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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Good to laugh

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Submitted: October 17, 2011



……. I walked back in to the house Orlando was the only one in there.


“Where’s everyone else?”


“Doing stuff” He reached for my hand “This looks pretty” he smiled looking at the ring


“Thank you for helping them out”


“It was the least I could do… you ready to go home” I nodded “You’re family is going to come to the city and we’ll take them out for dinner for your birthday”


“Thank you” I kissed him “I’m still feeling…”


“Disappointed I didn’t drop to one knee and ask you to marry me” He smiled I felt my cheeks burn scarlet again “Dallas told me what you thought”


“I’ll kill him I’ll make him walk round in stone washed jeans and a polyester shirt” I rubbed the back of my neck


“Would it be so bad to be my wife?” he cocked his head


“Orlando” I groaned


“Sorry” He grinned  “But would you really have freaked out if I had?”


“The way I was feeling…” I took a deep breath “yes I would have freaked out”


“Well good to know” He looked a little hurt.


“I don’t want to fight with you” I picked up the cups the guys had left on the table and put them away in the dishwasher “I’m not saying I don’t want to I’m just…” He moved behind me putting his hands on my hips pressing me in to the sink


“Okay… I did well I did think about asking you but… well… when I do I’m going to make sure everyone knows about it” he moved my hair and kissed the back of my neck “I’m going to make it memorable when I do propose” he kissed the soft spot below my ear, a moan escaped my lips “you won’t be expecting it  at all” He slid one hand round my stomach and pulled me back into him “I know we’re going to be together after this nothing can come between us” I closed my eyes and leant back into him “I’m there to take care of you” his hand gently lifted the front of my  dress his fingers toyed with the top on my underwear “I love you and I want you ever minute of every day…” Orlando’s fingers dipped inside and found their target rubbing lightly.


“Oh Damn” I bit my lip


“Mind and body I want you” He breathed in my ear as a finger disappeared in me I felt my knees buckle a little as he slipped another finger in me


“Jeez In the kitchen guys please” We sprang apart as David stood in the doorway “And Orlando that’s my baby sister”


“OMG David” I hung my head


“Well we eat in this kitchen and last thing I need to thing of is him doing that with you in here” He put his hands on his hips “It’s Icky”


“Oh Like the time I found you and Sharon Mason naked and humping each others ass off in the bathroom why do you think my showers as less than 5 minutes in there” I cocked m y head


“Five minutes you take 20 minute ones at home” Orlando looked at me


“My Brother was doing the nasty like in the kitchen with the ice Nasty in the shower upstairs” Orlando grinned for a minute and then looked at David and shuddered David was squeezing his eyes tight.


“Nice” Orladno laughed


“Oh God” I groaned


“So you guys are going to come to the city and come for dinner the day after tomorrow?” Orlando changed the subject


“Yes” David walked further into the kitchen “You okay with putting us all up in that hotel for the night?”


“More than okay and I know the owner” Orlando nodded ‘We’re going to head off tonight so I can try to make up some of the bad crap to Blue” He put his arm round me “and spoil her a little tomorrow with some shopping” I looked at him “What it’s your birthday I get to spoil you and anyway we have to make sure we have everything we need for the Japan trip at the end of next week” I nodded


“You guys out the country again?’ David picked up and invoice from Dads Desk


“Yep we head to Japan via Hawaii on Friday next week” I looked at him




“Yep we have a meeting with Christine Sommers”


“Kroeger” David and I corrected him


“Sorry yeah I forgot she married him” Orlando chuckled


“Lucky Son of a bitch” David sighed “She’s hot as hell, did you see her at those Awards in that long coat and the leather…” His eyes glazed over making Orlando and I laugh I walked over to him and picked up my cell phone and scrolled through the numbers and held it up to him. He looked at the screen “You have her number in your cell phone”


“She’s a client and she’s got a thing for your sisters shoes” Orlando laughed


“She’s sweet” I shrugged “Helps her husband is” I shuddered


“Hey” Orlando pokje my ribs


“Sorry… but hell a man that can sing like he does is well”


“Happily Married” Orlando cocked his head


“Window shopping not buying and I saw the look you got the first time you saw Chris” I shook my head, it felt good to laugh after the past 24 hours “You almost fell over your tongue”


“Okay I’m officially jealous” David held up his hands ‘You guys have one hell of a life”


“It’s hard work Dave” I sighed “Not manual like you guys but damn it’s hard”.


We said bye to the others Kent and Dallas were staying with the guys and coming with then the following day, Orlando settled into the driver his one hand on the wheel his other hand holding my hand his thumb rubbing the back of my hand  as the Camaro ate the miles heading back to the city, my mind couldn’t help but wonder if the stuff with Nate was finally over


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