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Chapter 23 (v.1) - Snuggle

Submitted: October 19, 2011

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Submitted: October 19, 2011



…………… “Mr. Loughlin” Crow Hag walked over all three of the men looked round at her “We have your table ready”


“Well it looks like we’re leaving you guys” Orlando put a possessive arm round me


“You should have called we could have had dinner together” Josiah Smiled


“We didn’t know you guys were going to be here and well we were supposed to be camping” I looked at him


“Camping as in an RV like I used to have” Jerry cocked his head


“No as in under canvas on air mattresses” Orlando shook his head


“Slumming it Orlando” I groaned inwardly at the grating sound of his mother’s voice “All the dirt and the bugs and the…erm wildlife” I looked over my shoulder at her and pushed my tongue in my cheek as  knew that last comment was directed at me.


“Its called having fun Mother” Orlando said curtly ‘Maybe you should try letting loose sometime you never know you might crack a not fake smile” he moved his arm and put his hand in the small of my back “If you’ll excuse us we have a table” Josiah and Jerry smiled and nodded as Orlando lead me away from them.


“Diana we’re you born a bitch or does it come with practice” Jerry cocked his head “You’ll push that boy away and what happened when grandbabies come along” her face was in full shock


“Babies… Oh No he’s not having children with that”


“You need to watch what you say Diana” Josiah warned “I will not lose my son over something you say… Jerry you want to go play pool… I think Diana needs to go home she gets grouchy when she’s getting one of her headaches”


“Sounds like a plan” Jerry nodded.


“You take the car I’ll get a cab” Josiah handed her the tag for the valet and walked away with his brother…..





……….. Orlando pulled out the chair for me and waited till I sat down before he walked to his seat.


“I’m sorry for even thinking of bringing you here” He sighed as I ordered our drinks


“Don’t worry about it after everything that happened yesterday and the fact that you know absolutely everything about me now you’re mother really doesn’t faze me” I sat back in the chair “If people don’t like me then I guess that’s their problem… I only care what you think and what my brothers and parents think” He smiled at me.


“Wow… I’m glad what happened yesterday happened” I frowned at him “You seem like you’re happier”


“I feel like I can be the whole me now” I leant on the table “I wouldn’t’ wish what happened to me on anyone but I tried to get on with my life and ignore it and it was hard, and then I met you and everything happened so damn fast between us”


“Fast it took me a week to pluck up the courage to kiss you,  damn I wanted to kiss you the day you started working for me and you didn’t take crap from Victoria” He toyed with my fingers “The way you seemed a little out of place in the city and  you just kept going and pushing harder and then the night you went out with Dallas and you were wearing that Silver top and those skin tight pants” He bit his lip “and those red and black shoes Damn I wanted to scrap going to the gym wipe my desk of everything and take you right there and then” he was blushing slightly


“I would have liked that” I giggled as the waiter brought us our food “I definitely have one hot boss”


“You are still all good with working with me aren’t you?”


“Hell yeah” I nodded “I love watching you work you love what you do don’t’ you?” he nodded “So as long as I can keep doing that I’m all good”


The rest of the night we sat talking and laughing, People watching the two of us as He took my hand and we headed to for parking lot.


“It amazes me we’ve had dinner together here at least five times and tonight is the first time people have watched us” he handed over the ticket to the valet and pulled me to him


“Yeah well two women were in the bathroom talking about you” I shrugged “and how they should have held onto you and not let you go” He frowned at me “It made me smile when I saw their faces  when I walked out of the stall” the valet pulled up with the car “How many of those girls did you actually date?” I got in the car as he walked round.


“Why?” he got in and pulled away


“No I’m being curious how many of these Barbie dolls did you date?”


“I went out with a couple a few more tried to well they were more like Victoria than anything”


“What failed blow jobs” I smirked He looked at me


“Something like that” He rubbed his hand over his face “I know that world I can survive in that world… I don’t like it a whole lot” He rested his left arm on the ledge of the window “Hell I was brought up not wanting or needing anything money was never an issue the best schools the best clothes and not much else” he lifted my hand and brought it to his lips “you had hell of a lot more than I did”


“Grass always seems greener Baby” I sighed as we pulled in to the garage at home and we went inside He took my hand and led me to the couch “Grass never is though… look at the way Riley turned out” I smiled as he pulled my legs over his lap.


“True but I’d have much rather had the life lessons your Brothers had and you had and the fun and the family time you all had” he pulled off of my shoes  I told River I’d give up everything for you I’d happily let everything go as long as we were together…  It kills me to hear my Mother talk to the woman I love the way she did… Your mom treats me like I’m one of her boys” I smiled “I love it I’ve had more love and respect from your Mom in the two times I’ve met her than I’ve had from my own mom in years” I put my arm over the back of the couch and rubbed the back of his neck


“Are you with me to get at your Mom?’ I chewed my lip


“What… No don’t think that… Damn no I’m with you because” He got up and pulled me with him into the bedroom and stood behind me facing me to the floor to ceiling mirrored wall “Because of this” he wrapped his arms round me “Because you are not only so hot I want to just have you naked 24/7 but you are tough and vulnerable all at the same time and hell I’ve fought with enough people to know I’m not going to mess with you” I smiled at him in the mirror


“Hey you know what I’d like” I put my hands over his on my stomach as he rested his head on my shoulder “To get into bed with you and curl up”


“You know what that sounds good” he pressed hs lips to my temple “Lets save the fireworks for tomorrow night”……….

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