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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Confrontation

Submitted: October 13, 2011

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Submitted: October 13, 2011



…………. Orlando lifted my face to his

“Stay here with your Brother” He said quietly he looked at a shell shocked Luke “Stay with her”

“Like hell she’s my sister I want to go beat his ass”

“And so does the rest of us but someone needs to be here with Blue” Derek said from the doorway

“I’ll stay with her” Kent pushed off the wall where he’d been standing with a now agitagted Dallas “You guys go show this ass hole he doesn’t mess with Blue” he looked at Dallas “and you don’t get hurt”

“I won’t Dallas” kissed him quickly As he walked out With Derek and David

“I didn’t want to” I looked at Orlando “I swear I didn’t’ He closed his eyes and rested his forehead against mine for a minute

“Stay with Kent okay” He pressed his lips to my temple and let go of me as he and Luke steamrolled out of the door. Kent wrapped his arms round me and I broke down again

“Okay Come on Let’s get you up stairs to bed” He braced me and helped me up to my room laying me down as my body shook with the emotion of finally letting it all go Kent pulled off my boots and pulled a blanket over me He climbed on the bed and held me tight making me feel secure as I cried myself to sleep……

……. ‘Where’s he going to be?” River demanded looking at Riley

“He’s gone fishing off of old Lake” Riley pulled open the door on his truck “I’m going you stay here”

“Like hell” Derek Snapped “This time we do what we should have done 3 years ago”

“I’m going alone”

“No you’re not” Orlando walked out of the house “Dude we all have the right to beat the living shit outta this ass… I’m living with her, I love her and she held this in from all of us because in her mind she thinks she was paid to have sex” He stalked through my other brother to stand in front of Riley “She was gang raped at fucking gun point how the hell she even functions is right now something I can’t get my head round”

“And she’s my sister and I let her down” Riley looked at the floor

“Stop all the damn stupid arguing” Luke pushed in between them

“You fucked up by taking his side…” he shoved Riley “You need to do more to make my sister not feel like she’s not good enough” He poked Orlando “all of us suck at being brothers for letting this go on” He pulled open the door on the Camaro “And I call shotgun in this” He got in

“Well we just got told by a 17year old” Jason groaned “We all go and do what we need to do” everyone nodded and got into cars and trucks.

They drove twenty minutes outside of town and turned off on to a dirt road the lead to a lake where we all used to go swimming and fishing without our parents around hell more than one virginity was lost round that lake. Riley was out of the truck before he’d turned off the engine sending River lurching to the brake and the keys.

“God damn it” Orlando groaned throwing the car into park and getting out all of the guys were racing after him

“Ri wait” River called out but Riley kept going spotting Nate sprawled on a rock in the sun with a girl on top of him, her head bobbing up and down in his lap his fingers buried in her shorts.

“You Mother Fucker” Riley launched himself at Nate

“Oh Shit” Orlando and River stepped it up Orlando catching the girl as she squealed and lurched away from Nate “You’d better go home and stay away from him” He stood her up “He’s bad he’s really bad” She looked at Orlando “Leave NOW” She grabbed her bag and ran down the trail

“What the hell?” Nate Yelled as Riley Landed the first punch

“I let it ride you stole from my Family” Riley Landed a second punch “because I hated my sister was a stripper more than I hated you”

“You’re fucking insane” Nate caught Riley with a cross

“What did you do” Orlando grabbed him “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO HER?”

“Oooo rich boys’ back” Nate laughed “can’t get enough of her sweet country ass Huh?” He shook his head “Looks good riding doesn’t she, looks just as good getting fucked by other dudes as well”

Orlando saw nothing but red as he landed his first punch followed by a second and third in rapid fire succession, the years of training and the years he spent actually in the ring fighting all coming right to him

“Orlando Stop” River Grabbed him and pulled him off “Last thing Blue needs is you getting locked up for murder” He hissed in his ear as Derek hauled a battered and bleeding Nate to his feet Orlando struggled against him “Stop Weall want to hurt him” River jerked him again

“I should kill you” Riley growled “You put a gun in my sisters mouth and terrified her while you got guys to rape her” Jason and Luke held Riley

“Like you give a fuck you laughed about it when we told you five of us had one girl”

“I didn’t know you were talking about my sister and you said she was all for it” Riley lunged at him again breaking out from Luke and Jason knocking Nate to the ground again “You ever even think of breathing at my sister, you ever think of being in the same place as her I will Kill you I will do time for my sister to get you out of her life” Riley pushed off of Nate and stepped back “It’s no idle threat I will hunt your ass down and I will take you out” Riley walked back down the trail.

‘Consider this you’re lucky Day” River Glared at Nate as he let go of Orlando “But this is your one and only warning, I’ve been to warzone I’ve killed, I know how to get rid of things so they will never be found and I have friends that will help me out”………………..

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