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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Gaytime

Submitted: October 12, 2011

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Submitted: October 12, 2011



……………………. “Damn that was fast” David called out as I got out of the truck and slammed the door “Hey” I moved across the yard and into the house running up the stairs two at a time I slammed the bathroom door and latched it I turned on the shower I sat down on the lid of the toilet and let the tears fall  I tugged off the ball cap and the rest of my dusty grimy clothes and stepped under the near scalding water I heard the bathroom door knock I ignored it.


“You okay” I jumped at the sound of Dallas’s voice


“I’m in the shower”


“Well I know that but as you’re the leading gay in your life I’m the one allowed in here girl” I turned off the water and put my hand round the shower curtain Dallas handed me a towel. I wrapped it round myself and stepped out and took the second towel from him and wrapped my hair in it and looked at Dallas. “So you need a hug?” I nodded He wrapped his arms round me and hugged me tight “you want to talk about it?’  I shook my head “you know what I think”


“What?” I sniffed


“You need that man more than you’ll admit to yourself” I went to pull away from him “no” he held tight “Stop for two minutes. Orlando is here for you. He came for you he’s not out chasing someone else, he’s not blowing you off, he came after you Blue… give him a chance… talk to him open up to him for god sake you deserve him”


“I’m scared I’m going to get left high and dry again” I felt my lip quiver


“Okay Stop with the bullshit… stop letting fuckers like Cade and Like Nate and hell Victoria for that matter wear you down you are better than all of them out together” He held my face in his hands “You have six brothers that loved the hell out of you, you have me and Kent and you have everything you’ve worked your ass off to get… You’re not the hick kid anymore. You’ve become one of the most beautiful people I know inside and out” He kissed my fore head “you need to go get your man back”


“He wants to meet me in the bar”


“Well get your ass dressed… or hell go naked and you’ll have him on his knees” I looked at him “Fine wear clothes but please get that man back we all need him” he winked at me and Kissed both of my cheeks “He’s with River right now by the way” I nodded as Dallas walked to the bathroom door “Call him and tell him to get the beer in for the two of you and the nice thing is it’s the middle of the day so Nate’s not going to be around” He closed the door after him.


I leant on the egde of the sink, I looked like hell right now. I picked up the dirty clothes from the floor and dumped them in the laundry basket and crossed the hall to my room I picked my phone up from the nightstand and it redial.


Orlando * hey


He sounded like he’d been crying


Me * I’m sorry…

Orlando * please don’t tell me you’re not meeting me


His voice cracked again


Me * No… I’m sorry for everything… I want to  meet you… I want to explain a few things to you

Orlando * I’m in the bar with River, bring the  Camaro… when will you be here?... do you want me to get you something to eat


He was gabbling


Me * No it’s okay I’ll be there in 20minutes

Orlando * Okay


I hung up the phone and walked to my closet and smiled at some of my old clothes I shed the towel and slipped on a simple floral summer dress I’d made when I was in high school, I pulled on my cowboy boots and I slicked a coat of gloss on my lips and a light make up on my eyes. I tried not to think about what I was going to have to say to make Orlando understand how I was feeling. I walked down the stairs all the gys were round the table eating lunch.


“Well don’t you look cute” Kent laughed “you want my hat”


“I’m good” I shook my head and picked up Orlando’s keys from the counter


“where you going?” Jason asked


“To talk to Orlando”


“I hope he’s willing to take your ass back” Riley pushed his chair away from the table and put his plate in the dishwasher “Because I’ll kick your ass for letting him go” I looked at the others and then at Riley “What?”


“Okay who are you and where’s the ass that’s the normal Riley?” Luke laughed


“Okay watched it” he looked at Luke “And I’m just saying it’s about time blue pulled her act together and do what she needs to”


“Okay you’re freaking me the hell out” I shook my head and walked to the door


“Hey do you have underwear on?” Dallas called out


“Nope” I pushed open the door and stepped out in to the heat of the afternoon


“Okay well I think I’m about to lose my lunch” David groaned “That’s my little sister”


“Hey you should hear the locker room shit I deal with about her” Luke got up from the table and walked to the door “She is going to be okay right?” He looked round at the others


“She always is Luke” David smiled at him “We just need to make sure she knows she’s the best sister we have”…………..


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