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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Bombshell

Submitted: October 12, 2011

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Submitted: October 12, 2011



……………………. I pulled into the parking lot next to Rivers car. I stepped out and walked into the bar River and Orlando were sitting at a table away from the  actual bar while a smattering of regulars were watching a ball game on the screen.


“Hey Blue’ the Bar tender waved at me


“Hi” I walked over to the table River sank his beer and got up


“Hey you” he kissed my cheek “I’ll go back to the Farm and sort out”


“Thanks River” Orlando looked at him


“No worries” River walked out of the bar


“You look cute” He smiled nervously at me


“Thanks” I looked at the Bar “Hey Shannon can I get a beer”


“Sure” she smiled at me I sat down


“I’m sorry for going off at you” Orlando blurted out “I shouldn’t have done it”


“I deserved it” I smiled at Shannon and she brought over my beer and walked away. I toyed with the bottle


“What’s wrong Blue” he reached for my hand and stroked my fingers with his


“I am… I took out my insecurities on you”


“You think I’m going to leave you?” He asked moving his chair closer, I nodded “Why…? What have I done to make you think that”


“Nothing that’s just it it’s not you doing anything it’s other people and the way they react to you” I looked at him “You and I are poles apart and we both know it no fancy cars and thousand dollar shoes can ever change that” He sighed and shook his head “Hear me out, we go out to dinner and people think you are on a business meeting people talk still about you and Victoria hell some guy wanted to fix you up with his niece even after you tell him you live with a girl”


“What do you want me to do Blue? I tell people and that are just too damn ignorant and stupid to get it through their thick heads” He let go of my hands “All I care about is you and me fuck the others and what they think… let it go Blue”


“It’s hard” I looked at him and then at the table “I’ve lived my life having to be treated like crap by people  and now it’s happening all over again”


‘You saying I’m treating you like crap” He became defensive


“No” I grabbed his arm “I’m saying I have walls up for a reason because they’ve been up for so long I don’t like feeling vulnerable…”


“I try to protect you and you shut me down” He moaned “What the hell happened to get you like this”


“Nate happened and you know it” I sniffed everything wanted to pour out of me things no one knew, not River, not Dallas not anyone


“Everything has to come back to him” Orlando ground his teeth “I don’t’ think anyone has quite pissed m off as much as this guy… but I’m not him… I’m not the douche bag that took your money” He looked in pain as he said it “Forget him… you have me”


“I know but… but there are things about him and me that…” I stalled and dropped my head into my hands, I felt a wave of nausea wash over me I got  of the stool  and ran out to the parking lot a braced my hands on the side of Orlando’s’ car and sucked in a lung full of heavy summer air. I heard the bar door bang and the quick sound of running feet


“Blue” Orlando’s hands were on my shoulders “Talk to me please” He turned me to face him “Look at me” I looked ay him his eyes searching my face “You’re scaring me”


“I lied to you” I dropped my eyes from his. His hands fell from my shoulders “I lied to a lot of people” I could feel myself start to shake like I’d walked out in January in a t-shirt and shorts.


“What do you mean you lied?’ His voice was hard and strained


“I didn’t want to I swear to you” I looked at him and dropped my eyes again

“Blue spit it out what the hell did you lie about?” He demanded I heard cars pull up and the sound of doors slamming and the distinct sound of my brothers laughter. I wanted to shut down right there and then “Damn it Blue will you just tell me… if you love me let me in and tell me”


“You’ll hate me” I managed to look at him irritation was now written on his face


“How the fuck can I hate you if you don’t tell me” he threw out his arms making me recoil from him a little


“I had sex with guys for money” I blurted out Orlando staggered back horrified  “I didn’t want to” I reached for him he didn’t move, I pulled my arm back to me “I just wanted to go home” I felt my knees buckle as I slid down the side of the car into the dust of the gravel on the lot “I wanted to go home” I sobbed Orlando looked up at the Faces of Riley David, River and Jason, the four of them looking in total shock and horror at hearing the revealation…………..

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