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Chapter 10 (v.1) - You busy

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Submitted: October 11, 2011



.......................  River sat down across the kitchen table from Orlando,


“Her insecurity has sky rocketed” River started


“But why we were all good and then…” Orlando looked confused


“My sister can be a tough assed stubborn daughter of a bitch” Orlando smiled a little “But that’s probably because she was raised with us six guys she had no choice other than to toughen up which isn’t always a good thing… but she never really had many girlfriends other than Dallas” They both chuckled a little at that “All the girls wanted to use her to get to her brothers not that we minded at all hell we were all laid by the time we were fifteen” River took a drink from the water bottle in front of him “But we didn’t realize that every time she was used it knocked a chunk off of her self-confidence and then she got mixed up with Nate and well we all know how that ended”


“Yeah but what’s that got to do with what happened yesterday” Orlando put his arms on the table


“The meeting you had yesterday with some guy”


“Mr. Turner” Orlando nodded ‘We’re building him a new house and barn”


“He tried to set you up with his niece right”


“Yeah but I told him I was with someone and was living with them” Orlando shrugged


“Yeah and did he know it was Blue?”


“No… he thought it was… Aw hell” He groaned putting his head down on the table “He thought I was with Victoria”


“Yup… how long have you and Blue been together?”


“Four months” He looked back at River


“Four months and people are still thinking she’s your secretary not your girlfriend, people are either not listening when they are being told or you’re not telling them” River folded his arms over his chest “I like you I really do but my priority is my sister”


“She’s mine as well” Orlando snapped “It’s My Mother telling people all this stuff and people with listen to her over me it’s a old money thing and I’m supposed to be the one to marry well and my mother things that Blue isn’t good enough” The nerve in River’s jaw twitched “I said my Mother not me. I’m head over heels in love with her and hell I’d give up the apartment, the cars and the money if that was what she wanted. I’d move here and work dawn till dusk to give her everything I could” River took a deep breath


“She saw Nate outside the bar last night and he told her she’d never be good enough for a man like you all she was good for was go be with a farm boy”


“And you let him?” Orlando banged his hands on the table “What happened to her being your priority”


“She stopped me and Derek from wiping the floor with him” River sat back calmly


“And that doesn’t bother you?” Orlando got up and walked to the sink and looked out across the yard


“Bother me… it drives me insane that none of my brothers took him down when it all went down… it bothers me I was half way round the world and no one told me what was happening because they didn’t think I should be worrying about it… it bothers me that my god damn twin brother is still friends with the fucking ass hole that treated his sister like dirt… it bothers me that she can’t let go of the past and move on more had to have happened with Nate then she’s let on” River’s voice cracked a little at the end, he took a shaky breath “She thinks she’s below you… she believes that you are out of her league and her bubble is going to burst soon… she panicked though when she took the call from the Jewelers”




“They told her the Diamond ring you ordered was ready”


“Yeah… I have it in the car I’ll go get it”


“Orlando think about what I just said” A smile toyed on River’s lips “The DIAMOND RING YOU ordered was ready” he reiterated Orlando looked at him blankly for a few minutes


“OOOO No… Oh god… damn it she… oh not good” He walked slowly back to the table and sat down “I mean I would but… it’s not… you know it’s… Oh shit” Orlando put his head down as River started to laugh “Dude it’s not funny”


“Oh it is, because she’s going to die when she finds out the truth about it” River got up and walked to the door “You coming out she’s heading back right now” Orlando looked at him and frowned looking out of the window “You can hear the Four wheeler coming and she’s the only one on one right now” he held the door open “Hey is the party still happening?”


“Well if I can get Blue to listen to me then everything will be back on track” Orlando sighed “damn so she panicked because of the ring” River just nodded as I turned the corner on two wheels with a squealing Kent clinging on for dear life  as a cloud of dust trailed us I skidded to a halt


“You’re trying to kill me” Kent got of shaking “Oh you’re evil Blue’ He gasped for breath


“Oh you said you’d ridden fast before so I took you fast” I pulled  the ball cap off my head and put it on backwards as I looked at him


“I was talking about ridding Dallas”


“DUDE TMI” Luke yelled from the hay loft


“Sorry” Kent put his hand up and looked back at me and his eyes got wide “Blue” he nodded over my shoulder I turned round Orlando was standing looking at me, I swallowed hard my feet seeming to root themselves to the spot.


“Hi” He pushed his hands into his pockets “You busy?”………..

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