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Chapter 20 (v.1) - Home again

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Submitted: October 17, 2011



……. I opened my eyes the sounds of the door buzzer walking me I looked at the clock it was a little after nine in the morning Orlando was sound asleep the marks on his back left from my finger nails from the night before, I got out of bed my legs still like Jello I grabbed his t-shirt from the floor and pulled it on I looked back at him and smiled hell that man had the stamina of a race horse, the buzzer went off again snapping my mind from where it was. I opened the bedroom door all the cushions were on the floor from the couch along with my dress and underwear. I unlocked the door.

“I have a delivery for a Miss Stevens” the guy smiled at me looking em up and down

“That’s me” I nodded he handed me a huge Vase filled with Calla lilies “Wow”

“Have a good Day”

“Yeah you too” I stepped back taking the vase into the apartment and kicked the door closed I put them on the counter top between the kitchen and the living room and pulled out the card tucked in the center of the flowers

Just one thing to start of the the birthday treats

Much more to come…

I love you


I smiled and walked back into our bedroom And jumped on the bed on top of Orlando and Kissed the back of his neck,

“Okay As much as I love you being on top it scares me then you try to pull a Dallas kinda move” He moaned

“That’s not nice” I swatted him and anyway I think Dallas like to be the taker not the giver” I rolled off him and lay next to him

“Okay Too much information on the our resident gay friend” He moved onto his back and stretched “Good morning” He smiled at me

“I love you… and thank you”

“You’re welcome but I should thank you as well last night that thing you did when you…” I pressed my lips to his shutting him up.

‘I was talking about the flowers they are amazing thank you”

“They came already” He put his arm round me and pulled me to him

“Yes they came and they are beautiful” I pulled the sheet off of him He reached up and touched the side of my face as I moved over the top of him.

“Did you read the card?” I nodded I reached behind me and trailed my fingers over his thighs, He gripped my hips “I mean it there’s a lot more to come” I licked my lips and moved taking him inside of me he sucked in air “Damn”

He held me tight and pushed up into me Making me moan his name, he flipped me on to my back without separating he hooked my knees over his arms and pushed harder into me. His full weight was on me his mouth was on my neck. Each stroke filled me made me hotter and more turned on than I thought possible, after everything that had happened and everything that he’d found out he was still loving me harder than every time before. His breathing became quicker as he pressed hard in me for pone last time the heat from him poured into me as he let go and shuddered his release. I smiled and stroked his hair he looked at me and smiled

“I’m sorry you just drive me” I kissed him “I wanted to last longer”

“I don’t care” He moved to the side and I snuggled into the side of his neck

“I do you know that” He kissed my temple

“I’m just happy to be home again” I looked round at the floor to ceiling picture window we had in our bedroom that over looked the water

“You didn’t’ have to leave you could have just told me you know” he snuggled up behind me.

“How did you want me to even bring that up in conversation” I turned in his arms and faced him “I’ve pushed those details out of my mind for years now and between hearing People think you and Victoria are still and item the whole not feeling good enough and then Nate opening his damn mouth” I rolled on to my back

“Okay well I know now” he turned my face to his “Let’s go shower and I’m taking you out to treat you for your birthday as in you are getting and entire outfit to wear when we go out”

“You don’t have to… the flowers are perfect”

“Yeah okay Baby the flowers are part of it that’s all, you’re brothers went all out on this” he lifted my hand with the ring on it “I’m not going to be the lame boyfriend that gets you flowers and noting else”

“You’re paying for my family to stay in a hotel the fact you even like my family is enough” I got out of bed and walked across to the bathroom He propped himself up on his arm

“I love your family and how normal they are… hello you’ve met mine remember”

“I know at least your sister’s loosening up a little now she’s getting her rocks off with a Marine’

“Okay and thank you for reminding me of that fact” he got out of bed and walked over to me

“Hey nothing wrong with Marines” I poked him in the chest

“I wasn’t knocking the Marine part my sister having sex is the part I don’t like” He reached into the shower and turned on the water.

“But it’s okay for you to have sex with a girl that’s the sister of six guys”

“Hell yeah that’s different” he chuckled “Now Miss Stevens I think we need to talk business in the shower”………..

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