playing harder especially with each other, but between the two different worlds they both grew up in can he really become as down in the dirt as she knows how to be and can she keep up the poised snobish form his world sometimes demands... and will Victoria and Nate make offers that can't be refused or make up lies that will be believed..............

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Office Games

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Submitted: October 03, 2011



…………… Notice how time flies when you’re having fun, and Notice how much faster it goes when there’s millions of dollars on the table. I was sat across from a guy willing to drop a cool $10million on a house and Barn to house his toys.


As ever Orlando Loughlin was smiling and the perfect… well He was just all around perfect… no… let me get my mind out of the bedroom… Orlando Loughlin is one of the rising stars, if they have them in the Architectural world. At 25 he was Already ahead of his game and had pushed out to make his own company breaking away from the restrictions of the largest Architectural Company in the Midwest (well one of the partner’s daughters to be more precise).


“So Mr. Turner we break ground on this project the 5th of July right after the holiday weekend” Orlando smiled


“That will be perfect. Absolutely perfect” The Client rubbed his pudgy hands together “Now I’m having a get together at the cabin we have for the weekend of the fourth I would love for you to be able to join us… I have a niece that is in college that you might…”


“I’m sorry I have plans for the entire holiday weekend with my girlfriend and her family” Orlando cut him short but with still so much politeness no one could get mad with him.


“Oh you have… I heard at the club you and Victoria” I inhaled sharply. That women’s name was like rubbing salt in to a shark bite “Are you okay my Dear?” Mr. Turner looked at me


“Yes I’m fine” I smiled sweetly at him and got to my feet “I just got poked with a staple” I watched him lick his lips as he looked over my dress that admittedly looked like I’d been sewn into it but it was still business like.


“Do you want me to look at it” I glanced at Orlando as Mr. Turner stepped forward


“No I’m fine, thank you again though” I walked to Orlando’s desk and put the papers on to it


“As I was saying I thought you were on the market With Victoria going to Palm Beach for the summer” He looked back to Orlando “I’ve told my niece all about you”


“That was rumor about Victoria and I” Orlando smiled warmly “I love with my girlfriend Mr. Turner and we are very happy together”


“Is she this hot” He dug into his pocket and pulled out a picture of what I could only assume to be his niece


“While I agree your Niece is beautiful I’m sorry but my girl takes my breath away everytime I look at her” He chuckled “And she’s got six brothers that would rip me apart if I hurt her” Orlando laughed making it even more relaxed


“Well I can’t say I didn’t try” Mr. Turned put his papers and the picture away “Well Have a wonderful Fourth of July weekend Orlando… you too my dear”  he smiled and overly bleached smile at me “And we’l;l be seeing you on the fifth”


“Yes you will and have a happy holiday yourself” Orlando walked him to the office door as i picked up the phone.


Mady * Yes honey

Me * Hey Orlando’s done with Mr. Turner can you put that call in to Japan please

Mady * sure thing and then can I go

Me * I’ll ask the boss

Mady * thank’s Blue


I put the phone down and felt hands on my waist and the firm body that belonged to my boss pressed against me. I looked over my shoulder at him.


“Beautiful?” I cocked my eye brow at him


“Did you not hear what I said about my girlfriend” he laughed “Sometimes I wonder if it was a good thing to have you work here with me”


“Oh Really?’


“Yeah all I want to do” He nipped my neck “IS push you down on this desk and…” The phone rang I picked it up laughing


Me * Yes Mady

Mady * Mr. Tokada is on line 4 for Orlando

Me * Thanks Mady and the boss said it’s okay for you to go and have an awesome holiday weekend

Mady * Okay tanks Blue… and you and Orlando have fun in the Sticks


I moved away from my Horny boss come boyfriend.


“You have a phone conference with Mr. Tokada right now” I batted my eye lashes at him


“We still going to dinner with Kent and Dallas?” He asked picking up the phone, I nodded


“I have paperwork to finish up and then they’re meeting us here in about 20 minutes”


“Okay” I walked to my office door “Hey Blue” I looked back at him “I love you” I grinned I could never get tired of hearing those words from him at all.


“Love you too Mr. Loughlin” I winked at him and pulled the door closed as the phone on my desk rang.


Me * Loughlin Architectural. This is Blue.

Dallas * hey hot stuff, guess who we just saw

Me * okay can’t be Brad Pitt other it would be Kent calling me to tell me you’d had a heart attack

Kent * No it was Bitchtoria… with something, something

Me * and I’d care why?

Dallas * see was in the line in Starbucks on her phone and well you know I can’t help but overhear

Me * you mean eavesdrop

Dallas * Semantics baby semantics

Kent * will you just spit it out your killing the girl

Dallas Hey keep that up and you’ll be using Blue’s B.O.B. tonight

Me * hey and EW….

Dallas * what we cleaned it last time

Me * Oh I’m going to throw up and again EWWW

Kent * Blue she’s telling people her and Orlando are still seeing each other without anyone else knowing

Me * you have to be kidding me

Dallas * nope I was going to tip my Moccachocatinolatte over her but it tasted to damn good

Kent * we’re in the lobby and heading up to you right now

Me * okay


I hung up I knew she’d been quiet for too long now the Bitch was back……………..


Blues Outfit



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