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Chapter 22 (v.1) - Stranger

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Submitted: October 18, 2011



……. The Valet opened the car door and offered me his hand to help me get out Orlando walked round and handed him the keys and took the tag from him and slipped his arm round my waist as we walked up the steps.

“Ready?’ He asked as he opened the door for me

“Game face on Mr. Loughlin” I teased making sure my hips made the most of the tight fabric as I stepped across the marble entryway

“Nice” The doorman sigh, Orlando cocked his eye brow at him “Sorry Sir” the door man flushed.

“Hey Baby you coming” I looked over my shoulder and batted my eye lashes at him

“I’m coming” Orlando smirked and walked over to me taking my hand in his “You are going to get spanked tonight if you keep it up” he breathed as he smiled at a few people that acknowledged him

“Is that a promise because all I’m doing is making the overweight balding rich guys and the 50 something’s all get hardons to make a porn star blush” I stopped walking and looked at him “People are going to start noticing the girl you’re with from tonight Orlando end of story” I put my hands on his face and kissed him “And then you get to take me home and have fun” I murmured in his ear

“Okay you need to stop that” He moaned “or I’ll be taking you in the bathroom” I pulled back from his and winked

“Wouldn’t’ be the first time would it” He shook his head and laughed

“Mr. Loughlin” the old Crone that looked like a vulture was at the Maitre d’s desk “Are you hear to join your Mother?”

“No Audrey I’m here for a nice dinner with my girlfriend” He turned on his charm “I’m all hers tonight”

“I’ll get you a table if you’d like to wait for her in the bar… I see you have your…” He paused and looked me up and down “Assistant with you” Orlando kept a hold of me as he felt me tense up.

“No I have my Girlfriend with me”

“Really” She looked down her nose “hmmm… well if you’d like to take her to the bar I’ll have someone get you when the table is ready”

“Do you have a problem with Blue?” Orlando asked the calm sweetness still on his face.

“No… not at all Mr. Loughlin” She shook her head the redness rising up her old scraggy neck

“Well respect for your paying customers wouldn’t go amiss” He put his arm round my waist “Lets go to the bar I think we need a drink” I walked with him

“Shes one old crow I’d love to see her face if you walked in her with Dallas”

“I’s like to see the face of half the guys in here” he kissed my cheek as he ordered our drinks I sat on the stool next to the bar. “So my mother is here?’ he scanned the room

“Oh nice another of my fans” I picked up the glass of wine and took a drink

“Orlando My boy” Orlando lurched forward as a hand was thumped on his back “You’re Mother was just talking about you” I raised and eyebrow as Orlando turned round.

“Uncle Jerry” He hugged him “Well when did you get into town?”

“Just a flying visit I’m off to Africa tomorrow evening damn UN business” He looked like one of those old men you see in the 30’s movies his hair slicked back peppered with grey above eyes that could be filled with mischief, his suit impeccably tailored in a light linen “I hear you’ve ditched the stick insect and took uop with a real floozy” I almost choked on my wine “You’ve really rattled your mothers cage with this girl… but your Dad said she’s amazing and hell if he was 30 years younger he’d hit it” Okay ew “I’d like to see this one if she gets that reaction from your Dad I’m the charmer in the Loughlin Family… You’d stand no chance” he was beaming and a friendly way at Orlando “I’d charm the underwear right off of her” he laughed

“I’d need to be wearing some first” I interjected Orlando and his Uncle looked at me Jerry was wide eyed and blinking

“Er… Uncle Jerry” Orlando was trying to control his smirk “Blue Stevens… Blue this is…” His uncle lifted my hand

“Jeremy Loughlin, his dashing uncle, all round charmer and Blackish sheep of the family” He pressed his lips to my hand

“Okay you old goat let go of the girl” Orlando’s Dad walked over and smiled at me and bent and kissed my cheek “Blue you look beautiful as ever”

“Thank you”

“You’d hit it would you Dad?” Orlando moved next to me smiling

“Oh God you and your run away mouth Jerry” he groaned looking at his brother

“Hey well if you hadn’t settled down with a woman that has a damn Pole up her ass you could have still been sowing the wild oats” Jerry Grinned Orlando cough “Oh but then I wouldn’t have my amazing Niece and nephew…”

“Thank you” Orlando smiled

“Okay lets leave your dislike of Diana out of this” Josiah Sighed “So I hear the business is going well?” Orlando nodded

“Blue and I fly out to finalize the last details for the Japanese deal on Thursday”

“You work together as well?” Jerry butted in

“And live together” I smiled

“And you don’t fight?”

“if we do we make sure it happens in the bedroom” I got of the chair “Easier to make up naked… If you gentlemen will excuse me I need to powder my nose” I picked up my purse and walked away to the bathroom.

“Wow… how is she with you?” Jerry whistled “and whose family is she from?”

“Oh you wouldn’t believe where she’s from” Orlando smiled broadly “But I’ve seen her take down Marine” jerry looked at him

“She has six brothers and was born and raised in the middle of nowhere on a Dairy farm” Josiah filled Jerry in “Shes one of those diamonds in the rough”

“Damn boy you need to put a ring on her finger” Jerry Looked at Orlando “Girls like her you either have to pay for or you hold on to them whenyou find them” Orlando closed his eyes and rubbed the back o his neck “Oh Damn she’s not a hooker is she” His head snapped up

“Hell no don’t you even think that” Orlando was in defense mode “She’s far from it”

“Okay I’m sorry I didn’t’ mean to offend you”

“Yeah well she’s not had it easy” Orlando picked up his glass and sank the contents as the memories from the day before hit him “And don’t worry I’m keeping hold of her” He looked up as I walked from the bathroom “She’s mine end of story”……………..

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