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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Ring

Submitted: October 13, 2011

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Submitted: October 13, 2011



…………. Orlando pulled back a little but kept his body tight against mine his thumb rubbing along my jaw he’s breathing ragged and giving away what the kiss had done to him.

“I love you” He murmured

“How can you?”

“Do I need to show you how much I love you” He lifted my face to his “Blue it’ wasn’t your fault what happened… you need to understand I’m not here to judge you I’m here to bring you home back to our apartment, our business” He kissed my neck “Our Bed… Please Blue come home… I want my girl back. I want my PA back. I want you”

“Even with” He pressed his mouth to mine again before pulling back

“I don’t’ care about what happened I care it hurts you and I care you’ve had to hold it in but I still love you I still want you to be you… He let go of me a little “Unlesss you don’t… Shit” He turned away from me

“Orlando” I reached for him

“Do you still want me is what I should ask?” He looked over his shoulder at me “I mean with everything”

“Oh god I want you” I turned him round to me “I want you so much it hurts I just felt scared I wasn’t good enough and then all of this snow balled and I know about the ring” I chewed my lip a smiled broke out on his lips and he got a twinkle in his eye “Orlando I don’t know if I’m or you for that matter are ready to…”

“Come with me” He took my hand lacing his fingers with mine


“Come with me down stairs” I stalled as I heard the guys talking in the kitchen “It’s okay” he could feel my fear about having to face them “I promise you it’s okay” He squeezed my hand, I Nodded and followed him down the stairs “Hey guys” they all looked round at him as I stepped out from behind him.

“Hey you” River got up and walked over to me and hugged me tight ‘Sleep okay” I nodded

“Yeah Momma bear here wouldn’t let us come up and check on you” David smiled as he leant on the sink and pointed to Kent.

“Orlando only snuck up there because I went to pee” Kent winked at me

“You look like hell” Riley came over and rubbed my arms I caught sight of his hands and got wide eyed “Later okay” He knew I wanted to ask about it

“Okay you guys I have something to say” Orlando pulled out a chair for me to sit in

“Oh God” Dallas rolled his eyes

“You all know I love Blue and you all know she lives with me” My heart was going to explode right now how they hell was I going to tell him I wasn’t ready for this in front of all the guys “But she knows about the ring” the guys all looked at me I frowned had he told all of my brothers about wanting to get engaged

“You know about it?” Luke splutter “Aw hell”

“I took the call from the Jewelers telling Orlando it was ready to be collected”

“Damn it” Jason groaned

“Well Looks like your birthday is going to be a few days early then” River smiled Derek walked out of the room as Orlando moved to my side and bent down looking like he was about to get on one knee, I wanted to throw up.

“Orlan…” Derek walked back in to the room and placed down a box on the table in front of me ‘What the…”

“Happy birthday” River smiled at me “We sort of pooled money together to get you this”

“It’s because we’re proud of you for beating the odds and getting an awesome job and kicking ass in the city” River rubbed the back of his neck “Even if some of us don’t show it or say it” He looked down

“And it’s because well you’re the best sister we have” Jason teased dropping a kiss on my head

“And well we have no idea how to go about using a fancy jeweler store so we kinda roped Orlando into helping out with that” David chuckled “and hell he’s pretty good at telling people what he wants or well what we sort of wanted” he fidgeted

“Hell will you just open your gift” Luke smiled poking the box at me

“Seven Diamonds one for each of us you’re the one in the middle” Riley pointed out as I opened the box

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