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Chapter 11 (v.1) - something to think about

Submitted: October 11, 2011

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Submitted: October 11, 2011



.......................  “No she’s not” Riley called over from where he had the hood up on the tractor.


“You can go into town and get the part we need since jack ass didn’t go” Jason called out as Riley gave him the finger


“Sure can I get the truck keys” I nodded not taking my eyes off of Orlando


“Heads up” Riley called out as he threw the keys at me I caught them and walked toward Orlando.


“It’s not the same as the Camaro but” I shrugged


“I don’t care” he face remained passive I dropped my eyes he was my perfect man but Cinderella was a lying bitch no such thing as a rags to riches story the prince had to end up with a really princess right”


I walked to the beat up old farm truck and yanked open the door hearing the groan of the old steel hinges protesting I climbed in and waited for Orlando to get in the passenger side the door making a similar sound and then the dull thunk as he shut it. I looked at River who was talking to Jason in the middle of the yard, he smiled at me in the way he did when he knew I was scared about something. I wanted to burst in to tears right here and now as I fired up the truck and cranked down the window with the winder, I pulled out of the farm and onto the road and headed for town my knuckles almost white on the wheel.


“Why did you run?” okay so we were going right into it were we


“I needed space I told you”


“bullshit… tell me the truth”


“Why did you come?”


“Because I love you and I want to try to find out what the fuck’s going on… I want my girlfriend back I want my PA back I want my Blue back”


“Why?” I glanced at him “Why me Orlando… why the girl with nothing, why look at me and think I’ll have her over anyone else?” I was choking up “Why would you make me so damn hot for you and then back away and tell me it’s because  you wanted me all night and because I wanted to come here you were holding out on me”


“We’ve done it before Blue” He shook his head “we’ve wound each other u to the point of coming in public places and pulled away to leave each other wanting more this was no fucking different” I snapped “Hell I live to hear you call my name and beg me for more Blue All I wanted you for was to screw” My face fell and I slammed on the brakes as we pulled into the supply store “Is that what you want to hear” He grabbed my wrist “Is it You want me to tell you how turned on I get touching you knowing other guys want you” I tried to pull away from him but he held firm but not as to hurt me “You need me to tell you how good it makes me feel when I’m in you screwing the living hell out of you” I couldn’t look at him “You want me to tell you how many times I’ve thought about how horny I can make you just by kissing your neck and how many times the sheer erotic images of you bent over the island in the kitchen have invaded my thoughts”


“Stop” I burst into tears


“Why? Tell me why I should stop Blue all of those things are true every single one of them but they are not the reason you are in my bed every night… they are not the reason I smile when I wake up” he grip lessened  on my wrist “They are nothing to do with the pride I feel walking in anywhere with you… Blue I’m in love with you but this barrier you have the walls you’ve got up are starting to hold me back and push me out and I’m scared… I’m scared I’m losing you and hell I don’t know what I’m going to do without you”


“Oh god” I turned in the seat and put my head in the wheel


“Fuck Blue stop shutting me out… it’s me for god sake…” I looked at him “It’s me” he pulled his phone from his pocket “Look think about what I said and if you want to talk meet me in the bar tonight… I’ll stay out of your way till them” He got out of the truck and slammed the door I watched him as he out his phone to his ear


Hey River… yeah any chance of a ride your sister needs some time to think things over… Sure I’ll find it” he hung up and didn’t look back as he crossed the street. my chest hurt like a lead weight was on it I cranked the truck into reverse and slammed my foot on the gas screw the part I was going home…………….

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