Office Games

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Treated

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Submitted: October 20, 2011



…………… I rolled over and reached out my hand for Orlando and felt nothing I sat up as the bedroom door opened


“Happy birthday” Orlando smiled at me as he came over with breakfast in bed. He put the tray on the nightstand and kissed me and “Happy fourth of July”


“Thank you and happy Fourth” I laughed as he dipped and kissed my neck “SO can I get my gift now” I Tugged on the gym shorts he had on I’m sure I’ve been a good girl” I fluttered my eyelashes at him


“Okay I know you’re a very good girl” he laughed pulling away from me “But you’re only getting…” He reached onto the tray and picked up a perfectly wrapped box “You know I was going to give it you later but now just seems right.” He rubbed his hands over my legs through the sheets “you mean so much to me Blue and when I thought I lost you, I never want to go through that again. I wanted to get you something that said the same thing and I really, really hope this does. Although I mean, if you don’t like it you can return it, but….” I stopped him and put out my hand. He gently placed it in my hand and placed it in my hand as if it were glass. I opened it inside was a lovely solid cuff bracelet with lots of details, looked at the intricate pattern on the outside of it, he watched me. “Look inside” I turned it round till I could read the inscription engraved on the inside of it


“The one I never want to be without” I read out


“I wanted to get you the perfect gift and something to really say how much I love you” He took the bracelet from the box and out it on my wrist.


 I caught his face in my hands and stared into his eyes. “You have no idea how much this means to me, how much you mean to me. I really love you.” I pulled him to me and kissed him hard and deep He moved over me and held himself above me on his arms. “You need to come into bed and let me show you how much” I nibbled along his jaw.


“You know you are going to earn yourself a spanking Miss. Stevens” he chuckled pulling away from me “I’m not going to give you that till tonight” I pouted at him “Birthday or not” he winked at me as the door buzzer rang “I’ll get that” He pushed off the bed “You drink your coffee and whatever you do don’t walk out of the bedroom naked” He closed the door behind him, okay sexually frustrated now, I got out of bed and picked up my robe from the chair and put it on and walked into the bathroom and ran the shower, I looked at the bracelet on my wrist and smiled, I was happy and I was content for the first time in years I felt like I could breathe without holding back secrets, I showered and put on shorts and a tank and grabbed the coffee from the tray, I could here laughing and talking from the living room. I opened the door and stepped up


“Well good morning sunshine” Dallas beamed at me “Happy birthday” he got off the couch and walked over and kissed and hugged me


“Thank you” I loved the hugs that Dallas gave they were always smothering tight snuggly hugs every girl needs at least once a week


“So you ready for a fun girly day”




“I’m taking you out to get your nails, hair and makeup done” HE let go of me I looked at Orlando


“He is” Orlando held up his hands “I’m meeting your brothers and going to the gym with them and then coming home getting ready and taking my stunningly beautiful girlfriend out for dinner with her family” he walked over to me


“But I thought we’d be…” I didn’t want to be away from him on my birthday


“Baby don’t stress okay he kissed me lightly it’s only a few hours and I want to check on a few things in the office”


“It’s a holiday weekend”


“I know” he sighed


“Oh for god sake I’ve got people opening a salon just for you and coming in just to make you look good” Dallas Pulled me from Orlando “Now go put underwear on and haul ass girl” He slapped my ass as he pushed me to the bedroom “I need a few words with Sexy ass here” He nodded in Orlando’s direction


“Fine but don’t touch his ass okay” I smiled at him


“I’m not promising anything” Dallas called out in a sing song voice


“Hey No one touches my ass apart from Blue” Orlando held up his hands I closed the bed room door.


“Okay so Kent’s getting the room all set up and the cakes been delivered, everyone should be there by six so as long as you guys are there after that we’ll be all good” Orlando nodded


“Keeping this from her has been so damn tough” He smiled


“Tell me about it” Dallas pushed his hand through his hair “Oh and don’t bring the Audi tonight with the gifts that girl is going to get you’ll need the trunk space of the Camaro”


“I was going to anyway it’s her favorite out of my cars”


“Okay what’s my favorite car?” I asked walking out of the bedroom


“The Camaro” Orlando picked up an apple and took a bite “Oh hell I need to haul ass I’m supposed to meet the guys in 10 at the gym” He grabbed his gym back and kissed me “Happy birthday Sexy” He smiled ‘I love you”


“Love you too” He ran out of the apartment, I looked at Dallas “Okay take me and get me done” I linked his arm


“I like this” Dallas said as we got in to his car


“Like what?”


“The Blue I first knew back in Freshman year is back”  I looked down “I can’t believe you didn’t say anything?”


“I couldn’t’ Dallas I’ve thought of years I was no better than a hooker… till you guys all made me see what it really was”


“Yeah well I think I need to find some huge rough Gay Biker to go make Nate his bitch” we  both looked at each other and started to giggle


“I wish someone would fuck him over” I pushed my fingers through my hair “Just so he’d be gone”


“He won’t be back after the beating Riley and Orlando gave him” Dallas reached for my hand and squeezed it “And Sweetheart I can see why you fell for Orlando Damn that man could dominate me anytime”…………..





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